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Best Shot
Joe’s Comment – I’m feelin’ the dither.  Too much too soon with too little to show.  So many projects on the go it is exhausting, exhilarating, and stressful.  The snow is coming, the snow is coming!

La Muse
Joe and I love music.  Some interesting cross-over music has attracted our ear(s) lately.  Here are a few examples.  Much more on YouTube….
Postmodern Jukebox

Flash Mob Jazz

Joe’s Smoke Screen
Joe leaves a mess everywhere.  In the shop, in the yard, in the house, in the fridge.  Everywhere. Joe bitches a fit.  He can curse a string of blue, bluer, bluest that makes the entire neighborhood blush – over the slightest problem or incursion of his version of “normal”.
Joe stays up late.  Joe wakes at 3:00 a.m. to cruise the Internet.  Joe chases rainbows (not the fag kind).
I had about given up on Joe.
Joe pointed this article out in the Independent.  Seems intelligent people curse more, stay up late, and are messy.
What a cameo……

Democrats Unveiled
Joe and I have pondered the Democratic Party of the United States of America for decades.  Are they the same as the Liberal “farce of nature” that was almost eradicated in Canada?  Are they the party of emotions?  Just who in the world do they think they are?
Thanks to the gang at “Bad Lip Sync”, the true donkey party spirit shines through.  Here they are, making an ass of theyselves:

Olympic Politic
The five ring circus of Olympic events doesn’t attract much notice by Joe and I.
Modern medicine, modern pharmaceuticals, modern technology, and modern politically correct behaviour makes the Olympic outcome in any event a function of $$$ as well as talent.
However, when a competitor brings home a medal for his / her / its tribe, the recognition at home is deserved.  It’s a tough row to hoe.  Quick quiz –
Q.  What was the event for the first gold medal won by an American in 2016?
A.  Ginny Thrasher won gold in the women’s 10 meter air rifle competition.
We didn’t see much hoopla about the young lady.  Another American, Kim Rhode, competes in women’s skeet.  In Rio she won a bronze, which is a great accomplishment.  Outside of the Internet, not mentioned on main stream media.  Which is unfortunate.  Kim Rhode has won a medal in every Olympics since 1996.  She has 6 medals, won on 5 continents, in double trap and skeet.  Here is a video of her amazing Olympic story:

Genetic Conundrum
Joe and I agree with the conclusions of this video.  Better to be part of / contributing to / responsible for than to bury your head in the ground of religion / morality / ethics / cultural heritage.  Who knows?  Maybe the Star Wars bar scene ain’t that far  a w a y . . . . :


Lone Wolves

Mason's Shirt

Shark Monday

She Won't Reboot

The Media Chorus

Thor Michaelson Says

Trump Targeting Muslims

Which Country

White Privilege Is

Nobody Cares This Time

Black on Black on Black

Blaming Flint Water Crisis on GOP

Bruce Jenner Weiner

Canadian Pay Cuts

Donald Trump Racist

Free Water Sample

Government Helping

Grammar Nazi

Great Wall of Israel

Khan Artist

Messages On Crabs

Mexicans Be Like

Not Voting for Trump

Almost eight years of Obambi.  Hope and Change redux.  What a pristine record!
Obambi's Accomplishments

Obambi's Achievements

Photo ID Racist

Questionable Journalism

Root of All Evil




D H Lawrence Quote - Hard Fought Freedom

James Earle Jones Quote - Guns


Anke Van dermeersch is an outspoken advocate of halting the Islamisation of Europe.
In this presentation she compares past world history with current events in terms of culture, race, and political reality.  A very informative and realistic representation of what is and what is to come in Europe:

Any bets this man is still alive?:


Dennis Prager (Prager U) from 2011.  His comments from 5 years ago are pertinent today.  Some shiite never changes:



Another good weather week in Vernon.  Lots of hot sun.  Not too many clouds.  The light and smell and feel is pure autumn.  What will happen when autumn arrives?
Stay tuned…..

Joe (smiling) Mekanic
p.s. Ramirez grins through it all – some old, some new, all pure MR –

Ramirez - Comey Says

Ramirez - I Feel Your Pain

Ramirez - ID

Ramirez - Jobs Icarus

Ramirez - Milwaukee Witches Brew

Ramirez - Welfare Poverty

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