Sunday Rant – 3321


Joe’s Comment – So far my financial plan has held together.  But, as Gahan Wilson’s cartoons suggest, I’m nearing the end of impromptu plan building.
I’m an advocate of self sufficiency.  Sometimes my idea bank is underfunded.
Time to do some research…..


Quick Dick McDick
Saskatchewan and Canada’s ambassador at large tears our illustrious leader, Chief Rainbow Socks, a new orifice in his perineum, gently nestled between his AH and his scrotum.
Joe and I would rather this Saskatchewan farmer run the country.
We’d vote for a potato, even a Prince Edward Island potato, before we’d vote for Castro’s Boy, aka Pierre’s Mongrel.
Joe agrees with friend Ronaldo D.; we’re gonna write in Stephan Harper on our ballot:


Kary Mullis
This is the man who received a Nobel Prize for inventing the PCR process to magnify samples.
This is the man who says PCR “testing” doesn’t prove illness or infection.
This is the man who says the PCR process can amplify a sample accurately and quickly.
This is the man no one in charge will listen to or take advice from, mostly ’cause he’s dead.
Joe says life isn’t fair:

More advanced thinking from Kary Mullis.  Along the lines of Jason Fung’s new book “The Cancer Code“.
Joe and I consider Dr. Mullis to be a genius:

Kary Mullis history from the horse’s mouth:

Dr. Sam Bailey
The following video is a brief overview of Kary Mullis’ life, from Dr. Bailey’s perspective.  Of particular interest in light of the COVID hysteria starts at the 10:00 minute mark, with specific reference to Kary’s “multiple cause” theory at 14:00 minutes.
Despite her strange accent (she’s from Christchurch NZ), she is an amazing woman worth spending some of your precious time to watch and glean some of her insights.  She has been the target of Ub2b censorship for espousing her views on various topics.
You can see her videos at her odysee channel:

Here is another example of her commentary, titled “Once Upon a Time in Wuhan”:


Once more, with feeling.  The beautiful intelligent and excellent researcher, Dr. Samantha Bailey, educates us on the known data about Influenza.  And, coincidentally, data of the practical side of Nazi Scientists™.  Using healthy incarcerated “volunteers”, the good Nazi Scientists tried their damndest to infect these healthy men with the dread Influenza, the scourge of the World, the Spanish Flu.   A screen shot from the video –
The good doctor goes on to tell all (thank you Ms. Thrasher) that is known about virus transmission, healthy people, and the absolute bull shit you have been fed regarding your involvement in the public health.
Of course, and without saying, Joe is once again head over heels ga-ga in love:



Dr. Roger Hodkinson
Dr. Hodkinson is an Albertan.
He is credentialed, experienced, dedicated.
His anger is white hot.
By speaking out as he does, his career is definitely threatened.
He does not endorse COVID vaccination and says everything the government has said is lies.
Joe likes this man:

The Emperor Has No Corona
This recently released video was taken down on Ub2b within an hour of posting.
The chances of it surviving on BitChute are not good.
There has been no isolation of the so-called Corona virus because it cannot be isolated – it is not a single virus operating alone.  As Kary Mullis stated, it is a complex alignment of multiple conditions and pathogens that is similar to pulling the lever on a “one-armed bandit” in a casino and coming up with 3 grim reapers.



Dr. Shawn Baker
What about the kids?
Recent data indicates that children in America (doesn’t say everywhere) are getting 2/3 of their nutrition from processed foods.
That is truly shocking.
Joe and I think about our youth.
Mom prepared almost everything in our diet from scratch.
The exception was breakfast cereals.
Everything else she would source from local suppliers and make it at home.
When we think about our grandparents, they were even more raw ingredients to prepared food at home.
Perhaps their longevity and the absence of nutritional disability and illness is more than coincidental?  Dr. Baker explains:



Musical Interlude

Janis Joplin
Long ago, far away, Monterey CA.
Pure passion.
As a commenter states, “When Mama Cass (from the Mamas and the Papas) is setting in the audience watching you in stunned awe, as you sing, you know you have been complimented!
Them was the days, my friends:

Post Modern Jukebox
Joe wonders if anyone under the age of 50 would know what a jukebox is?
This tongue-in-cheek tune is delightful.
Yes, we have included this song by this group in the past, the “European Tour Version”.
A wonderful performance:

The Nortons Singer?
We heard this song and loved the passion in this woman’s voice.
Next, who dat womens? (Joe’s version of bluesy talk).
Listen to this!:

Danielle Nicole (Schnebelen)
Turns out the Nortons singer is Danielle Nicole.
She is an award winning left-handed bass player.
With a sultry voice that conveys passionate conviction.
Or some such.
Here she is with Samantha Fish, singing Etta James’ “I’d Rather Go Blind”:

Here she is again, in an earlier iteration, with the band Trampled Under Foot, singing “It’s a Man’s World”:

The genius of Stjepan Hauser – Croatian cellist – playing Albinoni’s “Adagio” with the Zagreb Philharmonic Orchestra at his classical solo concert at the Lisinski Concert Hall in Zagreb, October 2017.
Joe was trying to lip read his speech – Stjepan is mouthing something as he plays.
I pointed out to Joe that Stjepan’s native tongue is NOT English.
Joe was relieved.  He says Stjepan wasn’t coherent (in English):



Joe’s Garage

Fireball Tool
Working with metal is cool.
Joe and I have often said if we were to pick the trade of all trades, we would pick tool and die maker.
Jason at Fireball Tool is crazy about machines that work metal.
In this video, an incredible Cincinati mill he owns runs an eBay cutter he bought for $150 USD.  It cuts 7 inches and makes a 1 inch pass.
Try that with a flat file you bastard.
Or is it try that with a bastard file you flat bastard?
Either way, the mill has 50 horse power.  Amazing!:

Wilkins RY45
There are engine builders who are at the pinnacle of development in their technology.
Sandy Wilkins is one such man.
Working with Roush Yates Engines, Mr. Wilkins is taking a proven technology – the Roush Yates NASCAR Cup FR9 race engine – and has modified it to incredible output levels with rock-solid dependability.
This video shows Wilkins Motorsports Racing Engines assembling an RY45:



This Sunday Dr. Patrick Moore takes the pulpit.
Two videos: one a presentation at the 2021 EEA Conference at Lloydminster AB in March of 2021, and the other an interview a month later.
This is older material that we may have missed back in the late Winter.
Joe and I feature Dr. Patrick Moore in our rant as often as we find new material, even if it is not this week fresh.  This video explores critical thinking as an integral part of the scientific method.
A part of the presentation deals with forest management, something the folks here in BC talk about but do nothing to make it happen.
A part of the presentation is about the hatred (as per Dr. Moore’s analysis) eastern Canada has for Alberta.
Take the time; it’s worth the effort:

A second video we have not seen before from April 2021.
The link is to BrandNewTube.
It may not embed naturally in WordPress.
You may have to click on the link, or copy and paste into the URL box on your browser.  Try one or the other:


This week in Vernon BC has been a continuation of the Smokey the Bear “I told you so” tour.  Smokey says “only you can prevent forest fires”:

Smokey doesn’t have much to say about forest fires that aren’t caused by you.
Hence, the situation at hand…..
Today, Sunday, we are surrounded.
During the day we saw an almost blue sky overhead (that quickly disappeared), huge vertical walls of smoke in the west, and in the east.  There was a strong wind for several hours in the mid-afternoon.  That always perks things up!
Then there was an ominous red glow after sunset from the south.  The red light from the south was so strong that it was casting shadows on the shop wall.  At present, visibility is very limited, the smoke is everywhere, and the town is quiet.
At 8:00 p.m. we received a call from Jessica S., who lives in Armstrong.
They have received notice that evacuation may happen.
The fire is at Otter Lake, a few kilometers away.
We may have visitors before dawn.
This very fine Summer has been scarred with fire for a month in our area.
Despite the best (or whatever) efforts of the government and local forces, we are being taught what we already know: Mother Nature is not cognizant, is not nurturing, and is not our mother or our friend.
The power of Man and Men is no match for what happens all by its lone self.
Buck Owens said it well – “all I gotta do is act naturally”.
That means if the fire is coming your way, get the hell out of Dodge.
Or Vernon, if that’s where you live.
That is actually acting naturally and it might save your bacon:


Joe (smoked) Mekanic
p.s.  Ramirez is better than a crystal ball –


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