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Fork in the Road

Joe’s Comment: I’ve always been a fan of Yogi Berra (the pundit).  You know, “when you come to a fork in the road, take it!”  The assumption that you would know the outcome of two paths before actually living them is as flawed as believing there are no choices whatever.  The above graphic of a fork in the road is redolent and reminiscent of another adage: “Nothing ventured nothing gained”.  A companion graphic –
Two Dates and a Dash
Time’s a wastin’…..

Torture Test
Joe and I can’t remember ever, ever, EVER being this drunk, let alone STILL AMBULATORY!!!
Watch this and ask yourself…..:

Joe has always been a good communicator with the female gender.
I, however, desperately needed the Manslater.
My history as a hopelessly shy poor communicator is well documented with many many misinterpretations, missed opportunities, disappointments.
On reflection, my current performance ain’t any better; I need it in my day to day present life, too.
OK, OK….. as long as there are women, I’ll need one:

Best Application
Joe and I have a message to the younger generations – step away from the “personal devices”!
There are good reasons to use them.
There are good reasons to NOT use them.
Point made, even if you don’t speak French:

Chasing Rainbows
The average person has an understanding of the power Nature wields.  Prairie storms, winter storms, summer heat lightning storms, mountain storms – we’ve all seen one or more of them.  However, among weather anomalies, there are exceptional events.   The following video is a majestic document recording extraordinary weather activity.  It is a visual treat of unusual impact: we all know weather, but this weather is at once magnificent and terrifying.  Produced by “storm chaser” Mike Olbinsky from his personal video files accompanied with original music score (“Found”) by Ken Muzzy, this is fantastic footage of Nature flexing her muscles:

Logic (LogiK?)
To reiterate – The United States of America is NOT a democracy.  Never was never will be, never designed to be.  The Founding Fathers were well aware of the pratfall of democracy, which is essentially mob rule.  The United States of America is a constitutional Republic, and the Constitution with amendments is specifically written to limit the power of government.  The statement “We the People” is central to the theme.
Watching the “Hildebeast” (Hillary Clinton) and her paramour manipulate the power and connection of high position into personal wealth makes Joe and myself feel betrayed.  We have many questions concerning the path taken from broke when they left the White House in 2001 to personal wealth over $300 million USD, and a Clinton Foundation estimated holding over $2 billion USD.
The alternative to the Clinton mob is The Donald.  We the People have split along anomalous lines on the subject of which candidate will best serve the Republic.  The unrest of We the People is at the highest level ever witnessed in the 67 years Joe and I have been circling the sun.
Enter the logic of “Ace of Spades“, a cynic of the highest order.
A few quotes from his opinion piece –
This is why I just don’t get NeverTrump.
Do you want a country that is still recognizably America in four years, or do you want… something darker?
Yes, Trump is an obnoxious, ignorant, possibly crooked asshole.
And what is Hillary? Hillary is all that plus the official and very illegal protection of the US federal bureaucracy.”

We are not equal under the law — far from it. And every day this corrupt gang makes this more and more normal and more and more acceptable to the public.
I know one thing about Trump. I can’t vouch for his good intentions — he doesn’t have them — but I know the federal government and the so-called Fourth Estate will not play Mob Lawyers for him.
Anyone who says they’re for Equal Treatment Under the Law and then who supports someone who has been, is, and will continue to be Above the Law is simply a liar or hopelessly confused.
If Trump breaks the law, he’ll be hounded, pressured into appointing an Independent Prosecutor —
This is what it has come to in the USA.  Can’t say we’re any better off in Canada.  Correction, we are worse off in Canada.  There is so little honest journalism in Canada you could say we have Pravda in 5 flavors.
Joe and I are with Ace of Spades.  If Trump becomes POTUS, the progressive / left / Democrat mob with their media lapdogs will hound him mercilessly.
This is how the opposition is supposed to behave, while following the rule of law and adding a few heaping spoonfuls of truth and just a dash of fact.  Not too much to ask, da?
Best argument we’ve seen to date for a Trump presidency.

Joe’s Garage
For a number of years Joe has done many things the hard way.  When he couldn’t do it the hard way, he did it the most expensive way he couldn’t afford.  I am glad to report Joe has done it again!  Consistent if not prudent……
For years Joe has been moving heavy items around with BS&I (brute strength and ignorance), or by using machinery not designed to do the job at hand, but owned and operated by Joe – make do vs do right.  Lastly, if BS&I or misuse of tools couldn’t solve the issue, Joe would hire the appropriate “professionals” or rent the appropriate tool for the job.
The last few years have cost us in excess of $4,000 CDN to do work around the yard – we had to hire qualified men with the equipment needed to make things happen.  This work required a skid steer loader to accomplish, and a backhoe.  At the conclusion of all that spending, the number of jobs remaining had increased.  A conundrum.   Joe is very tight with the $$$.  This grated on his sense of fiscal responsibility.
Joe broke the tool mode and bought a Melroe BobCat 743 DS skid steer loader.  Time for a picture –


So far Joe has not broken the machine.  He has done a number of chores that would have taken days in a matter of hours.  This is the best toy we should have bought 30 years ago!  Hang the expense…..


Unintended Consequences Ahead

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Mosquitos Kill

Warning - Swim At Your Own Risk


Here is a graphic check list of Sharia law –
Sharia Check List
This might be desirable to an immature 14 year-old gamer used to destroying virtual dynasties before breakfast, but for intelligent adults there are no positives.  The above graphic is from an article written by Curt Schilling, an ex-major league baseball pitcher.  A few quotes from the article –
It seems to me that many people are either A) Unsure of what’s happening or B) Refuse to acknowledge simple truths.
Fact = There are 80+ Courts of “Sharia Law” in the UK.
Fact = There are over 700 “No Go Zones” in France

Outliers? Nope. “one in a million”? Nope.
According to a 2013 Pew Research Center Poll, far more Muslims believe Sharia should be the “law of the land” than not.
You folks with your head in the sand, you people looking for a ‘can’t we all just get along’ solution are not seeing the real world.
It’s not going to happen here. Unless we all convert to Islam, or kill all of the extremists who want us dead.”
It’s not that they’re stupid, it’s that they both don’t care and think it’s funny to not know things. These are your Bernie Sanders voters. These are the folks needing safe spaces and liberal policies, clowns who don’t know who won the civil war.
You understand we are at war right? Our President offered to ‘help with the investigation’ over in France. Well golly gee.
Why are we having an investigation?
Did we launch an investigation when Pearl Harbor was bombed?
Nope, we declared war and managed to kill enough of them before they killed enough of us.
War sucks. But in a world where a group of people want EVERYONE who does not follow their ideology dead, it’s an only option.”
Joe and I don’t know Mr. Schilling.
We did appreciate his perspective.


This week a compelling argument from Peter Brimelow, the force behind the website VDare.  “VDare” is named after the first known white woman born in the colonies, Virginia Dare:


This week in Vernon was summer but not fantastic.  Some rain.  Some wind.  Some cloud.  Some heat.  Some would say typical summer weather for the valley.  Joe complains that it isn’t hot enough for long enough and summer is coming to an end.
What a drag……

Joe (too busy) Mekanic
p.s.  Ramirez has his finger on the pulse of American politics –

Ramirez - Clinton LiesRamirez - Joy of Cooking Intel

Ramirez - Hillary Pledge


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