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Beer Will Save the World
Last night Joe was exploring the veracity of the above.
Which caused me, his drinking buddy, to miss the “midnight delivery” of the week’s dross and flotsam.
That lead to wondering about life without beer.
Joe and I both shudder to think…..
Then we stumbled over the following quote from Robert Hess.  He gets very close to the truth, but isn’t beer specific –
Robert Hess Beer Quote

Benjamin Franklin is specific, and gets the sentiment right (for the “spiritual folks”) –

Ben Franklin Quote - Beer

Earl Dibbles Jr. makes perfect sense of the practical application of beer –

Earl Dibbles Quote - Beer

And Kinky Friedman captured the artistry of beer drinking, the appreciation of worldly things –

Kinky Freidman Quote - Beer

Joe thought Stephen Beaumont was close to catching the essence of beer imbibing –

Anyone Can Drink Beer

But, the best quote of all in our opinion (and whom else’s would we have?) is Friedrich Nietzsche, who nails it perfectly, without question –

Nietzsche Quote - Beer

Ok, ok.  Nietzsche maybe didn’t say so, but if he had drunk more beer, he may not have written those dreadful books…..

Wish You Were Beer

Technology and the Culture
Usually, Joe separates these “categories”.  As time advances, technology is growing at an incredible rate in every conceivable human endeavor.  These technologies have cultural consequences, which in turn have economic consequences.  A small example is the affect network services such as Netflix have had on consumers.  The effect is lost revenue for cable companies.  the phenomenon is called “cutting the cord” – the only way to pay for precisely what programing you want versus what the government forces you to pay for.  Never for a moment think the cable companies wouldn’t change business models in a heartbeat if left to respond directly to the consumer.  This is true in Canada, but the impact in the United States is being noticed.  The article makes some claims which make you think (thinking is a good thing).  One such claim is that the “bundling” marketing system is a wealth distribution scheme devised to fund programing which could not survive as a free market entity.  This is political meddling.  Some entities are sitting at the head table in terms of revenue share when they do not have the viewership commiserate with the money they receive.
That is the definition of “coercion”.
And it is wrong, wrong, WRONG.
Joe and I long for our fantasy land where “free trade” means free trade.  Where consumers gallivant (there’s a word the GLTBWFFGMP community hasn’t but maybe should abscond) with carefree abandon selecting goods from home and all over the world free of tariff, punitive regulation, and the stranglehold of corporate cronyism.

How Did We Get So Stupid?
Damn good question! says Joe.  Bill Whittle makes the point about the “age of the great unlearning”:



Destroying Evidence - Hillary

Stupid Has a President

Half Mast Pants

Democratic presidential candidate Hillary Rodham Clinton listens to questions during a campaign stop ,Tuesday, July 28, 2015, in Nashua, N.H. (AP Photo/Jim Cole)
Democratic presidential candidate Hillary Rodham Clinton listens to questions during a campaign stop ,Tuesday, July 28, 2015, in Nashua, N.H. (AP Photo/Jim Cole)

I Didn't Do It

While You're in Prison

Terrell Texas has the best drive through, better than the Ramada Inn in Kelowna! –
Terrell TX Beer Barn



Fear and Loathing
Joe and I will never cease beaking off about “Global Warming”, “Climate Change”, and puny man’s CONTROL OF THE UNIVERSE!!!!  As the current fire season in North America is demonstrating, man cannot “control” his environment to any degree of import.  “Managing” the environment is an equivalent sham –


Frighten the Children
It is one of the worst abuses our culture perpetuates – frightening the children.  Here is some sanity from beyond the grave:



America the Beautiful
Who was the greatest president of all time?  Most sane people immediately think of George Washington, Abraham Lincoln, Ronald Regan.  The lefties (non sane) think of FDR, John Kennedy, and that ilk.  The far left progressives (moonbats) think of the Anointed One, the stopper of the rising waters, the one we waited for, the Munificent Mulatto.
For the average American, one of the presidents often overlooked as a champion for the everyman American was Calvin Coolidge.  Listen to him talk the talk.  Unlike modern times when stump promises are ignored, Coolidge also walked the walk:

A reminder from Joe Mekanic –
Core Values



Henry Ford Quote - Problems

Three is a magic number –
Three Choices



Remember?  Only a few short months ago…..
Death Cult

Unfortunately, the cartoonist Horsey is granting the jihadists some modicum of humanity.  Wrong.  As Joe says, just ’cause it’s upright on two legs don’t make it human….

From the religion of peace website, the latest number of known deadly terrorist attacks since 9/11 by Muslim madmen is 26,687.  Check it out.  No humor about it.



Continuing the Nordic documentary “Brainwashing”, here is the third part – “Gay / Straight”:


This week was not super summer weather.  Sadness…..
Cloud, rain, thunderstorm(s), cool temperatures.  We thought it might be over.  Summer that is….
One magnificent humid hot hot sunny day all week.
The days are shortening.
Good grief!  Bring on the sun!

Joe (Sober) Mekanic
p.s. Ramirez is always sobering – from Investor’s Business Daily





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