Sunday Rant – 3222


Joe’s Comment – Another great week in Paradise!  In weather like this I could loose an arm and laugh it off.  In the Winter if I got a hang nail it was the end of times…..
I’ve received criticism for various and sundry aspects of my existence over the three score and thirteen years I’ve occupied my time and space in this universe.
I can’t say every single observation and comment isn’t without merit.
My personal Weltanschauung includes the observations above.
Although I’ve struggled for jingle most of my life, money is merely a maintenance item in my world.  Enough to pay the bills and ease the road for self, family, and friends is more than plenty.
With weather like it is this week, a few projects making headway, and no one too pissed at my antics – that is a slice of Heaven right here in the Okanagan.
Which begs the following question –
Is life fair?

No, life ain’t fair.
As a wiser than I person once explained to me, it’s not what happens to you that counts, it’s how you manage what happens.
A person’s character is developed over time.
It is a struggle to improve yourself.
It is a walk in the park to fall into the abyss.
An improvement of any measurable degree is something to celebrate.
The lifelong improvement battle continues……


Quick Dick McDick
Saskatchewan’s ambassador to the world shares some summer relaxation activities enjoyed in small farming communities.
Joe and I choose small town life every time:


Jordan Peterson and Michael Yon
A very interesting conversation.
A condemnation of the Canadian version of Main Stream Media.
A condemnation of the Canadian version of governance.
Lots of salient and pertinent information for the coming hard days:


Fertilizer Wars

Ivor Cummins
Mr. Cummins is a world class statistician.
He was spot-on with his analysis of COVID hysteria from the get-go.
In this video he analyzes what in the Wide Wide World of Sports is going on with the fertilizer bullshit (pun intended):



Dr. Miki Ben-Dor
Joe and I were alarmed to learn that for the last 20,000 years (give or take) the average size of the human brain has been shrinking.
There are multiple theories proposed to ‘splain this phenomenon.
The increased consumption of carbohydrates from plant sources combined with a reduction of fat intake from animal sources is a strong contender for being the cause.  Eat your meat!  And make sure it is fatty!:

Uncle Roger / Gordon Ramsey
Joe and I love steak and eggs as a treat, a staple, as part of a “proper human diet”.
The renowned chef Gordon Ramsey demonstrates a “Texas Style” steak and eggs meal preparation, critiqued by good old Uncle Roger (aka Nigel Ng).
Joe and I prepare ours without the vegetative mess:



Canadian Health Care
Joe and I are not convinced the government health care Ponzi scheme in Canada is world class.
We are old enough to remember a time when there was none.
Do not confuse the advancement of technology and medical knowledge as a function of government control.
“Universal Health Care” is a crock of shit.
The argument that a two (or more) tier health care system is NOT equitable therefore not legal in Canada is a crock of shit.
Jasmine Moulton (True North) in her presentation notes that in 2017 over 200,000 Canadians sought medical treatment abroad.
To Joe and me it is obvious.
If you can afford to seek treatment abroad, then you don’t need a “Universal” system.
These folks do not burden the government system – they relieve the system of the burden they would create!
Don’t bull shit us that Justin Castreau gets the same medical attention and treatment as the overdosing street person seeking help at a “clinic” in the downtown core during rush hour in Vernon BC Canada.
Don’t you dare.
Here is a poor but helpful metaphor.  Or allegory.  Or parable.  You know, a simple story that shines a light by giving an example by comparison.
Wealthy folks buy Rolls Royce vehicles.  Or exotic vehicles.  Or expensive electric vehicles.  What do their vehicles do?  They consume energy while carrying the wealthy folks wherever their vehicular destination might be.
Poor folks buy used vehicles.  Or abandoned/gifted vehicles.  Or Chevrolet vehicles.  You know, not the best of the best.  What do their vehicles do?  They consume energy while carrying the poor folks wherever their vehicular destination might be.
Ideologues shun vehicles altogether.  They bicycle, or walk, or ride a donkey.  What do their alternate transport modes do?  They consume energy while transporting our dear precious ideologues wherever their heart desires.
That is equity.
Medical equity is NOT making everyone wait because there isn’t enough of the only kind available to satisfy demand.
Didn’t any of these assholes attend an economics 101 course in their sorry political lives?
Give Ms. Moulton a few minutes of attention.
You might learn something:


Musical Interlude

Gotta love the drama as well as the supremely gifted musicians.
That Stevie Nicks musta broke some hearts on her way to the rainbow:

This was and is always Summer time music for Joe and me.  This particular song reminds me of a long lost friend, Lindsay Brown.  RIP dear woman:

Another deeply personal Summer song that lasts all year:

A complement to the above Marshall Tucker Band song:

Another spiritual from a different perspective:



Joe’s Garage

Finley Ledbetter
A man on a mission.
He likes 1971 Ford Mustangs.
Joe says that isn’t quite accurate.
Finley obsesses over 1971 Mustangs, especially black Mustangs, especially high performance Mustangs.
Finley has been collecting them since 1973.
He and his wife, Joni own and operate the “Blue Oval Car Barn” in Mineral Wells, Texas.
The following video by Jerry Heasley (Ub2b channel here) shows Finley’s showroom, and a recent purchase of an original car in pristine original condition with only 18,300 miles on the odometer.
Joe loves to see these old cars in as good as original (or better) condition.
We appreciate stock / as purchased over any modified cars for the simple reason of posterity.
And, these were incredible machines from the factory:

Artificial Intelligence is here.
Ameca does a good job of diplomacy between the living and the electronic:

More about progress in the robotic world:




This week the sermon is a history lesson and refresher on just what the hell has happened in the last few years, last few decades, last few centuries, last few millennia.
Steven Edgington from The Telegraph interviews our favorite historian, Victor Davis Hansen:



This week in Vernon BC the weather was hot.
Just the way we like it!
On Wednesday, Joe and I hauled a boat from Oyama to Vernon for adjustments/repairs.
It rained bloody cats and dogs for about 3/4 of an hour.
The rest of the week has been what Joe and I dream of – relentless heat, no clouds, no wind.
Joe has almost forgotten the indignity of February.
And November, December, January, March.
And the ridiculous Spring that was of monsoon proportions – over 90 days in a row of precipitation for some period of time every single cotton pickin’ day.
By our reckoning, if it stays in the ’90s until December 24th we can forgive the weather doGs.
Until then, you owe us fine weather Mr. Weather Man!
Can’t get enough of that sunshine medicine.


Joe () Mekanic
p.s.  Ramirez sails on sunny seas –



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