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Joe’s Comment – Cartoonist Shannon Wheeler is very prolific.  These three seem about right for my time and progress.   Or lack of.


Okanagan Fires
Today is Friday.
Last night, Monty Creek burned to the ground.
The lake survived (Joe’s humor), but the campgrounds and store are ashes.
This morning in Vernon we can see blue sky to the south.
All other directions are smoky.
Joe and I sympathize and empathize with anyone affected and effected by this most natural of events.
We did some research.
It is estimated that lightning strikes the earth as many as 8 million times per day.
That is just shy of 100 times per second, somewhere, hopefully not near you.
There is an on-line application that shows current lightening activity.
Joe and I joke and make sarcastic remarks about the human ego.
The very ego that insists humans can put out a forest fire.
Or stop a flood.
Or control the atmosphere.
Nice goals, but in our mind, not achievable.
We think that the focus should be on risk management and recovery.
It is a wonderful experience to drive through the Rocky Mountains (brilliantly named) on a warm sunny summer day.  In Banff AB, it is illegal to feed the animals or remove plants or fart in the general direction of Ms. Nature (Monty Python ref.).
Vital infrastructure such as the main highways and byways should not be shoulder to shoulder with the majestic boreal forests – the right of way should be cleared a 1/4 mile on both sides of the road.  Scenery is an expensive luxury.
Cattle grazing leases should be expanded to include all areas around cities, towns, villages, and communities with human inhabitants.  Cattle and sheep are Nature’s bulldozers and mowers.
Allow harvesting as needed or required to keep people safe – and provide income to local citizenry.
Joe and I would create more reservoirs for water retention and hydro electric generation.
Manage to us means renewable and profitable and repeatable.
And safe.
Maybe a few lightening rods, too……



Ivor Cummins
Mr. Cummins talks about some of the psychology involved in the ongoing COVID hoax.  How much can people stand?
It depends on how much can be obfuscated, double-talked, altered, contradicted and lied about to conflict a thinking person’s analysis.
Of course, the unthinking are already convinced.
Joe and I see them wearing masks when alone in their vehicles.
It takes a special kind of stupid:

Lie Revealed?
A link (thanks Myrna!) about a court case in Alberta Canada may be the death knell of the great lie called COVID-19.  The link is to a Stew Peter’s Show segment.
The Albertan who took the government to court and won is Patrick King.
His argument required the judge to press the government for the proof of the existence of the virus, the “isolation” of the virus.
The government admitted that no such proof exists.
Or did it? – ref. Robert Barnes below.
This interview went viral.  People want to know.  If it turns out to be another legal sham, no one will be surprised.  Our friend Stefan of Sanity 4 Sweden thought there was some value in the story, and commented today (Friday):

Our Canadian legal eagle (and chief pearl clutcher) Viva Frei cautions wouldn’t it be nice (Beach Boys ref.), but there is another way to look at the legal stick handling.  The subpoena was not technically legal (notary vs judge), so the Alberta government need not comply:

However, from many other sources, much data crunching, and historic evidence, no SARS virus has ever had an effective vaccine.
Using a “Wizard of Oz” analogy, we now see what is behind the curtain.
The fact that it was legal slight of hand that forced the potential, not yet admitted admission is deplorable.
A possible major legal breakthrough, and it was not a lawyer or politician – it was an everyday Canadian mud pecker.
It will be interesting to see how Western nations spin this through their legal systems.  After all, this happened in Alberta, not New York City (center of the known Universe).  Or China (center of the biggest hypocrites on the face of doG’s green Earth).
Many respectable AND honest medical professionals have been saying this since the HIV boondoggle in the ’80’s (for instance, Kary Mullis, inventor of the PCR process, refused to work on HIV, insisting that it had not been isolated and wasn’t real).  Here is the essence of Kary Mullis in two quotes –
Joe says the last quote is the argument we have about “Nazi Scientists” peeking under doG’s skirt.
All it took was a legally binding legal procedure to force a judge to get a statement of the truth on record.
Some of us mud peckers / dirt people knew all along this was a sham.  No one we knew, no one in our community, no one our friends know was infected.
For example “The Black Death” was a monster.  They say in two years (1347 – 1350) it killed up to 60% of Europeans, and an estimated 100 – 200 million world wide.  That is a serious pandemic: This COVID shenanigans is a strong cold / nasty flu, nothing more.
If you are taking care of your immune system, age is not as critical.
This “victory” is a call to arms.
How many more shams are being perpetrated?
What can be done to expose them all?
Is there a method or process to stop this kind of inhumane abuse going forward?
A glimmer of light, but nowhere near the end of the war:


Stew Peters
The reveal above re: Albertan Patrick King was on the Stew Peters show.
The following information is also compliments of Stew Peters.
Listen up people.  The COVID-19 virus has not been isolated.  That means you cannot ask for or receive a sample of this virus.  It does not exist.  No one can produce it from a sample or isolate it in an infected person.  Say again – it does not exist.
Mr. Peters interviews Dr. Jane Ruby with the objective of determining if this most deadly of viruses (heavy sarcasm) actually exists:

Sanity 4 Sweden
Stefan keeps hitting home runs for Joe and me.
He is sane, intelligent, down to earth (honorary mud pecker status), and has a wicked sense of humor.  It is a pleasure to hear a voice of reason in a sea of chaos:



Musical Interlude

Avalon Jazz Band
What a treat!
In Joe’s mind, France is just like the movie “A Good Year“, and the music is exemplified by the work of Edith Piaf “La Vie en Rose” or “Sous le Ceil de Paris”:

The link above to Edith Piaf’s history is a sobering story of hardship and passion that will bring you close to tears.  She died at 47.  Her last words were “Every damn thing you do in this life, you have to pay for.”  Christ on a Moped……
Which begs the question….. is there a France (in our mind) after Piaf?
Or a Piaf after France?
The answer is maybe so!
Here is the Avalon Jazz Band, featuring Tatiana Eva-Marie, singing “Amado Mio”:

In case you think it is a one-off or luck, try again:

Joe says the fact that Tatiana Eva-Marie is from Brooklyn NY is beside the point.  Our imaginary image of France persists!
Now let’s consider Swing:



David Horowitz
Joe and I have been long time readers (and fanboys) of Mr. Horowitz.
He was raised by communist party parents to hate his country.
Events led him to the truth about communism, the Left, the Progressive movement, the lying, cheating, whoring ways of leftist politics.
Unlike many polemics and journalists Mr. Horowitz does not mince words.
Joe and I have stopped following Fox News (their political agenda doesn’t mesh with our political views any more – if it ever did).
But we still listen to Tucker Carlson:



Mike Pompeo
Mr. Pompeo was the Secretary of State in the Trump administration.
He has a clear vision of what has happened, the objectives of mega corporations, the possibilities of America as a failed republic, and what he sees as remedial to correct the course of the greatest nation on earth.
Joe and I have read criticism of Mr. Pompeo, and his critics are harsh.
We believe his approach would work.
In our fantasy world, every person can make moral and ethical choices when given a full “Sgt. Friday” (just the facts, ma’am).
Mr. Pompeo is a presidential or vice-presidential candidate for 2024:



Stephan Harper
PM Stephan Harper makes his perspective known on current events.
An interview with Joe Lonsdale on American Optimist here.
Joe and I think this man was the best Prime Minister Canada has had in our lifetime.
Lots of folks have forgotten how PM Harper lead Canada through the debacle of 2008 when the economy came close to stroking out.
We Canadians had the best experience of all the Western nations, no little credit to Mr. Harper’s steady hand on the tiller.
We would vote for him again.
And again.  A short analysis of his comments in this City News video:



Joe’s Garage

Elon Musk
The “Everyday Astronaut” Ub2b channel has an exclusive tour of the Starbase factory with Mr. Musk himself.
Tim Dodd is the creator of the channel.  He is a college dropout who became obsessed with rocketry and space flight.  His learning story here.
Joe and I got some of our joy of reading with “Tom Corbett, Space Cadet”.
We love this stuff:

Dead and Wounded
Joe and I have a collection of close to 30 dead and wounded Fords.
We have a plan for each and every one.
Some of them have a terminal illness that will require more $$$ and time than they are worth.
We like trying our best to analyze the issues with each vehicle, scrounge or buy the parts we think will bring them back to life, then put the parts in the vehicle and leave…..  Sometimes for years.
It is a form of amusement mostly.
Other times (like this week) trying to resuscitate Claire Rae from a 6 year slumber in less than a day is a lesson in humility and frustration.
Joe couldn’t believe that the good running diesel truck we parked in 2015 is hobbled with a sticky front brake caliper, and a rotted off exhaust pipe.
The 6.9L IDI diesel purrs, the clutch and transmission perform as designed, but time has crippled Claire Rae.  Some $$$ and time required.
So, too, with Duff, a 1988 F250 e/w 7.3L IDI engine.  We parked Duff some years back – maybe 4.  A hard starting problem turned into a no starting problem.
After a few hours of intense scrutiny and a modicum of trouble shooting we found the problem.  A part is on order that we have never had to replace in the past on any of our IDI vehicles.  The fuel cut-off solenoid has decided to retire.  New cost $40.00 CDN.
Try that with a computer controlled diesel truck.
Like our F350 6.0L beauty, Nora.
We’ve driven her hard for 6 years with a minimum of repair / maintenance work.  It is time to pay the piper.  Muchly.
A lot of our fun is gleaned from watching videos about the particular problem being confronted.
The Internet is a constant supply of information and know how about fixing things, and truck repairs are no exception.
We found the following video very informative.  It is a high level explanation of engine sensors, without which there could be no computer controlled vehicles:



This week Jordan Peterson makes the case that universities may have been corrupted to the point of no return, that the end days of universities is nigh.
A montage of speakers interviewed by Dr. Peterson on the subject:



This week in Vernon BC saw the return of blue sky, if only for a “few whiles” here and there (thank you Donald D. for the coinage).
Last night, Saturday, we actually were able to see stars!
The advent of rain for a few hours over a few days seems to have reduced the amount of smoke in the air we breathe.
The Summer continues as mild weather.
Joe and I yearn for the return of smokin’ hot days, without the smoke.
Only a few weeks until school bells summon the young to their inevitable programming.
We best make the rest of our favorite season memorable.

Joe (star gazing) Mekanic
p.s.  Ramirez had a good week –

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