Sunday Rant – 3220


Joe’s Comment – Two wonderful Larson frames to bring me back to earth.
I laugh!
No matter how careful and process oriented I am, every day presents unique challenges that often set me back.
Must remember….. one step at a time….. follow the program….. what could possibly go wrong?
Wherever I go, ego.


Quick Dick McDick
This guy is a national treasure.
He loves being a farmer / rancher.
He loves Canada and his home province of Saskatchewan.
He loves kids.
What else is there?:


Joe in Love
What or who could capture Joe’s heart in a matter of a minute?
Why, a straight talking, profane, no-holds-barred woman speaking her expletive-laden opinion.
This young woman is Tina Forte.
She is not impressed by the “leadership” in her state (New York) or the Democrat Party.
In this brief video she has some suggestions for all of them:

Joe says it is true love.
I’m impressed, too.
How refreshing it is to hear her curse and rail against the political tide!
We don’t mind the language, or her energy.
Sometimes a curse word is apropos.


Mask the Mask
Joe and I tell people we see out and about wearing a mask that they are hurting themselves.
We explain that the exhaust from your lungs has 40,000 to 60,000 ppm CO2, depending on how healthy you are, and what your exertion level might be.
When you block your exhaling with a mask covering your nose (and your mouth, if you are a mouth breather), much of the CO2 you tried to expel is re-inhaled.
Not good.
We have seen people driving around in their vehicle, alone, wearing a mask.
Joe says this might be an impromptu IQ test.
I say half the people on earth are below average in intelligence.
Same same.
The good doctor Ted Noel demonstrates just how effective masks are:

The problem with masking (or blocking) your breathing airway has a technical term to describe the effect – “hypercapnia” –

Anyone who has ever worn an over the ear paper style mask for painting or sanding or whatever knows it ain’t a proper respirator.
And the above video demonstrates exactly that.
Tell us again why we are wearing masks?
Joe and I refuse.
No matter what the reason.


Three Little Pigs
Mr. John Branyan tells the fairy tale in Old(er) English:


Joe’s Garage

Joe and I love to listen to opera highlights while working.
We listen to a broad spectrum of other music too, but opera and classical seem to be the foundation of all Western tunes.
While noodling around in YoubeTube we found a “top 10” list of opera arias.
We listened.
We agreed with 6 out of 10.
Joe says we’d rather have a top 50 list.
What say you?:

Of course it is a matter of taste.  And passion.  And foreign language.
Joe says he doesn’t want to know the stories.
He hears the perfection in the voices.
And the musical excellence.
Awesome music from centuries ago.
Madame Butterfly – 1904
Lakmé – 1884
La Traviata (Violetta) – 1853
Die Zauberflöte (The Magic Flute) – 1791
Carmen – 1875
Rigoletto – 1851
Beautiful music, stories of human struggle, tragedy, and triumph.
Before recording technology existed.
Before technology was able to modify voices, or blend musical instruments, or create alien sounds or abilities.
Performed live with orchestras before there were electric lights!
We got so worked up thinking about how brilliant our ancestors were, we listened to another collection of opera arias:

Listen and you will hear many pieces you heard in your past.
Especially if you ever saw a Warner Bros. cartoon (or two).
Great Scott!  Our four or five fathers (and mothers!) were fantastic!





This week’s sermon features (as did last week’s sermon) Victor Davis Hanson, our preferred historian and interpreter of current events.
In this discussion, John Anderson (former Australian Deputy Prime Minister) and Dr. Hanson discuss the world as it is today.
What a treat it is, listening to wise and knowledgeable people explore the international cultural dynamic.
Especially when one of the wise knows Greek and Roman history well.
It seems that human nature can be predicted and assumed.
And there are those who take advantage of the West’s open arms policy.
Why are we not surprised, or amused?:



This week in Vernon BC was summer.
With several overnight rains, all gone by morning.
How refreshing when the rain is considerate by falling when we are sleeping.
The heat is making Joe smile.
If there were a fairy godmother for Joe, he would ask that it stays this warm until New Year, then warms up.
Always the dreamer……

Joe (happy) Mekanic
p.s.  Ramirez on a hot tin roof –

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