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Don't Tell Me This Is Normal
Joe’s Comment
Q:  Whatever happened to the UN declaration of human rights?
A:  None of the countries who endorse the above violation(s) pay any attention to the UN unless they are directly or indirectly benefiting from UN actions or statements.
The UN declaration of “Universal Human Rights” has 30 Articles.
At the link you can see the countries who signed the resolution in 1948.  The list is surprising in that a number of current Islamic states were signers.
Some Muslim countries did not sign the resolution.  Their issue is that Sharia Law doesn’t fit with the declaration.  And that “cultural equivalence” need be considered due to conflicts of religion and culture.  Small things like capital punishment for apostasy…..
This is bullshit.
The UN declaration if upheld (all member nations must concur) would sort the tyrants and despots from the freer nations in the world.

Music Quiz
Joe and I love to listen to music.  All kinds, all genres, all artists.,,,,,
Well, not rap or hip hop or stupid jazz.
What, if anything, separates the music from the performance from the artist?
While puzzling that question, here’s a pop quiz: does Al Yankovic make music, or parodies, or $$$, or what?
Here’s Weird Al singing Word Crimes:

The original is Blurred Lines by Robin Thicke.  It is a catchy “hook” filled tune with lots of sexual “in and out the windows” (innuendos to the sleepy):

What think you?
Joe and I confess we love Weird Al’s version for its brilliant criticism of the lack of literacy and grammatical accuracy prevalent today.
Weird Al has made a niche career in musical humor, re-wording popular tunes.  His first underground hit in 1979 was “My Bologna”, followed by “Another One Rides the Bus” in 1980.  Al’s net worth is estimated at $16 million USD, and he has won numerous music awards.  Not bad for making fun of other people’s work, da?
For new kids on the block like Robin Thicke it must be an honor to be “hacked” by Weird Al.
What will Robin Thicke’s career be in 37 years?
On the other hand, the brunette in Blurred Lines is quite spectacular….. meow indeed!….
Watch the “unrated” version for blatant nudity.

Hardcore Harridan
Joe and I argued about the header for this comment piece.
I have a Pollyanne-ish view of the integrity and moral foundation of the West.
Joe is more pragmatic.  He says human nature guarantees that some scum will take advantage of situations an intelligent adult human being might recognize but decline to abuse.
It is all in your definition of what it means to be a good person.
Some of the other words we bantered about before choosing were: harpy, strumpet, hag, termagant, virago.  My personal choice was a criminal bad person….. which doesn’t particularly alliterate well with “hardcore”….

Joe and I are close to puking whenever we contemplate the Harridan as POTUS.  We gagged and retched watching the above.  Just to complete the trinity, here is another (one more of literally hundreds) easily found on YouTube that will make you nauseous:

Fossil Facts
Why are oil, natural gas, and coal so predominant in the West’s energy portfolio?
Very simple and straight forward, although not obvious – it is the greenest energy available.
Before you soil your panties, listen to Alex Epstein (author of “The Moral Case for Fossil Fuel”) explain.
Joe and I are simpatico.  There is no other cheap and abundant energy source that can compete.
Energy is what makes our Western culture possible:

Same Old Aloha Snackbar
Joe and I (mostly me) have a format for this rant that captures our weekly interest into broad categories, especially below the fold.
However, the destruction and destabilization brought to the Western cultures by Islam is always noteworthy, hence the inclusion above the fold.
This short speech from Paul Weston (British politician) at an American conference in March 2016 is refreshing in that he speaks straight, without political correctness, about the dangers of mob invasion of Europe:

If you are not familiar with Paul Weston, here is a crash course from 2013 (previously presented in this Rant).  Of course, much more at YouTube:

Joe Can’t Do That
Always such doom and gloom.
Here are some young people that will make you smile and wonder (how do dey do dat?):

Idiots on Review
Richard Dawkins is a world renowned biologist, author of “The Selfish Gene”.  He also is known for his atheistic stance.
Whether you think evolution a theory or fact, whether you believe in doG or not, you will recognize an intelligent human being with a sense of humor in the following video of Mr. Dawkins sharing some of his hate mail in 2010:

More on YouTube, doG bless it!

Smart Cartoons
Joe and I are suckers for a good high-brow or science / math / physics / chemistry cartoon.
Here are a few we stumbled upon this week:Caution Wet Floor

Imaginary Friend

Looking For Engineers

Science Teachers No Playground Duty


Adult Life

Assistant Branch Manager

Ben Shapiro Quote - Reverse Racisim

Donald to Hillary

Getting My Testicles Back

Emotion - Fictional Character vs Human

Hillarious C

Eric Boner Not Voting for Clinton

James C Die Mysteriously

Female President

JD Gold MIne

Kitty Spin the Bottle

Melania At 2 O'clock

Never Knew My Real Ladder

No, I'm a Criminal

Racist to Sexist

Safely Use the ATM

Someone Cares

Teach Kids About Taxes

Walken - Busey 2016

We Don't Have WiFi

Weak Allies

What Men Want for Dress

Where Did My Testicles Go


Today’s sermon is an address by Dr. Samuel T. Francis, a controversial writer about hotbed topics, specifically race.  In this video from 2004, Mr. Francis discusses some of the feedback his outspoken viewpoint has instigated.  Dr. Francis died in 2005:


This week in Vernon has been summer at its best.
Very warm days, few clouds, and on a couple of afternoons a surprise short rainfall to cool things down and keep the grass green.
I must admit that both Joe and I felt the heat this week.
We even perspired.  Well, I perspired and Joe sweated.
This picture pretty well sums up the weather joy we felt –
Elephant Shower

Joe (Sweaty) Mekanic
p.s.  Ramirez is weatherproof –

Ramirez - Post Conventions

Ramirez - Ransom

Ramirez - Rio 2016

Ramirez - Rio Zika

Ramirez - Russia Doping

Ramirez - Trump 2016



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