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This week’s rant is truncated.  Joe has been very busy trying to resuscitate a couple of old trucks in his collection.  The cartoonery is pun-tastic this week.  Joe says it will be followed by sarcasm, irony, and ridiculous cartoons as dictated by his experience with the trucks.


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Ms. Shirley Bassey is one terrific woman.  The Propellerheads seem capable of giving her the support she deserves.  A repeat, repeat, from 1997.  Absolutely magnificently smashing:

Guantanamo Bay Blues
Tom Cotton is a man to watch.  His analysis of the Gitmo situation as a political football is true accurate and just.  Other analysis is moot:

Real Pervs
I would usually put the following articles below the fold in “The Culture (there is only one)” or in “Canada”.  Joe insisted it belongs here for all to see (thank you Ms. E. Thrasher).
The worst sort of perversion is that which coerces the unwilling or powerless to satisfy the pervert.
As Libertarians (Joe is hard-core, I’m theoretical), we really do not give two figs about what an adult person does, provided it does not harm others (that includes financial harm).
Hooked on heroin?  Joe would permit these people to have cheap heroin in quantity.  Knock your socks off.  You’re going to die anyway – might as well burn down, too.
However, when these tragic pursuits become a burden on others or society in general, there is a problem.  This is where Joe and I disagree.  He says put them on a remote island with others of the same ilk and let them duke it out.  I say what about morality?  Joe says you’ve got a point.
Did you know that Canadian perverts who abuse children in the sex trade frequent Cuba as their most popular destination?  The next three Canadian child sex destinations are Mexico, Brazil, and the Dominican Republic.  You can read about it here, and see what is being done about it in one specific case, here and here.
The problem is Canadian law and policy, which is clearly delineated in the above articles.
Other child sex trade destinations for Canadians are Thailand and Cambodia.
These are, indeed, “ugly Canadians“.  CTV’s W5 did a three part series about the subject.  I don’t have access (password) but for those who do, here is a link.
Meanwhile, Joe mandates we must search for the humour in every human endeavour.
Best we could find –

'This is one sick dog!'
‘This is one sick dog!’


The Obambi treachery in creating a “deal” with the Iranian theocracy without following the constitutional mandate will be a pivot point in history.  If the munificent mulatto was intending to leave some legacy artefacts, this will be the “mother of all artefacts” indeed.  Much like Obambi has displaced Jimmy Carter as the worst president in living history (Joe says of all time), so will he displace Neville Chamberlain as the cuckold of international diplomacy.
Arab States and Israel

Trying to see the humour……  Not seeing much…..
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Thank God Cecil Is Dead

Whiskey and Bad Decisions




Sigmund Freud Quote - Weapons



Continuing the Nordic documentary “Brainwashing”, here is the second part – “The Parental Effect”:



A pause in paradise this week.  Some rain, some cloud, some chilly.  Then the sun comes back at the end of the week to make the bad memory fade…..

You Know Its Hot When


Joe (Wrenching) Mekanic
p.s.  Ramirez never breaks down – from Investor’s Business Daily –





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