Sunday Rant – 3023


Joe’s Comment – The weather is great!  The projects are numerous.  The diet is excellent.  Summer is here!
What else is there to say?



Quick Dick McDick
A series of QDMcD Shorts.
Saskatchewan’s and Canada’s best ambassador celebrates his fellow Canadians.
QDMcD is a busy man:



Tucker Carlson
Mr. Carlson at the Turning Point Action Conference, about a week ago.

Megyn Kelly
Ms. Kelly spoke at the same event as Mr. Carlson.
Joe and I watched her for many years on Fox News until she left for a gig on a competing network.
Now she is the founder / proprietor / presenter on her own podcast, The Megyn Kelly Show, available on Sirius.
She is a journalist with moxie and brains and good common sense that Joe and I respect.
Joe says she’s also not too hard on the eyes:

Joe’s Garage

Ed Pink
Mr. Ed Pink is a legend.
He is now 92 years and counting.
An Ed Pink engine in the day was almost mandatory to win!
In this video from Stapleton42 Mr. Pink gives some history and a review of his last build, a Ford 427 SOHC, sold to an Australian customer.
An amazing man who has made racing and automotive history for 70 years!:

Mortske Repair
Watching a man bring an old Ford flathead V8 back to life is always entertaining.
When frozen tight like this one, it is a joy to hear it bark to life.
Mortske is crude and rough and a hack, but he gets it done.
Joe and I watch him for the odd trick up his sleeve that we haven’t seen.
Occasionally, Joe shouts out a trick of his own that Mortske hasn’t discovered or been taught.
That folks is entertainment with a twist:

Hydrostatic Paradox
Dr. Katerina Visnjic explains and demonstrates how a column of fluid behaves.
Joe and I had a “teaching moment” when we poured a basement wall in our Oyama home.  We built a 4 foot tall form wall, and braced it accordingly.
The amount of concrete being poured behind the form was of varying thickness.
One of the concrete workers warned us that the form and bracing was not adequate to “hold back that much concrete”!
Joe patiently explained that the concrete could be a mile wide or only 4 inches wide – the force on the form is the same (proportional to the vertical depth of the concrete.
It took some ‘splainin’…..
Dr. Visnjic does a much better job of it than Joe did, many years ago:



This Sunday, Dr. Jordan Peterson has a conversation with James Lindsay.
If you remember, or were aware, Mr. Lindsay and his team concocted a number of “scientific papers” that were totally fraudulent.  Their intention was to demonstrate the political nature of the peer reviewing process in recent times.
Several of their hoax papers were accepted…..
An interesting man and an engrossing conversation.
Joe says who knew how many facets Marxism might have?
I say however many is too many:


This week in Vernon BC the weather was sublime.
Joe admits it was actually hot some days!
This weather is our favorite Summer weather.
What else can we say?
As the days grow shorter (equinox in September), we hope that the sun shines bright, the clouds stay away, the rain is scarce if at all, and the fires don’t happen.
We are in our element.
Bring on the sun!
Of course there are people who don’t understand Summer –
And there is only one attitude you should have –
You needn’t wonder which type is Joe and me.
Consider the alternative…..


Joe (very tanned) Mekanic
p.s.  Ramirez for the flavor –


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