Sunday Rant – 3019


Joe’s Comment: Stephan Pastis makes me giggle.  I watch a lot of psychological tutorials and analysis.  The brain in the kitchen theory seems the Occam’s Razor of analysis – simple, functional, logical, understandable.  Trying to run new brake lines in my ’62 Tbird this week resulted in sneaking a lot of Fritos.


Canada’s Political Future
Mr. Kevin O’Leary gives absolute concrete evidence of the incompetence demonstrated by the current Liberal cabinet.  You know, the cabinet doing their best to ruin this beautiful country called Canada.
Specifically, he is critical of Chief Rainbow Socks and his band of merry (gay?) misfits.
In a short span of 11 minutes (and change) he manages to get his thoughts across despite the (willful / unconscious) obtuseness displayed by Daniela Cambone of KITCO News.  (Joe says she’s interesting to look at, but a bit dull to listen to).
This is not news, although Daniela seems surprised to hear.
Trudeau and his Politically Correct crew were (once again, again) out-smarted, out-played, out-finessed, and out-done by the team south of our border.
What fries Joe’s Petunias is the Chief Rainbow Socks Coalition show no shame, no remorse, no comprehension that they were bamboozled, used, then disguarded.  A “10” on the Rodney Dangerfield scale (no respect).
I say the Liberal cabinet is an exercise in cluster-fuckery.
As Joe has said (many times) before, you don’t send a Pee-Wee rep. team to play against the mighty Boston Bruins for all the payola, the moola, the “dead presidents”.  Not if you want to win.
The old adage is the accurate adage: fight fire with fire.
Or, if you prefer, the ex-Pres, the munificent mulato, old Jug Ears once said “don’t bring a knife to a gun fight”.  He’d certainly know as a frequent patron of the Chicago “bath house” community.  That there is a smoking penis pistol…..
Canada certainly has people with intellectual horsepower, bountiful skills, relevant wisdom, and worldly experience.
We say you’ll be hard pressed to find all those characteristics in any of the people occupying cabinet positions now (dis)serving the Canadian public.
Joe says if you know Social Styles at all, or the Big Five personality traits, you absolutely don’t pit an Amiable against a Driver (Social Styles) if competition or risk taking is mandatory.  Ain’t their forte, their expertise, their comfort zone.
This video should be viewed by all eligible voters in Canada, especially the voters that intend to vote:

A less than worshipping sychophantery regarding Chief Rainbow Socks is not an uncommon stance in today’s electorate; Trudeau is polling poorly.
This outcome was forseen by Jordan Peterson some years ago
Mr. Peterson predicted less than stellar results from a cabinet assembled based on gender, not merit.
He also commented (negatively) about a person without chops, without merit, without credibility using his pedigree to advance his personal agenda.
Joe says that in Hollywood the underdog always prevails; in real life not so much (thanks to Yogi Berra for the form):


America’s Political Future
Joe and I have been recovering from a “cognitive dissonance” event that occurred November 8th, 2016, the American Presidential election.  As we have stated many many times, our interest in the Republican candidates was focused on Carly Fiorina, with Ted Cruz as a possible second.  When Donald J. Trump mowed them all down, we had a mental Gordian Knot to unravel.
Unravel Was Us all the way to the election night.
We were by then Trump hopefuls, for the spectre of a Clinton presidency was frighteningly imminent.  Joe and I dismissed Hillary Rodham Clinton as a viable candidate years before at the time of her shameful involvement in the Benghazi fiasco.  She is an immoral harridan from Hell (or a reasonable facsimile).
Our inherent smug sense of superiority and our experience and knowledge of “average Joe / Josephene” led us to expect dread the worst.
When Donald J. Trump prevailed, we were surprised, relieved, happy, but presented with a second Gordian Knot.
How he do dat?
The following video is an extended introduction presented before the Turning Point USA rally on the 23rd of July, 2019.
This brilliant introduction stitches the story of D.J. Trump’s victory into a coherent logical sequential video montage that unravels the knotty knots of knottery.
For any Trump haters/despisers/abhorers/”never Trumpers” do yourself a good.  Take the time to watch this without prejudice.
This man (and his machine) are a rejuvenating gust of fresh air into a dark and gloomy denizen of murderous and thieving self promoters who inevitably become the lap-dogs of special interests:


Mueller Testimony
Joe and I watched enough to become thoroughly uneasy about the sanity of the Congressional Hearing process.
Political grandstanding, refusing to acknowledge facts, Mueller mewling, Democrats backed into a corner.
Joe is developing a blood lust that won’t be appeased until all these jackdogs are in prison.
As far as analysis, the good old Hitler in the bunker meme gathers all the wool and knits a sock and a glove.
Watch it here.


Perpetually Triggered
Joe and I swore some time ago (well, we swear every day….. a topic for another time, another rant) that certain words would not be used by us.
Not because we think certain noises you can make with your voice box will end the world as we know it, but because recognizing certain words lends legitimacy to a bunch of lunatics pushing a greasy, sleazy, filthy political agenda.
An example for clarification.
In our lexicon, the word “kunt” (special spelling to avoid PC criticism) is much less offensive than “triggered”.
So, sue us already.
As Joe would put it to you, Jimmy Crack Corn (I don’t care).
But using a word like “triggered” really browns our biscuits.
However, we deign to speak (print) the word here, because there are a few lights in the darkness that thoroughly humiliate the concept of triggering by showing how absolutely ridiculous such a biggoted, narcistic, and biased perspective cannot bear scrutiny:

Another, previously posted Colin Quinn comment (re: PC culture) that exposes the same hypocrisy fomented by “political correctness”.
Quote from the video: “Ho, whoa!  Why does this guy have to be Mexican in your true story?  I don’t understand…..“.
In the presence of free speech, idiocy withers and dies; truth will prevail:

Note from Joe – Take the time to watch the entire “Unconstitutional” performance by Colin Quinn (link below).  It will cost you $$$.  Tough titty.  It is also on YoubeTube as small time slices, which is annoying to watch but free.
A brilliant comedic pundit and philosopher:


Intellectual Froglegs
Joe Dan Gorman just gets better and better and better:


Pay Inequality?
Prager U is being discriminated against by YoubeTube.
Not surprising.  More on that below.
This short sweet Prager U video addresses the “gender wage gap” myth.
Joe and I defer to Christina Hoff Sommers to do some ‘splainin’:


Prager U / Dennis Prager
Last week the U.S. Senate Judiciary Subcommittee on the Constitution held another hearing (part of an infinite series), this particular hearing on the subject of Big Tech censorship.
The founder of Prager U, Dennis Prager, made an impassioned rational and compelling presentation:


Joe and I had a job, because we needed to work for a living.
Joe explains it this way: we were born beautiful, not rich.
We worked at our job daily, through the weeks and months and years.
Over that time, the requirement for $$$ (money, lucre, cash, dinero, jingle, bucks – you get the idea) changed based on many variables.
One reality remained constant through it all – we came to understand the dollars were a maintenance item for us.
Meaning once we had the bills paid and our living expenses covered, more Benjamins didn’t turn up our amp; the reward for work became something else.
Gradually we understood.
We were standing in an arena with few others.
Our skills were recognized and rewarded as distinctly personal and valuable.
We were, in our modest work life, becoming recognized as competent.
That is when we realized that a career is not the same as a job.
As we were promoted, we became selective in who to work with, who to pick for team projects, who to promote, who to re-allocate, who to consider an equal or partner.  The assignments became more complex, more challenging, more difficult to achieve: hugely more rewarding when successfully completed.
In our time, for a while, we became a person who could be considered a “professional” in our (very specific and unique) field.  The meaning at the link closest to our intended definition is: (of a piece of work or anything performed) produced with competence or skill.
Stevie Ray Vaughn and his team show what professionals can accomplish in real time and make it look so natural, so easy, that you don’t notice until it is brought to your attention.
As a contrast, one of the commentors, Redlink, stated (suggesting that Axl Rose would react differently to a similar malfunction) “
Axl would cancel the tour”.
Joe and I get tuckered out seeing SRV play; so much energy and passion and skill and kinetic frenzy wears out an old man just by watching!
This video demonstrates extreme professionalism in real time.
Mr. Vaughn breaks a string.
His team responds:  his guitar tech Rene Martinez provides a replacement guitar in a coordinated switch that is flawless, working with SRV in a synchronized exchange that (to our untrained ear) did not miss a beat; his sound board technician (unnamed) also muted his guitar to avoid damage to the amp stacks and to muffle the sound of jacking out the first guitar and jacking in the second.
That’s how a professional team gets things done:

Another example from B.B. King who re-strings Lucille during a vocal interlude:


Joe’s Garage
Nuclear Fusion
Lockheed Martin has an update on their research to develop a compact fusion power generator.
The problem is containing and controlling the reaction.
The presenter seems optimistic the technology will be viable before he reaches retirement.
Joe and I might just stay alive long enough to see that:

Lockheed “Skunk Works”
Many wonderful paradigm shifting applied technology achievements come from small teams brilliantly led.  As George S. Patton said, “Never tell people how to do things. Tell them what to do and they will surprise you with their ingenuity.
Mr. C. Kelly was such a leader, the founder of the original Lockheed Skunk Works.
A brief historical overview (with a few misstatements and errors) well presented and well researched:


Global GPS (A U.S. Military Gift)
Joe and I were aware that the United States invented, developed, and built the first GPS system for the exclusive use of the American Armed Forces.
We were not aware of the number of satelites, the mirror systems by other countries, and why the U.S. opened usage up to the general public – of the entire world!  An interesting overview from the good folks at Real Engineering:

LeMans (1956)
Joe and I marvel that some events, especially in the motor racing world, have endured.
One of the most famous, most widely known, is LeMans.
Joe and I also are Jaguar fanboys.  One of the most interesting cars we owned “back in the day” (doG! what a vapid expression….) was a 1959 Jaguar Mk. I saloon (sedan) with 3.4L double overhead cam 6 cylinder in-line engine.
Here’s a photo of a Jaguar 3.4 Litre, as the company called it –
We have no photos of our own, which was black, rusty, and fast for it’s day.
Joe and I identify this car (perhaps erroneously – a search brought no info – our incorrect memory will suffice) with Inspector Jules Maigret in that black and white world of European television drama, also back in the day (see how hokey that sounds?).  All about Maigret the television series here.  Joe and I remember an instance in one episode where Inspector Maigret was being berated by his superiors for driving a Jaguar instead of a French made vehicle (Maigret was a commissioner of the Paris Brigade Criminelle).  He insisted that the Jag was faster and more capable.  It didn’t dawn on Joe or me that they spoke English and the production was British.  Just a jab in the ribs from the Limeys to the Frogs?
The Jaguar had features which didn’t appear on this side of the Atlantic for years: ceramic coated factory cast iron headers, dual side draft SU carburetors, four on the floor transmission with overdrive (which Joe and I “adjusted” so we had overdrive in every gear including reverse), leather bucket seats, four wheel disc brakes.  To top it off, a healthy dollop of rust all round.  We loved that car.  Sold it to a romantic drunkard (name not remembered) who wasn’t as skillful as he imagined: the car was written off in a spectacular crash in Lethbridge.  The drunk survived.  The car was last mentioned as being upside down kissing a tree.
Back to the point of this LeMans race mention.
Here is video of Mike Hawthorne driving the Jaguar factory race car around LeMans way back (a little bit better than “back in the day”) in the year 1956:

Mr. Hawthorne was killed while driving a Jaguar 3.4 Litre on public roads, not while racing.  Such irony.  Proof positive that if there is a doG, it must be as sung by Tom Waits; “there ain’t no Devil, there’s just doG when he’s drunk”:




A special sermon from the pulpit this week.
If you have ever wondered as Joe and I have, about the missing links in the “evolutionary” story or why the total acceptance of what Darwin outlined in his opus magnus (or magnus opus – Latin (like the honey badger) doesn’t give a shit care which order) “Origin of Species”, this discussion will perk up your attention serotonin response.
From the Hoover Institution Peter Robinson’s program Uncommon Knowledge presents Mathematical Challenges to Darwin’s Theory of Evolution.
Peter leads a discussion between David Berlinski, David Gelernter, and Stephen Meyer about their published works on the subject (The Deniable Darwin, Darwin’s Doubt, and “Giving Up Darwin”).
Joe and I watched and learned (you can too):



This week in Vernon BC was the answer to our prayer for more Sunday last Sunday except for the days it rained.
Boy, did it rain!
All in all, 4 days out of 7 were sunny as last Sunday.
Gotta find the cause and remedy things.
Almost August.
Feels like June.
Where, oh where has the summer gone?
Oh where, oh where can it be?
With sunny days
That linger so long
Oh where, oh where can it be?
Don’t even suggest our summer is in Europe.
Heat wave to France, Germany, and Spain for good behavior?
Joe will not accept such a premise…..
Give us our summer back, please.

Joe (irrate) Mekanic
p.s.  Ramirez farts in France’s general direction –

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