Sunday Rant – 3017


Zen (a Note)
Joe and I have been very busy this week.
Not much time to travel the Internet for articles that amuse, disgust, shock, or anger.
The weather has been fantastic.
We’ve been making vitamin D…..

Trump Metamemes
Joe and I are impressed and inspired by the hoi polloi who have the skills, time, access to media, and sense of humor to create a few minutes of mirth.
How long would it take you to create this short vignette?
Joe and I could have started at Christmas last and still not be finished:

IQ and Labour
What do you do with people who are challenged by the simplest work?
In our Western workforce, the demands of work are increasingly IQ biased – the most challenging and difficult work favors those with IQ advantage.
The following discussion by Dr. Jordan Peterson identifies the problems of low IQ and finding work.  His assertion is that there is little or no work for people with IQ’s lower than 85.  People who cannot find work (there is nothing for them to do) often get depressed, especially men.  Depressed men who cannot find work often turn to drugs, specifically opiates.  The U.S. military will not accept anyone with an IQ lower than 83.  These problems are not being addressed in our culture.
Listen and learn:

Evan Sayet
Joe and I watched the original presentation of Evan Sayet to the Heritage Foundation over 10 years ago, link here.  His book, “The Kindergarten of Eden:How the Modern Liberal Thinks”, is a best seller.
The following is a presentation to the Conservative Forum last year (before the election).
His “Universal Field Theory of Liberalism” still holds and should become a natural law.  An interesting presentation that makes his position known as well as the original – the most watched Heritage Foundation video ever:

CVN 78
On Saturday the greatest aircraft carrier ever built was commissioned.
Officially CVN 78, the USS Gerald R. Ford is the flagship of the supercarrier class – her flight deck is over 1000 feet long!  Using two A1-B nuclear reactors, her deployment could extend to 20 – 25 years on one fuel load.  Take a look at the links to find outstanding facts about this technological marvel.



Joe and I continue our bromance with Dr. Jordan Peterson with the series of lectures from his Psy 434 course, “Maps of Meaning: The Architecture of Belief”.  The first is “Context and Background”:



This week in Vernon the warm cloudless windless weather continued.
Toward the end of the week clouds rolled in with the threat of rain.  The rain was a few drops.  Oh well…..
Most of the smokey skies are gone; fires are down.
Tomorrow, Monday, we are anticipating 95°F.
Life is good!

Joe (mellow) Mekanic
p.s. Ramirez works weekends –

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