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Survival Isn't a Fundamental

Joe’s Comment: Each of us tends to forget that actuaries, accountants, historians, and other persons who study the gross parameters of culture and produce data are not concerned with the fate of the individual.
Their analysis of data is subject to interpretation.
A corollary?  The individual makes his or her reality, then the sum of all realities becomes the subject of the “experts”.  Make the best of yours, and we’ll do the same.  It has always been this way………
Killed a Dream

But Muh Huly Buuk
What more can Joe and I add to the argument?
Seems like “Kraut and Tea” covers most o’ the bases:

Stefan Molyneux is angry.
Joe and I find his commentary on the Bastille Day slaughter his usual rant.
We wonder, along with Mr. Molyneux….. how much longer will the “hoi polloi” of every Western country take the crap they are being forced to endure?  We don’t give two pfennig for the thoughts of the “elite”.  They are a minority, not the might or muscle of a nation.
France, grow a pair!

Can you recognize a tragedy when it is right in your face
A short economic and social history of Venezuela from One Minute to Midnight:

Joe and I are fans of Trey Gowdy.
The following video from the Liberty University convocation of 2016 is of Mr. Gowdy addressing the student body.
These are tumultuous times.  Joe and I are angry, passionate, and vocal (albeit somewhat more enthusiastic than informed) about what is happening in the world, to the West, and to the countries of the West that we have loved and cherished all our life.
His message is about communication
He will be the president of the United States someday is our prediction. Or is it our hope?:

Joe’s Garage
A bit of serendipity occurred a week and a bit ago.
Events at home combined with a new friend’s auction success at Richie Brothers brought us a trip to Phoenix AZ.
The best part was Joe and I didn’t have to buy the vehicle.
We were offered the chance to drive a truck from Phoenix to Blaine WA.
It only took 5 nanoseconds to make up our mind.
When the aircraft landed in Phoenix at 11:30 p.m. the ambient temperature was 99°F at the airport.  We were told the peak during the day was 117°F.  We felt cheated.  Why couldn’t we have 117° too?
As it turned out, we were close to being warm – the official high was 111°F –

Phoenix AZ Weather
After finding a cab to the Red Roof Plus Inn, and picking up a few beers and sandwiches, the worst part of the trip was completed.
Joe and I had a commercial pilot license years ago.  We loved to go flying.  Indeed, we spent a large portion of our life earnings pursuing endorsements and checks on type.
Our career path did not continue with flying.  The excitement and pleasure of flying was relegated to personal fun stuff.
Travel by air used to be a marvelous mode of transportation in past times.
It has become a pain in the ass.
Other than the check-in, everything about flying takes more time, is more personally intrusive, and is more demeaning than it used to be.  The security check is confusing and demeaning.  The size of carry-on luggage is not standardized between airlines.  Nor is the “extra” charge schema……  And the seating?  I’ve been in closer proximity to strangers on a plane than would be allowed in any public place.
It is a sorry sight to see three fat guys sitting side-by-each in less room than the back seat of a Honda Fit.
Joe and I no longer travel by air unless it is absolutely unavoidable.
No Leg Room
A few beers, a good sleep, and the horrors of air travel are forgotten.
Wow, what a beautiful warm day……  Joe and I thought staying a few days would be heaven.  Who doesn’t enjoy 111°F weather?  Unfortunately, playing hooky was not an option.
Thoughts of dereliction of duty aside, on to the task we came to perform.  Travel by cab to Dynamic Diesel Repair and meet my ride.
The cab driver was a late 20’s Latino woman, very pretty, who (I chat a lot, not so much Joe) has three children – 12, 8, and 4 years old, each and every one a girl.  We asked if they were all as pretty as their mom, which elicited a beautiful smile.  Her “cab” was a new Ford Focus, with a “meter” that looked suspiciously like a personal device – similar to a phone.  I thought Uber, but she said she wasn’t affiliated.  She works from home, taking fares that are close to her location.  An interesting business model (no dispatcher).  The ride was less than 10 minutes from the hotel to Dynamic Diesel.
And there it was – what irony!
My ride was built in Kelowna BC at the (long gone) White Western Star facility –


After an hour or two of preparing the truck for the trip to Blaine WA, we hit the road Friday afternoon.
On Sunday afternoon we parked the truck in Blaine WA, 1,640 miles later.
We mourn leaving the warm weather, where our old bones don’t ache, and we can drink a gallon of water a day without peeing.
Joe would gladly live in Phoenix, or anywhere in the southwest.  I would too.


Afraid of the Dark - Racist

Cat Killing Cops

Who Made You a Weatherman

Vegetarian Having Pudding

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Escape DJT Presidency

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Then You Energy



For Joe and I, David Wood is in the ranks of Dr. Bill Warner and Robert Spencer – he studies and analyzes the foundation documents of Islam to understand the faith.  Then, he draws conclusions based on his studies and argues cogently.  David Wood is more knowledgeable about Islam (in our opinion) than most Muslims.  In addition, he is a biblical scholar.
The following video supports a view that the foundation documents of Islam are corrupt:

An additional presentation from David Wood that point by point disassembles an ABC News “documentary” titled “Islam – Q and A”.  The program was aired

David Wood was an atheist, a sociopath, a wannabe murder.  His story is not insignificant.  His story is the story of many young men (ISIS volunteers come to mind).  In his words:


Do you remember the speeches of Barack Obama during the Democrat National Convention in 2008?
You must remember the Greek columns, the lights, the fireworks, the absolute nebulous bull shit about oceans, about healing, about being the ones we are waiting for?
Do you remember ANY of the platform issues or promises?
You do not.
It was all airy-fairy ideology without substance.
This week’s sermon is the address by Donald J. Trump to the Republican National Convention.
It is cogent, well presented, and quite specific about the issues and promises to be met when he is elected.
Of course, no one knows if he will deliver any better than the munificent mulatto.  Joe and I say he couldn’t fuck it up any worse than Obambi.  We’ll even predict that he will be an excellent POTUS:


Joe and I spent the early part of the week away from Vernon.
We got home on Tuesday evening late – shortly after a rain day.
It has been warm and sunny for the most part all week.
Our drive from Phoenix last weekend was in some very warm weather, which is our Nirvana.
A picture of a “monsoon burst” as a happy celebration of Phoenix –
Phoenix Monsoon Cloud Burst
Now that’s exciting weather!

Joe (alien) Mekanic
p.s.  Ramirez touches the hot rail every week –

Ramirez - Pence - Trump


Ramirez - Obama's America

Ramirez - Erdogan

Ramirez - Police

Ramirez - The Morning After

Ramirez - Trump Love



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