Sunday Rant – 3015


Quote ‘o the Week
Judge a man by his questions rather than by his answers” – Voltare

Moon Month
July 20th, 1969 was the day Neil Armstrong walked on the moon.  Some footage of the event:

Intellectual Froglegs
Joe Dan has a view of current events that is entertaining, stimulating, thought provoking.  A Joe Mekanic recommended bookmark:

Joe’s Vacation
During July and August, Joe’s major focus is outdoor activity.  Not much Internet, not much rage, not much rant.  Kinda peaceful.
Kicking back, relaxing, enjoying the tee and shorts weather….
Joe and I agree, it’s the time to take things easy.  After all, we ain’t about to save the world –
Not Rocket Scientists
Beer and tanning take precedence.
That doesn’t mean there aren’t items of interest gathered for viewing.
This rant has a number of excellent cartoons, some harvested from the “Lonely Libertarian” website.  See my choices below the fold…….
Some interesting videos about the culture in the section named as such, also below the fold…..
We hope everyone is enjoying their summer as much or more than we are.



The Conservative government has (again) shamed Canada immensely.  Canada is the “most admired” country IN THE WORLD.  Video here.  This is not the first time – Canada has won more than once in the last 6 years, and always finishes in the top 5.  The Reputation Institute made the call.  You can see their rationale here.


Immigration, Redux
Can't Build a Fence

Battle Flag Story
Confederate Flag Irony

Megyn Kelly may or may not have authored the defense of the Confederate flag found here.  A very thought provoking and peripeteian read.  Lincoln wasn’t the “emancipator”, the war wasn’t fought over slavery, and the term “Civil War” is incorrect – the appropriate description is “Northern War of Aggression”.  The succession movement in the south was gathering momentum with Northern states as well.  Read the article, research the claims, make your own conclusion.
Jefferson Davis Quote
Joe says the only reason to remove the flag is BECAUSE the facts are there to be found.  Tyranny by the Federals…..  Out of sight, out of mind.
The comments section is telling – much ad hominem accusation, little factual rebuttal.
Monuments to Slavery
Joe considers most of the flaming by the media in the US of A is a smoke-screen to deflect people from the real burning issues, such as –
Mexican Flag
The Democrats and Republicans are almost identical.
The power of lobbyists, bureaucrats, and corporate cronies is shameful.
“We the People” are more and more powerless and less.
Kiss my rebel ass:


Cake Math


Death to America

Cosby Comparison

Mixer Fatigue

Deleting History

Margaret Sanger was a birth control activist, an icon for the left / progressive cause.
She still is revered in some Democratic circles.
Her ideology included the objective of reducing the negro population via abortion –
Margaret Sanger Fact

Mommy Manipulation

Discount Tents

Licking Stamps

Dorothy Parker Quote

Obambi Supporter

Fishing Lesson

French Terror Alerts

Oreo Perfection

Free Beer

Science, Engineering, Liberal Arts

Not Lost Dog

When English is NOT your first (or second?) language –
Out of Cock

Pluto Drive By


Taste Like Chicken

Time to Acknowledge

Toilet Sign

UFO Snip

Waitress  Bar Sign

Which Killed Black Babies




Bill Whittle has a way with words.  In this video clip, he is using his talent to describe the failings of “progressives” and the history of the progressive movement.  Well worth the view:

Persian Follies
Why Iran cannot be permitted to continue pursuing a nuclear arsenal…

Micromanage This!
Stephen Crowder makes a mockery of the “social justice warriors” attempting to bring political correctness to a new level of lunacy.  We live in strange times:




Happy Birthday Curiosity

The article I’ve linked to is about cloning polo ponies.  Read it here.  If you think there aren’t “Nazi scientists” somewhere in the world cloning human beings, you are deluded.
I’m terrified.  Joe says it is the human condition, Pandora’s Box is a story, and it is better to KNOW why not than to remain ill informed of the science and technology required to clone.  It has been 20 years since Dolly the sheep was born.

3-D Printing Origin
A short video identifying the man who invented 3-D printing, and how / why he did:


The “Hemp” Ford
Ford Hempmobile
The above picture is a real 1941 Ford car built by Henry Ford with plastic panels in place of steel.  The plastic was NOT derived from hemp, but soy.  The story here.

Gengus Khan - Environmentalist



Sparta - If



Guns and Gals

Texas Tan Line




Islam Religion of Peace

The grim reality from the religion of peace – a particularly bloody ramadan this year, and 26,507 deadly terrorist attacks since 9/11.  Hit the link, get a clue.



The pulpit welcomes Roy Beck to speak about immigration, with his highly graphic presentation about world poverty with gumballs:

More from the same presentation by Mr. Beck.   Immigration by numbers – off the charts:

Although this presentation is 5 years old, the impact, import, and sobering reality is being born out in 2015.  The answer is not immigration, it is education.



This week has been a break for the forest fires and the trees in the yard.  What happened to the hot sunny cloudless days?  Clouds, wind, rain, cool days and cooler nights is what happened.  Joe is pouting, and I am not amused….
Queen E


Joe (Soggy) Mekanic
p.s. Ramirez is waterproof – from Investor’s Business Daily



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