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[date Sun, Jul 28, 2013 at 6:24 PM]


Journal extra notes –

Spent time in a hotel this week. Lots of Internet hours. Many pictures and cartoons………
The green sand casting workshop was fantastic! Steve and Donna Hoerner own “Lost and Foundry” in Spokane WA. In a matter of two hours they coached me to cast my first aluminum article –

What an amazing feeling! Should have started this years ago….. when I wasn’t so shaky.

The Good Grief Cafe in Idaho is no longer in business. The property (11 acres + cafe, 3 parcels of land) is for sale ( ) for $139,000 USD. Another memory from early days….. –

The sign always made me laugh. This isn’t the original but will have to do –


The Shiny Pony has made his stance clear – legalize marijuana:

This will ruin the entire experience for all the old timers (who enjoy the illicit part). Let paranoid delusion reign. It will help “dumb down” the citizenry. The kids? They will do what kids have always done……. Once again, more regulation is not the answer. The solution is education / responsibility / knowledge. Speaking of knowledge, the body of evidence regarding the effect of marijuana use indicates it IS NOT benign:

A quote from the article – “Schizophrenia is considered by psychiatrists to be the most devastating of mental illnesses.”

More Canadian Senate shenanigans. A liberal senator never lived in his “primary residence”. Ho-hum….. Time to abolish the Senate:


Seems the RCMP hasn’t quite told the truth about the gun confiscation in High River. Not surprised, but saddened. Some dedicated people are not letting go of the story. Bravo!

Well meaning actions? The unintended consequences of well meaning actions are legion. The real questions aren’t being answered – who instructed the RCMP to do this? Why didn’t they follow the law (to a man) and refuse to do an illegal act? Why only in High River?


“Justice for Trayvon Martin” drew a crowd in Toronto. Just kidding! Looks like the protester’s son showed up:




The Zimmerman / Martin verdict is having a catalytic effect on the American culture and “race” relations (I prefer sub species or ethnic orientation). Here is a stark fact: under Obambi’s administration, gang membership is up 40%, attacks on whites up 18% –
marly lion

You can watch Marley Lion loose his 17 year old life at the link (surveillance camera video):

As the article states, how long ’til Obambi talks about Marley? Don’t be holding your breath……

By the way, the picture of Trayvon Martin (above) is of the 12 year old Trayvon. This is what he looked like at 17 when he was shot by George Zimmerman –

This picture was supposed to be in last week’s Sunday Rant (h/t to Bernie M.), but Google mail and I had an argument. I lost, as is the norm. I am Google’s bitch. Get down honky. The defense rests with a final comment from “Khid TrizZy”:


Joe Mekanic says “puberty in the human male species is a game changer. What passes for testosterone thinking ain’t often rational. The only hedge against negative outcome is character. Young males need role models.”

From another perspective, here is another report of a man shooting a 17 year old boy. You won’t see it in the news. Why? The man is black, the teenager is white:

Am I imagining all this? I believe IQ (G Factor) is a requirement for comprehension.



Detroit is a mess. Recent judicial activity has made it “illegal” for Detroit to declare bankruptcy. Me no give a poop. The left blames the right. The right analyzes navel hair. Jim Goad analyzes data:

Bell Curve time. If the standard IQ testing indicates one standard deviation below average, there is an inherent disadvantage.


Multiculturalism does not work. The religion of peace one of the focii of this short video. This shite is coming to a city near you:


The political left is fascist / totalitarian – so is the all-for-one none for you of Islam (there is no radical Islam). A band of bullies and mobsters.


This woman owns a book store in what is now a Muslim enclave. She has been raped with a knife, robbed, beaten, and otherwise assaulted by Muslim males she has seen for years and knows. One small charge has been proven in a court of law – the rest walk free. This is France:

The people of France are growing restless with this PC BS. Same as the English and German folks. Restores my faith in “the people”.


The true wack-jobs are out there…. this is truly out there…….. taxing sunshine? Salvador Dali wasn’t the only bent Spaniard:


The end of Chinese economic “miracle” growth is a reality, says George Friedman writing for Stratfor:




The following is the earliest known PHOTOGRAPH of men drinking beer – Edinburgh Ale, 1844 –














Stare at the black dot in the picture below. The black and white image will appear colored for a few seconds –






3D printer produces a rifle. The rifle fires one shot (barrel ruptures). Who did this dastardly deed? A Canadian, of course!:

The solution is NOT more regulation. The solution is education / responsibility / knowledge.


Don’t like Muslim fathers giving their daughters up for marriage at very tender ages? Tough shit. You’re a dhimmi and your opinion is worth less than the sweat on a dog’s testicles. The woman-child has no rights, human or otherwise:

His rationale? A quote: “According the former governor of Zamfara,; ‚ÄúThis is because I am a Muslim and I follow the example of the best of mankind, Muhammad (PBUH).”

This “man” rationalizes that otherwise the girls fall into ruin. So, the father’s cannot protect their daughters better than a polygamist? Different culture. Different species. Make that sub species. Muhammad is not at all worthy of emulation. The history reads of a madman pedophile murdering thief. Maybe he means some other Muhammad?

Can’t convince non Muslim girls to convert to “the religion of peace”? NO PROBLEMO SENOR! Just kidnap and force them. Shit. Why didn’t I think of that?:

What a criminal enterprise. Where is the f**king “United Nations”? Remember the UN declaration of “human rights”? Here it is: The Muslim world can’t pass ANY of the UN articles stated in the document. As some wag said, without the oil under their feet, they’re just tent trash. Time for a crusade? NOPE! Time to cut off all funding, immigration, education, grants, gifts, and support to those who won’t support human rights. Oh yeah,don’t forget those “human rights” include the OTHER gender, too.

This young Muslim girl is 11 years old. She doesn’t want to be married off like a chattel. Her uncle intervened. One for the good guys:

Would she have carried out her threat to kill herself? Note: the video was retracted from YouTube. Not PC enough I reckon.


A mechanized farm worker is in the testing stages. The machine is thinning lettuce in the article. Meet “lettuce bot” here:









The weather has been fantastic! I left Vernon BC on Monday for Spokane WA…… It was hot, sunny, spectacular! The weather didn’t turn to crap until I got to Cowgary (moo!) late late Wednesday. In honor of the spectacular blast furnace feeling of summer, here’s a song written by the inimitable John Prine – Let’s Talk Dirty in Hawaiian – performed by Those Darlins:


Don’t need no stinkin’ Hawaii when the weather is like this….

Joe (Footloose) Mekanic

p.s. Ramirez really, really nails it this and every week –

Res Ipsa Loquitor

Political Cartoons by Michael Ramirez

Political Cartoons by Michael Ramirez

Political Cartoons by Michael Ramirez

Political Cartoons by Michael Ramirez

Political Cartoons by Michael Ramirez

Political Cartoons by Michael Ramirez

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