Sunday Rant – 2922


Joe’s Comment – I searched 20 pages of Mr. Einstein’s quotes to find out what moron people do.  No luck.
This is an important distinction; I’ve gotta know.
Glad you asked –
Dumb?  I think not.  Moron?  I think so!
Dumb implies there is a chance of change with new information.
Moron literally has no idea, or how to have one.
I have to change a personal foundation belief.  All these many years I have insisted that anyone can make a reasonable choice if given facts and data pertinent to the situation.
I’m not so sure that is true anymore.
I didn’t include the morons, the twits, the idiots, the ideologues, the mentally challenged in my logical/rational calculus.
Recent history I have witnessed has shaken my beliefs to the core.
–  Two+ years of COVID full retard.  The very real chance that this coming flu season the dumb sons-a-bitches will double down and become more tyrannical, more draconian, more coercive.
–  The persistence of Justin Trudeau as a plausible Prime Minister.
–  Joe Biden degenerating weekly as the U.S. of A. flounders.  Rome burning anyone?
–  Inflation running amuck – fiat currency printing presses running 3 shifts – new trucks over $100,000 CDN – only if you pick the correct options of course…..
Albert Einstein’s quote is good as far as it goes, but I’ll add one more category of folks and their behavior.  It is only to complete the couplet, i.e., “weak vs strong”, intelligent vs ???  Here goes my best attempt –
Weak people revenge.
Strong people forgive.
Intelligent people ignore.
Moron people obliviate.
If you consult a dictionary the word “obliviate” doesn’t exist.
I coined it.
My definition for obliviate (a verb) is a state of thought where the past is incomprehensible, the present is confusing, the future is unpredictable: reality is terrifyingly frightening.  You know, pissing their panties while totally oblivious.
I feel slightly better now that is decided…..


Jordan Peterson and The Daily Wire
Last week an interesting collaboration was announced – Dr. Jordan Peterson has joined forces with Ben Shapiro’s “Daily Wire“.
Some fiery opinion pieces have already been released.
Dr. Peterson does not spare the rod.
Here is his opinion of doctors an psychologists who enable gender transformation in children.
Strong language warning:

If you think JP is treading on thin ice, take a few minutes to review the comments under the video.
The accused are silent.
Joe and I think the good doctor’s alliance with the Daily Wire crowd will further the distribution of his words and influence.
Good politics Dr. Peterson!
We speculate the Canadian political scene hasn’t heard the half of him yet……


Quick Dick McDick
QDMcD demonstrates a quasi-keto approach to nutrition in this short cooking lesson.
Saskatchewan’s ambassador to the world (and Canada) is always entertaining:


COVID Ad Nauseum

Ivor Cummins on COVID Phenomenon
Mr. Cummins has been analyzing data since the start of the ridiculous term “pandemic” was affixed to the flu season of 2019 – 2020.
He has been correct in his analysis from the get-go.
Joe and I yearn for a time when those responsible meet justice.
We hope that justice is pissed and committed.
Keep on investigating Mr. Cummins.
The truth bloody well out.
Joe is angrily anticipating our totally clueless government to laud their dismal performance as a success, and celebrate by doubling-down this flu season with more insanity, more stupidity, more misdirection, more tyranny.
Where are the rational folks when they are so desperately needed?
Questions for the Oracle, we think.
Unfortunate for us humans – Elvis has left the building, walking hand-in-hand with said Oracle:

–  Dr Shoemaker 12 minutes with Rebel News. Exceptional!



This Week’s Music Muse(s)



Joe’s Garage

Joe bought a forklift.
It was manufactured by the Towmotor Company between 1945 and 1951.
Model LT-48.
Our Massey Ferguson MF40 Industrial can lift 5,000 pounds with the front end loader, but our Massey Ferguson MF40 Industrial cannot lift our Model LT-48 Towmotor forklift.
It weighs in at 5,780 – 5980 pounds, depending on which boom it has.
We haven’t got it running yet, for it is propane fueled.
Today, Sunday, Garrett R. brought us a loaner fork lift propane tank.
Thanks Garrett!
Next week we shall attempt to make it function.
A picture of a restored example here –
Of course, ours is a shambles compared to this one.  Some music to celebrate:

1916 Galoway Stationary Engine
There is an argument that older machinery is better.
There is another argument that new machinery is better.
Joe and I like old machinery.
This old Galloway produces 16 horsepower.
Our four or five fathers made incredible devices to save labor:





Today’s Sermon is a classic lecture by Jordan Peterson about the “Big Five” traits and the interpretation in terms of male vs female personalities.
This is lecture 14 of a 20 lecture series.
A good reminder of the subtle and not so subtle ways we humans differ and concur.  Knowing your own traits and observing other person’s traits facilitates communication and opportunity.
All in the hope that in these troubled times people can improve their ability to understand one another without theatrics, drama, or violence.
A worthwhile endeavor:


This week in Vernon BC the weather was fantastic!
Hot every day.
Not a drop of rain.
Puffy clouds in a bright blue sky.
What a dream!
It rained Sunday evening.
Summer was short this year……

Joe (tanned) Mekanic
p.s.  Ramirez was good this week –



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