Sunday Rant – 2921



Joe’s Comment – I’m in a strange mood this week.  Maybe age is a factor.  Michael Leunig (lunatic Aussie cartoonist) and David Sipress (lunatic American cartoonist) put things into perspective.
My Achilles heel (this week) is a sensitivity to rationality and the illusion sanity.
Cuba is agitated.
South Africa is Hell on earth.
Makes us muse……
Does every generation learn nothing from their ancestors?
Q.  Who is an odd duck?
A.  I’m not telling…..



COVID Funnies


COVID Not So Funnies

Brett Weinstein Interview
Brett interviews Dr. Robert Malone and Steve Kirsch.
Unfortunately his “truth” is not the acceptable “truth” – he has been painted with the “FALSE!” color by the so-called “fact checkers”.
Joe wonders out loud who the fuck is running this shit show?
Another excellent analysis of data, honest to doG data.
The “gorilla in the mist” is becoming more visible.
Where do we go to from here?:



Intellectual Froglegs
Joe Dan Gorman is producing his end of the bargain.
Make America great again.
And again, and again, and again:


Sanity 4 Sweden
Stefan is a daily view for Joe and me.
On Friday he posted two “Good News” commentaries.
We have a growing appreciation of Stefan’s sense of humor:

On Sunday, very pertinent and to the point:


Where IS John Durham?
Bill Barr assigned John Durham to find out everything there is to know about the “Russian Conspiracy” that affected and effected the 2016 election.
That assignment was given in June of 2019.
The question is what happened?

What happened to John Durham, the investigation, the reporting structure, the authorization, the Constitutional validation?
If you are curious as Joe and I are (it is reminiscent of the RCMP raid of homes in Alberta during the flooding approx. 6 years ago) – what happened?
The website X-22 has an article by Brian Cates, titled “Why They Can’t Find Special Council John Durham” that does some ‘splainin’.
Speculation by Representative Devin Nunes implies a report is due soon.
Joe says he’ll wait and see.
Speculation by a politician lacks veracity.


Dr. Patrick Moore
Once again Dr. Moore pontificates the excellent science he knows and advocates.
The hosts are Konstantin Kisin and Francis Foster.
Their Ub2b channel is “Triggernometry“.
Each time Joe and I hear Dr. Moore present we learn new and vital facts.
That, my friends, is time well spent:


Joe’s Garage

Bearded Butchers
Joe and I watch this channel.
Seth and Scott Perkins are the bearded butchers.
Someday we will attempt to cut our own beef.
This video is a twofer.
Our bearded butcher explains the difference between Porterhouse, T-bone, strip and fillet Mignon.
He also shows where in the big old world of cow those steaks are located – a moo-ography lesson.
Joe says we’d better check out the local auctions for a meat saw:



A wild interview with Alex Jones.
We cringed at Viva’s pearl clutching.
We applauded Barnes’ defense of freedom and liberty.
We celebrate Alex Jones.  He is a force of nature.  His energy is enough to power a house small town.
Bravo Viva & Barnes.
An excellent celebration of free speech.
Joe wants to bet how long the twats at Ub2b will allow this video to stand:



This week in Vernon BC was half and half.
The summer continues it’s majestic trajectory – hot days, cool nights, no rain.
The downside half this week was smoke.
The smoke was energy robbing on Monday and Tuesday, easing on Wednesday, and back to Mr. Blue Skies by Thursday:

Joe and I have been in the Okanagan since 1972 (give and take).
This is a memorable Joe and Dave style summer.
It could be better, it could be worse.
What it is looks a lot like perfect!
This year it is a definite dry heat year…..


Joe (Smokey) Mekanic
p.s.  Ramirez + hot summer = good days!

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