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MIke Tyson Quote - Everybody Has a Plan
Joe’s Comment – Good one Mike!  You don’t have to be high IQ to say something profound.
The West has been pussy-footing around with “political correct” solutions to the Islamic wack-job behavior all over the world.  The West has been soft on progressive “solutions” to crime, violence, poverty, “privilege”, “inequality”, gender, “race”, intelligence, and you name it.
Another week of demented acting out.  BO (the boy who would be king Bambi) is worse than impotent.  How can he be so wrong so often save by intent?  Civil unrest set on high.  The American TV news outlets are in a frenzy – Trump or terror – on a 24 / 7 non-stop talking head frenzy.
Around the world, the Turks (remember the Ottoman Empire gang? the slaughterers of Armenians?) can’t suppress the issue at hand, the French are ready to surrender (as soon as they find somebody, anybody to surrender to), Germany navel gazes, the UK sets sail alone (hail Britannia!) very few mention the problem, no one has a solution.
It Never Stops - Terrorism

But the problem has a name.
Say My Name

Meanwhile, back at ground level, the people everywhere are wondering……  Is there anybody out there?

The “political class” have it wrong (again, still).  The folks at ground level are watching, listening, and in some cases, preparing for the worst.  Just what might that “worst” be?
If a leader is out there, who would they lead in such a fractured dysfunctional culture?
If a leader is out there how will we know who it is?
So,…… what’s the plan, Stan?
Time to do some soul searching……
Until then, I’m with Fred –
Soothing Music

4th of July Redux
Joe and I enjoyed this video of a drone’s eye view fireworks display.
Flying among and through the explosions was a beautiful visual.
Then we thought, during World War II flying a bombing mission over Germany in the flak and small arms fire must have been terrifying.
Thank doG it was in black and white in those days!:

Da Po-leese
There are not many humorous aspects to the recent developments in the U.S. with BLM (Black Lives Matter) activism and the aggressive murder of police officers.  Is there a connection?  Is it Islam?  Is it ignorant low IQ moronskis?  Not moot questions, although the progressives are screaming it’s more complicated than your simple mind can comprehend.  To date, causality has not been established or proven in any of the assaults.  Meanwhile, tension mounts.  What to do?  Try a little humor is all:

Organic, Is It?
Joe and I bitch a fit every time someone even mentions the word “organic” in relation to food, or health, or environment, or, in relation to the latest word hi-jacked from the vocabulary by the “rabid with a cause” crowd: they’ve stolen the word GREEN.
Joe and I reiterate – ALL FOOD IS ORGANIC.  Elitist assholes from all over the globe strut their superiority using this term to describe food grown without the assistance of modern agricultural science.  Joe and I take it to mean grow your food in pig or human feces without the aid of man-made pesticides / manufactured fertilizers / or advanced genetically modified organisms (not selectively bred, like every single organism in existence).  I (or Joe) have yet to see ANYONE munching on a chunk of sandstone, or digging in to a steaming hot plate of delicious aluminum foil.  Once again, for the language disabled – ALL FOOD IS ORGANIC.
And green is a color.  Period.
One detail Joe and I have observed is that humans are all native calculus practitioners – having grasped an idea or concept, they immediately extrapolate two values – one, what are the limits (integral), and two, what’s in it for me (derivative).  And so it goes…..
Similar to the “green” energy mania, or the hysteria surrounding radiation, “organic” gardening or animal husbandry is scale (order of magnitude) sensitive.  That is, in a backyard / small plot environment, if it makes you feel good, fill yer boots and have an “organy” that will last all day long.  Because in terms of labor, that’s how long you will be administering to your garden, herd, or flock.  “Natural” methodology is very labor intensive and produces less per unit time / $$$ / acre.  Don’t trust Joe and I on the subject.  Grow your own damn vegetables, fruit, poultry, livestock, then come back and talk to us.  We’ll listen (but not much).
Seems like the world is coming around oh so very  s l o w l y.
Here is an article that will open your eyes.
If you read it, you will understand that nutritively, there is little or no difference.  You will see examples of “if a little bit is good, a whole lot will fucking kill you!”.  Why oh why do people delude themselves that if they can stick-handle their way through their nutritional life with great dexterity and knowledge it is possible to live forever?  Or longer?  Shades of Yogi Berra “when you come to a fork in the road, take it”.  The paradox is there is only one path (the one you take).  Also, Joe and I mean to impugn the feedback loop best summarized as “I feel great!  This diet is awesome!”  Go ask a heroin addict about that one…..
Timing might just be everything.
A quote from the article to whet your curiosity –
Organic farming is sold as good for the environment. This is correct for a single farm field: organic farming uses less energy, emits less greenhouse gasses, nitrous oxide and ammonia and causes less nitrogen leeching than a conventional field. But each organic field yields much, much less. So, to grow the same amount of wheat, spinach or strawberries, you need much more land. That means that average organic produce results in the emission of about as many greenhouse gasses as conventional produce; and about 10 per cent more nitrous oxide, ammonia and acidification. Worse, to produce equivalent quantities, organic farms need to occupy 84 per cent more land – land which can’t be used for forests and genuine nature reserves. For example, to produce the amount of food America does today, but organically, would require increasing its farmland by the size of almost two United Kingdoms. That is the equivalent of eradicating all parklands and wild lands in the lower 48 states.
But surely organics avoid pesticides? No. Organic farming can use any pesticide that is “natural”. This includes copper sulphate, which has resulted in liver disease in vineyard sprayers in France. Pyrethrin is another organic pesticide; one study shows a 3.7-fold increase in leukaemia among farmers who handled pyrethrins compared to those who had not.”
Essentially, organic food is rich people spending their extra cash to feel good. While that is just as valid as spending it on holidays, we should resist any implied moral superiority. Organics are not healthier or better for animals. To expand to any great scale would cost tens of billions of pounds while killing thousands. Indeed, a widespread organics revolution will increase environmental damage, and cut global forests.”
Go ahead!  Buy “organic” you rich dumb bastards!
It won’t make you healthier, but will make you smugger.
Have a peripeteian day…..
Organic Cow Crap


Couch Potato Farmers

Repeat a Lie - Politics

Obama Ladies Room

Against Trump Never Unite for the People

We received this one from several sources.  Is there anyone, anywhere, anyhow who doesn’t get it?
It is beyond tragic.
Shades of “The Tomb of the Unknown Soldier”.
What fear invokes such tyranny of human against human?
News at 11 –
Patio Umbrellas

Bernies Last Stand

CEO - Because Woman

Helping the Middle Class

Dallas Employee of the Month


Russian Headline


Milton Friedman Quote - Free Market

Abe Lincoln Quote - 8 Hours


The latest quacking from the American legislative body “progressives” is to limit the size of magazine a firearm can legally use.
The following video demonstrates the folly of that line of reasoning:

Joe and I don’t know the answer to the problem of crazy people doing horrible things to other people.
We really don’t.
In our fantasy world, everyone is sane, peaceful, and at least as intelligent as us.  Preferably, much more intelligent than us.
In our world, the credo of the Libertarian holds rule – follow your dreams but never impinge on the life, liberty, or property of another.
In the words of Yogi Berra –
In Theory
A gun is a tool.  Nothing more, nothing less.
The misuse of a tool is a matter of training and ability.  That is, ability to think clearly, rationally, un-crazily.
As Libertarian minded persons, Joe and I wish for no restrictions.
As humanist persons, we wish no harm.
As realistic persons, we wish there were a solution that would suit all people.
Until that day arrives, the well meaning progressive forces must be kept at bay – Joe and I are Canadians who consider the American second amendment a “natural law” statement.  Taking firearms away from everyone does not disarm the government, other nations, nor does it impede the “forces of evil” – the legions of criminals and ne’er do wells who will use whatever means available to attain their goal.
This article sums it up.  A quote from the article –
“Allowing citizens to carry concealed handguns reduces violent crimes,” argues John Lott in his groundbreaking book, “More Guns, Less Crime.” Further, “reductions coincide very closely with the number of concealed-handgun permits issued.” Having more guns in the hands (and inside the jacket pockets) of Americans deters violent crime, including murder.
The reason for this fact is simple: Firearms reduce the power differential between the weak and the strong, making it harder for the strong to prey upon the weak. Being strong doesn’t help much when you’re dead or wetting your pants in fear because your potential victim shoved a barrel muzzle under your nose.
Take rape, a crime usually involving a stronger person attacking a weaker person. Typically, the rapist gets the upper hand in a battle of fisticuffs. This is one of the reasons women are often cautioned to act passively when attacked by a rapist.”
The history of humankind wasn’t more peaceful or harmonious before the invention of the firearm.  In those days, brute force and ignorance were met with lesser, equal or greater brute force and ignorance.
Colt Equalizer

Firearms - More Useful

Homicide Weapon Statistics

 Don't Be a Dodo



Brigitte Gabriel is a living testifier / testimony to the dark side of Islam.
Indeed, Islam is dark, darker, darkest the more you read the foundation documents.The argument from the apologists, the taqiyya purveyors, the deceivers, is that unless you read the documents in the original language, with your tongue held just so, in the correct surroundings, with the proper mind-set, respect, and humility, with the moon in the correct phase, and whatever criteria that they fulminate at the time, then you, kafir, you dhimmi, you cannot understand, you can only misinterpret.  Silence!  (I kill you!)
Brigitte doesn’t brook these arguments for she has lived the life and escaped to the West.
When the Islam culture pollutes the clear crystal stream of knowledge and intelligent society with it’s effluent, it is a blessing to have warriors like Brigitte Gabriel watching and commenting.
A recent event has her views on the Sunni organization “The Society of Muslim Brothers” (Muslim Brotherhood) infiltrating the American school system.
She is a Western patriot:

Another recent presentation to “The Glazov Gang”.  She has a depth of knowledge on the subject, with no fear of presenting what she knows.  In this video she talks about the life of Muhammed, about the time period.  Long live Brigitte Gabriel!  Her organization website is Act for America:


Mark Steyn Quote - No Reality


Canadian J. Philippe Rushton is a professor psychology at Western Ontario U.  He is famous (infamous?) for writing the book “Race, Evolution, and Behavior”.
The subject of race combined with IQ is a potent mixture.  Add to that a whole world analysis, it leads to interesting (perhaps verboten?) viewing.
Extremely educational.
Here he presents at American Renaissance in 2000:

A more recent presentation from January 2008:

Dr. John Philippe Rushton has had to fight a concerted effort from the left / progressive forces to speak his mind and publish his work.
He has not been refuted but attacked as only the left can do it.
There is a “debate” on YouTube where Dr. Rushton presents his ideas and David Suzuki trash talks his leftist fascist face off, but can’t (won’t) refute Dr. Rushton’s data OR analysis.  Something to smoke in your pipe other than the catnip you’ve been using.


This week Joe and I traveled to Phoenix AZ and drove to Blaine WA.
We arrived in Phoenix at midnight.  It was 99°F.
The weather was wonderful all the way to Vancouver.
Then it was cloudy, cool, wind.
OH! Canada…..

Joe (sunburned) Mekanic
p.s.  Ramirez for president….

Ramirez - James Comey

Ramirez - Tear Down This Wall

Ramirez - Bernie Endorse Clinton

Ramirez - Ruth Ginsburg

Ramirez - France


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