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Quote ‘o the Week
“There is not a truth existing that I fear or would wish unknown to the whole world” – Thomas Jefferson

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Joe’s Modus
'I am becoming a jerk. Get a memo to all departments.'

Summertime Chow-down
One essential this time of year is BBQ.
Honesty first, outdoor cooking is great any time at all.
Joe loves cold beer and whatever is on the grill.  I, of course, drink a few with him – it’s only civilized.
While cruising the Intertubes early one morning, we stumbled across the BBQ Pit Boys, and enjoyed some virtual mouth-watering moments, grinning at the running commentary and interesting recipes.  Here’s a good one – pork bellies.  I don’t know where in town to procure such a cut, but we are on it like white on rice.  Amazing looking result.  I swear I could smell it, could taste the crackling, and drooled all over my bib:

Truly, if your particular flavour of religion boycotts swine, you are missing a tongue and tooth dance out of this world.  Long live Porky!
If your religion also identifies dogs as the spawn of the devil (or some such rubbish), it is another crime against your humanity.  Joe and I always had a dog around as a youngster – dogs and kids are a natural partnership.  As a consequence, we don’t eat dog.  There are plenty of videos on YouTube about cooking dog, but we can’t stomach to watch.  The BBQ Pit Boys don’t cook dog.  Their website has plenty of recipes for the North American meat eating omnivore.  Very entertaining.

Crime vs Criminals
The mixing pot of ethnicity, culture, “race”, and all things different can and is rationalized via data.
Some data that is suppressed involves black, white, latino, and others committing violent crime against same and others (not including murder).
The data indicates that black violent offenders are proportionately skewed.  The article is here.  A few charts from the article –
White Offenders
Black Offenders
Hispanic Offenders



Baseball Hits Bird

Alinskys Rules for Radicals

Choose Shampoo

Progressive Failures

Full of Potassium

Smell Fear

Germ Relationships

History Repeated


Illegal Not a Race

Nice Rye


'A dynamite sales idea, Lou.  I'm just sorry I have to notify the police.'
‘A dynamite sales idea, Lou. I’m just sorry I have to notify the police.’

Sanger - Clinton Quotes

Unique View

Whiny People



The Decline of America
Mark Steyn has a few words about the complacency of reactions to an American Supreme Court going AWOL (making politically motivated decisions).

Thanks Mom and Dad
The traditional family unit has been taking flak for being a heterosexual partnership of one man, one woman, and the promise of children for the fortunate.  This ancient arrangement is under attack by the LGBT (hold the lettuce and mayo) cartel.  The evidence of bias on the side of the perverts is now available for all to see at the United Nations!  The United States and the UK among others VOTED AGAINST A PRO-FAMILY RESOLUTION.
The resolution was passed without the USA or UK.  What is this world coming to when the core of Western culture is being dismantled?
Meanwhile, in Russia, the annual Day of Family, Love, and Fidelity created this flag in answer to same sex marriage.
Russian Family Flag
Joe and I are for the most part “theoretical” libertarian.  The argument from the LGBT (hold the mayo) crowd has some merit, but it is not a “zero sum” endeavour. It is not necessary to destroy the traditional family to promote the same sex “agenda”, whatever that might entail.  As Libertarians (at heart), we believe in unlimited freedom for the individual PROVIDED NO HARM COMES TO ANYONE ELSE as a result of person’s exercising that freedom.  That’s where the “theoretical” and (at heart) limiters are invoked.  We are not convinced that no harm comes to others, nor are we convinced that the same sex “agenda” has merit to stand alone.  We suspect they need to “piggyback” (pardon any potential pun) on a legitimate, legal, successful, accepted reality in order to don the cloak of respectability, unearned.

Thomas Sowell has several books which address the myth of multicultural paradise.  Here he speaks with Peter Robinson on the reality of multiculturalism:

Soft Tyranny
Ayn Rand Quote - Ideology



Ayn Rand Quote - Totalitarianism


Ayaan Hirsi Ali is a heroine to Joe and me.  Here she discusses her philosophy and writings with Steve Paikin of TVO.  Joe and I are not fans of Mr. Paikin.  He does a decent job with Ms. Ali, allowing her to express her ideas fully.  He does ask a number of uninformed questions:



The lecture from the podium is not a lecture.  It is a discussion with Sam Harris from June 15th this year:



Hot sunny weather is NOT boring.  After dark tonight (Sunday) it rained.  Tomorrow sunny and very warm.  Perfect!
Hot Outside


Joe (!) Mekanic
p.s.  Ramirez is always hot – from Investor’s Business Daily


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