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Three Stages of Life
Joe’s Comment – Whomever created this graphic is a master at understatement.  Summer should be fun in the sun, not wackjobs with weapons acting out on innocent folks.  Some sanity about now would be appreciated.  Until it arrives, we’ll go with humor.
Let’s start with children.
We have a 5 year old grandson living with us.
He is amazing.  Anyone who believes that gender differences are “environmental” is full of shit.  Rourke is a cross between Calvin and Dennis the Menace, full of energy, a totally kinetic learner.
We are being reminded of the blessing, the privilege, the totally exhilarating exhausting experience of living with a youngster.
Here are a few cartoons which capture the essence –
Children - Alarm Clock

Children - Boops

Children - Politician

Children - Quiet
Much more at this link.
A final image to instigate reflection –
Cows Say Moo

4th of July
The United States of America has had another birthday!
How many more before it is no longer the beacon of light for the world?
What will rise from the ruins?
The current plague of “professional” politicians beg the image of hyenas savagely tearing away at a noble beast…… but that is for another discussion on a different day.
Joe and I pine for the U.S. of A. we first met and loved as a young man.
Perhaps we saw it at the nadir of post-war boom in the ’60’s and ’70’s.
Either way, Happy Birthday!  We love you still…..
Happy 4th

Nigel Farage
This is how it is done.
Nigel Farage has resigned as head of UKIP, having done what he promised to do.
Shades of George Washington, wot?

A classic example of Nigel Farage doing what he does best:

Joe and I will miss Mr. Farage, we’ll miss his direct and honest representation of his native land.  Thank you, sir!

Brexit Redoux
The outraged ponces of the left cannot swallow the result of the referendum.
They simply cannot.
Marching in the street, shouting and screaming, crying it ain’t fair!
“Generation Snowflake” is fascist.  Waiting for someone, somewhere, to explain to us (again) how fascism is “extreme right” thinking.  Never was, never will be….
Paul Joseph Watson has an opinion that cuts to the quick:

Pat Condell
Mr. Condell adds his perspective about the Brexit leave vote:

A Warning
Joe and I believe that Daniel Hannan is as close to a prophet as can be found.
Here he talks to Peter Robinson of the Heritage Foundation about the exceptional nature of the United States of America while discussing his book “A New Road to Serfdom: A Letter of Warning to America”.
Note that this interview dates back to 2010.
More than relevant now:

Hillarious Clit-one
Joe and I are as close to appalled as dirt is to mud.
The FBI chief James Comey spent 15 minutes making the case to burn Rodent Thunderthighs at the stake, then reversed direction for a minute and a half to let her loose.
After her hasbeen huckster Bill met with the AJ while BOTH OF THEM ARE UNDER INVESTIGATION!!!!!!!
WTFDIT?  (What the fuck does it take?)
The speculation is she would have to murder the Pope and be caught red-handed before the law could stick ANYTHING to this teflon-coated amoral poor excuse for a woman.
Joe and I have less and less respect for ANY of the U.S. government agencies, branches, political parties, intelligence of the masses, the wheels on the bus, and the color red.
Which we are seeing at present.
A more focused and logical analysis from Stefan Molyneaux:

Time is sometimes like sunshine – the best disinfectant.  The following video is Trey Gowdy asking questions of James Comey regarding the miscarriage of justice (my and Joe’s opinion).  Trey da man!:

Much more on YouTube.
This all begs the question – how much misfeasance is enough?
Are “We the People” even here anymore?
What does a crooked politician  have to do to actually be charged?

Three Fingers (of Red Eye)
The Founding Fathers had many ways of dealing with the vagaries of life.
Alcohol consumption being one of them.
According to this article, the good folks of early America imbibed more than just during occasions –
In 1790, United States government figures showed that annual per-capita alcohol consumption for everybody over fifteen amounted to thirty-four gallons of beer and cider, five gallons of distilled spirits, and one gallon of wine.”
Seems like a lot.
When compared to today’s totals, however, not much has changed.

Getting Old
What more can we say?
Tiger Getting Old


Lots of politics and politicians in this week’s rant.  They REALLY piss me off.  Joe says whatever…..

13 Pounds to Go

Big Ass Mistake

Women Starve to Death

Blow Them to Pieces

X Always 10

Dem-lick Manoeuver

Dog Kit

Yappy Immigration Policy

Democrats Are Funny

Know the Connection

Lois Lerner Takes the Fifth

Media Deception

Murdered By Immigration

No Contest

Printer's Down

Saws All

Short Hillary Speech



The Same People

What Americans Won't Do



Friedrich Hayek Quote - Equality

Hitchens Quote - Islamophobia

Henry Hazlitt Quote - Private Sector


Thomas Sowell Quote - First Woman President

William S Burroughs Quote - Guns



Alcohol In Space



Family Values

High School Shooting Range

Predator Thinking Twice

Who Banned Guns



Geert Wilders reviews the case of Islam in Western culture:

All Radical Muslims

Bombers Were Muslims

Civilization vs Islam

Religion of Death



The following video is for grown-ups ONLY.
Not the grown-up of today, but of yesteryear, perhaps many, many yesteryears.
The adult type of grown-up who can objectively analyze facts and data, can understand AND determine the difference between “causality” and “correlation”.
The information in this video is the culmination of many years of experience, study, and analysis by Jared Taylor, editor of American Renaissance, president of New Century Foundation.
It is very difficult if not impossible to have an honest conversation about race.
The data analysis of crime (The Color of Crime) has been included in this rant previously.
Stefan Molyneux converses with Jared Taylor for your edification:

The companion video is Stefan Molyneux analyzing the causes of crime

Rounding out this week’s sermon is the following graph from Linda Gottfredson, showing the relative IQ of the American population –
Linda Gottfredson IQ Chart

Previous Sunday Rants have featured the same / similar material.
Joe and I believe that knowledge, data, analysis, discussion ultimately lead to truth…..
This painting was completed by Francois Lemoyne in 1737 (one day before his suicide).
The title is “Time Saving Truth from Falsehood and Envy” –
Time Saving Truth - Francois L

Truth Always Comes Out



This week in Vernon has been a continuation of unsettled weather featuring rain (every day), cloud, wind, high wind, chilly temperatures, and the odd moment of sunshine usually in the late afternoon.
Ou sont l’ete? is our rhetoric of the month…..
Meanwhile, the amount of time spent on the Internet increased this week because of the weather.
What a correlation……

Joe (Lazy) Mekanic
p.s.  Ramirez is still prolific AND relevant –

Ramirez - 4th

Ramirez - Couldn't Prove It

Ramirez - Hillary Oval Office Rug

Ramirez - Lives Matter

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