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Joe’s Comment – Duddly embodied the true Canadian male spirit.
Happy Canada Day all y’all!  Be good Duddlys.  And Duddliettes.

Canada Day
Joe and I thought it pertinent to reflect on what it means to be Canadian.
Wait a minute!
It’s a holiday.
We are taking the weekend off.
In our absence, Faith Goldy and Stefan Molyneux will reflect on Canada Day for our edification, education, shock, and amusement.
This isn’t the Canada that I grew up in and love.
Joe says be vocal, but don’t get arrested:

Nature Boy
I received an interesting email from Daniel J. that was critical of the use of innoculation / vaccination of beef livestock.  It didn’t sit well with me.
Joe found it full of logical fallacies.  It included 10 “self evident truths” that were far from evident or truth.
Joe and I thought it was time to reiterate our position on this volatile public health subject.
Because we are animals (maybe even human) we stretched the argument.  Here is our response…..
An interesting article that you would be right assuming I don’t agree.
Seeing as people are animals (I’ve met some), I’m going to offer some thoughts replacing animals with people in the above argument.  The 10 points are fraught with logical fallacies (as an exercise, here’s a link to the most common logical fallacies:  – simply put your mouse pointer on each of the 24 icons to see a definition – see how many you can identify in the 10 points).
As preamble, my position has always been “au naturel” first.
Or in Anglaise, “as intended”.
What is the intended path for any living thing?
I do not (at age 68 years) take any “medication” or prescriptive remedy for anything physical.
Does that mean I’m “healthy”?
Does it mean I’m “optimized” for my intended path?
Who defines medication and how are the criteria established?
E.g. I don’t use coconut oil.  But, I can find a website that insists if I don’t I will suffer less than perfect “health”.  With a little more searching, I can find a website that maintains coconut oil isn’t a “healthy” food at all.
When white men first attempted living in malarial environs (Africa especially), some bright chap somewhere somehow discovered quinine was effective in treating malaria (  ).  In India the British Colonials didn’t favor the taste of tonic (which has quinine), which prompted the invention of “gin and tonic”, a terrific summer drink the Drover enjoys to this day.
Is taking quinine as an anti-malarial “au naturel”?
Should all malaria infected people be untreated because it is not “as intended”?
Must Drover stop drinking gin and tonic?

Please say it isn’t so….

Who are all these busy-bodies so consumed with telling me how to live, what to eat, how to think, telling me “to be all you can be”?
For what purpose would a “perfect Drover” be created?
From the perspective of the WHO (World Health Organization) is the Drover simply another herd animal?
I’m going to rant on that subject for a while.
Drover as “farm animal”, raised for a purpose.

As a human (a gross assumption made for the purpose of argument), I appreciate the hard work and amazing discoveries great men (and women) of science have made in revealing the intricate workings of life on planet Earth.
Indeed, I have benefited personally.  Wouldn’t be here to tell the tale without the immunization I received.  Some of my not so long lived relatives didn’t have the benefit – they died young with polio, scarlet fever, tuberculosis.  Just a few generations ago in my paternal family tree the number of young and early deaths is tragic.
I am aghast to know there are people who would deny me or my offspring our life based on an hypotheses.  Why do I say hypothesis?  Because an hypothesis assumes a known outcome without proof.

That would be real “Christian” of you.

It wouldn’t be Science.
The progress of medicine made in the last two centuries is astounding.
The distance still to travel is Herculean.
There are thousands of bright minds working on the task.
And what are “the people” and “the government” doing to aide this overwhelming challenge?
The ignorant / uninformed people are marching around with preposterous prognosis posters on a stick.  That’s not science!
The government is making decisions based on the whims of lawyers and ex-teachers.  DoG help us all…… for that’s not science!
Take number 7 in the list – “Nature bats last.”  That is inane as a metaphor.
Nature is not conscious nor cognizant nor organized as a “team”.
Nature is not an arbiter: if anything Nature is the Enemy.
Neil Young sang “rust never sleeps”, which is an appropriate analogy.
I choose the scientific method.  I choose experimentation.  I choose genetic engineering.  I choose the path which conquers Nature.  Nature, for the most part, sucks the big one…..
For the sake of argument, what is an “acceptable” collateral damage value in this “Natural” world?
Here are some statistics for you to ponder  (  ):
–  United States maternal death rate at birth is 9.1 per 100,000 (worst case South Sudan – 2,054 per 100,000)
–  United States infant mortality rate (1st year of life) 581 per 100,000  (worst case Afghanistan – 11,500 per 100,000)
–  World wide infant mortality (under 5 years) 4,300 per 100,000 (WHO statistic)
–  World wide birth defects (child survives but has serious genetic / partially genetic caused defects) – 6,000 per 100,000)
These statistics are “Nature” fucking around.  Darwin’s “natural selection”.  DoG’s genetic casino. 

Look there!  A little inbred girl with 10 toes on each foot!  How cute!  Patau Syndrome ( ) – a “defect” of chromosome 13 –


​​Over there!  A boy born with most of his brain missing…. not so cute.  Noah Wall was born with only 2% of his brain intact due to “hydrocephalus”.  His x-ray at birth (left) compared with 4 years (right).  He is growing a brain!  (  )  (  )
How about Jaxon Buell?  Born without most of his brain (only 20%), but a different abnormality, “anencephaly”, which mutates the normal formation of a skull (  )
​Jaxon has defied all medical prognosis.  He is three years old and slowly developing.  His parents are the strongest willed people I could imagine (  )
So what is the point of my rant?
DNA isn’t conscious.  Genes don’t have a fucking clue as to what they are doing.  “Life” is a mindless force waging war against the environment, itself, and other life forms.  There is no “intention” or direction or objective, other than be “alive” or die in the attempt.
Back to vaccination.
The enemy is NOT us.
The enemy is all those competitive life forms which consider us to be a medium or feast or both.
The possibility that vaccines could be miss-used?  No contest in my mind.  Humans are flawed.
The possibility that vaccines might have long term effects?  Again, no contest.  History is replete with examples of good intentions leading to hellish realities.
The theory that no vaccine is a long term “solution”?  Agreed, but the problem is not that simple!  “Nature” is not resting on it’s laurels waiting for Godot, not waiting for “last bat”.  “Nature” is perpetually concocting new combinations and permutations for no cognizant reason. 
Therefore, stop immunization via vaccine?  No way Jose.  Don’t be fucking insane.  It is what your body does with a better statistical chance of success.
Success is measured in survival, in progeny.
No offspring = end of the trail.
It is the nature of the beast(ies).
“All things bright and beautiful,
All creatures great and small,
All things wise and wonderful,
The Lord God made them all…..” – Cecil Francis Alexander (six more verses follow – we sang it in Sunday School)

Damn scary for me.

QueryIf the “apocalyptic” germ or virus or disease that kills ALL before it manifests, will humanity just lie down and take it, saying it is prophesy, it is written, it is “as intended”?
AnswerScrew all that noise!  Not in the Western culture’s vocabulary.
Western humanity will say “says who?” and do what is necessary to survive.  You can bet everything on that response. 
We humans have one large advantage over Nature.
We humans are conscious.
The Drover has an “as intended” path.
It is to think. 
I think I’ll have a gin and tonic.

D de D in sunny V

Intellectual Froglegs
Joe Dan Gorman excellence:



Dr. Jordan Peterson again this week.
His subject is “Postmodernism and the Mask of Compassion”.
This discussion was conducted at Harvard U. in April of 2017.
The presence of “protestors” made for a semi-hostile environment for Dr. Peterson.  As usual, Dr. Peterson delivers the goods:



This week in Vernon has been A – OK.
Lots of sun, lots of heat, lots of beer.
Takes the sting out of the fact the days are getting shorter…..

Joe (browning) Mekanic
p.s.  Ramirez can work in this heat –

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