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Stupid and Bad Decision
Joe’s Comment – Guilty as charged!  Resuming regular programming now……

July 1st
Joe and I are citizens of Canada.
There…..  We said it.
Proud?  Strong?  Free?  Honorable?  Moral?
You judge.
We aren’t fans of the flag though.  Our choice is to honor history –
Red Ensign
More quick and lite info on the flag here.
The “Great Canadian Flag Debate” here.
Joe and I (and the 35 other folks in my head) take the time to think about the quality of life we experience and how that came about.

Joe and I over the years have removed destinations around the world from our wish list / bucket list.
Varied and various reasons, some vital, some trivial.
We have re-listed the United Kingdom, specifically England, as a possible destination.
The appearance of a spine with the referendum.
Two terrific documentaries about the European Union fully worth the time investment.
Hail Britania!

Nigel Farage
Joe and I have been watching (and enjoying) Mr. Farage for almost 10 years.
The Brexit result is a project Nigel Farage has stewarded over the last 20 years.
This video clip is his first address to the EU “parliament” since the referendum.
Much booing and hissing.
He sparkles as usual…

Right Angle
Bill Whittle, Steven Greene, and Scott Ott chime in regard to the Brexit referendum.
Sometimes the obvious is overlooked because of familiarity with what we think is so and what we think cannot change.
The expression is “imitation is the most sincere form of flattery”.
Faith in “We the People” is not always misplaced.  Joe and I agree, with the following caveat – We the People must first speak English.

Intellectual Froglegs
Joe Dan Gorman comments on Brexit.  And a number of subjects dear to our hearts:

Brexit Humor
Joe and I found a very large number of good ones.
Here are some of them –
EU - Why Are You Leaving Me

Ramirez - Brexit

Without England


Obedient UK


Ayaan Hirsi Ali
One of our heroines.The refreshing presentation style that Ayaan Hisi Ali adopts inspires Joe and I – she presents her argument clearly, concisely, calmly, and rationally.
The answer to the question as she poses it is a theme we are currently supporting.

Famous Folks Quiz
Joe and I came late to the study of history.
As a youngster, we ignored most everything in the “pursuit of happiness”.
That’s what we called doing whatever the hell we wanted, and damn the torpedoes.
We were somewhat pleased and gratified to have answered 20 out of 20 questions about historical figures.
Take the quiz here.
Your results may vary.


Smart Lemonade

Menstrual Cycle Faces

Why Not Mexico

Hillary Experience Too

A No

Construction Congestion

Crime Will Go Away

Democrat Logic

Imagine a Time When

Larry the Lawyer

Lynch and Godfather

Motto of the Country


Jefferson Davis Quote - Truth

Overlapping Sets

Secede Texas


The transistor has been a viable technical product for over 50 years.  The first “practical” transistors assembled in 1948 were the fulmination of a theory first presented in 1928 – a short history here.
Gallium was the first practical semiconductor substrate, followed by silicon.
Since that beginning many other materials have been explored as potential semiconductor components.
One of the most promising possibles is diamond.
The problem is the theory suggests great advantages, but the technology does not exist to economically, practically, or realistically build these devices.
Here is a table of properties for common semiconductor materials, compared with diamond –
Semiconductor Properties
The dawn of diamond substrate semiconductor devices may be nigh.  Check it out here.


1973 Student and Teacher Guard School

Eat Some Bacon



Nonie Darwish is one of the rare ex-Muslim women who speak out about Islam.

Joe and I don’t like to hear about the “Golden Age” of Islam.
We don’t think there was one.  Fancy that, Golden Age deniers.Our belief is that the Islamic faith has destroyed more beauty, more advanced culture, more wisdom, and more gifted people than it has ever created.
By an exponential number.
Here is Sam Harris with his short concise assessment of the lie of an Islamic golden age:

Final word to Christopher Hitchens (dead now for 3 years).
If logic, observation, and evidence do not sway you, you are a believer:

Attacks per Idiology



Douglas Murray is an English pundit and author who has been consistently defending free speech, criticizing Islam, promoting tolerance, and generally being a fly in the “politically correct” ointment of the progressive jackboot elite.  Here is a lovely compilation of some arguments presented by Mr. Murray in various settings and venues:


This week in Vernon has been weathery.
Rain, cloud, wind, some sun, some warm, very little hot.
Maybe summer will show up sometime soon.
Is it greedy to want 100°F every single day?
Rain only after the sun goes down?
Only in our dreams……….

Joe (Yo-yo) Mekanic
p.s.  Ramirez is diamonds –

Ramirez - Ban Airports

Ramirez - De-evolution

Ramirez - Target Acquired


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