Sunday Rant – 2622


Joe’s Comment – What a wonderful quote!  It makes me smile and smirk at the same time…..
There is a point in everyone where self awareness is eclipsed by reaction.
Which begs a question – is it a “fight or flight” response?
Or is it habitual training that submerges into the subconscious mind?
Or is the above quote completely innocent of irony?
Here’s another example –
The vagary of social intercourse.
Humans will be human.


Quick Dick McDick
Saskatchewan’s farmer ambassador gives a tutorial on planting seed.
Joe and I are amazed how farm equipment has progressed since we operated a McCormick tractor pulling a weed bar back in 1963 on our summer vacation.
Our uncle’s farm in Saskatchewan was grain only.
For two weeks we got up with the sun and went about tending to the crops until sunset.
Joe and I pulled a weeder all de doo dah day, across fallow fields.
This kept the weed invasion under control until the field was seeded with a new crop, either that year or next.
We got stuck in boggy areas more than once.
We still remember being permitted the opportunity to drive the very old Fargo grain truck to the elevator one trip.
Fond memories!
Enough of our reminiscing.
Here’s QDMcD in what appears to be a one man operation, seeding 10 times more acreage in one day than my uncle owned!
Lots of specialized equipment that costs lots and lots of bushels of oats:


COVID Crapola

–  Dr. Clare Craig Exposes How Pfizer Twisted Their Clinical Trial Data for Young Children:

–  Wow: 1 Week of New Vaccine Studies Blows Things WIDE Open

Vitamin D3
Ivor Cummins analyzes data associated with COVID reaction vs vitamin D3.
The video is viewable here.
For some reason, odysee embedded links do NOT work, other than to produce a lovely gray or grey box.
Well done WordPress!

–  Pfizer Vaccine Impairs Sperm Count: Conspiracy Theorists Were Right




Joe’s Garage

My Zero Carb Life
Kelly Hogan has an incredible story.
Her struggle with weight and illness caused by improper human diet is an inspirational story with a very happy ending.
In the following video, Ms. Hogan is interviewed by Dr. Anthony Chaffee, another advocate of low carb eating.
Joe and I like them both.
They are upbeat, assertive, dedicated, and determined to spread the news about low carb, high fat, zero sugar nutrition.
A great discussion:

The Universe
What in the world is the Universe doing?
The two “facts”, that the Universe is 14+ billion years old, but 92 billion light years wide, seem a contradiction.
Dr. Don Lincoln will now make it all make sense:

A Perspective on Socialism
The government busybodies constantly overlook the automobile industry.
One of the latest suggestions is that the “back yard mechanic” will be no more – that all vehicles will be repaired by “trained and licensed professionals”.
Joe and I think that will not work.
Any fool can imagine government coercion intruding into any sphere of human interest or activity to the detriment of those pursuits.
We stumbled onto this short video of Jordan Peterson, Dave Rubin, and John Anderson (former Australian PM) having a conversation about the intrusions of socialism into society, government, and thinking:





This Sunday Sermon features our favorite historian, Victor Davis Hanson.
Steven Edginton from The Telegraph talks past, present, and possible future of the West and the United States.
Joe and I appreciate the breadth and scope of Dr. Hanson’s knowledge of history and his understanding of current events.
Always informative and entertaining.
Happy Sunday!:


This week in Vernon BC started nasty.
Monday to Wednesday was rain.
Thursday and Friday the rain took the night shift – the days were OK.
Heaven on earth for Saturday and Sunday.
The glorious Sun was out and the clouds beat a hasty retreat.
This is why Joe and I moved here damn near 50 years ago.
Even though the Solstice is passed and the days are getting shorter (Joe is mourning the daylight diminishing), Summer has arrived.
And not a minute too early!
We have kept a rough count – 91 days with rain at some time every cotton-pickin’ one of them.
Saturday broke the uninterrupted chain.
Joe swears if he hears one more person say we needed the rain, or we don’t want forest fires, do we? – he’ll start ranting out loud.
Rain doesn’t prevent forest fires.
It can provide limited damping, but a good forest fire with a head of steam don’t heed no stinkin’ rain!
We digress.
Joe says we will be pleased with a summer with few clouds, no rain, and plenty of three digit temperatures (Fahrenheit).
After all, Winter is on its way.

Joe (grinning) Mekanic
p.s.  Ramirez soldiers on, highlighting the Democrat meltdown(s) –




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