Sunday Rant – 2619


Joe’s Comment – A good theory is a thing of beauty!
Something about the above theory smacks of Yogi Berra.
As the great man once said, “If you ask me anything I don’t know, I’m not going to answer you”.
I’ll need luck figuring out what smarter might be…..


Conrad Black
A Canadian twofer.
Joe and I enjoyed this conversation between Mark Steyn and Conrad Black.
Mr. Black’s new book, “The Canadian Manifesto”, is on our buy list.
Wit, humor, incredible insight, century spanning perspective, fact vs fiction.
Past, present, future, and many many what ifs.
Fantastic personalities, great banter, excellent interview.
An eclectic walk through the life of Canada and it’s place in the world (real or imagined or speculative):


Home Depot
Neil Cavuto (Fox Business Network) has a short discussion with Bernie Marcus and Ken Langone, the co-founders of Home Depot.
America is an amazing frame of mind:


Subconscious Mind
Joe and I often wonder where we have disconnected our cerebellum from our cerebrum and can’t re-connect or reverse decipher a sequence of thoughts and actions to ascertain what the hell happened.
Specifically, to be conscious of what we’ve done, exactly.
For instance, this week we purchased two “paint pens” for marking various surfaces with a semi-permanent paint mark.  When we got home, we purposely put the pens in two different locations, scheming against our self (due to previous performance) to ensure we can always find one of them when we need one.
Net result?
We can’t find either one.
When we broadened the search, we found one, but from an earlier purchase.
One that we couldn’t find, so we went out and bought two new pens.
To this day, Sunday, the two new pens are missing.
The following video from TopThink waxes breathlessly about the astounding abilities of the human mind.
Joe and I watched, learned, are amazed.
But….. we still can’t find those two new pens:

Plenty more brain food at TopThink.


Bad Google, Bad!
Joe and I have been using Google for almost as long as it has been available.
It truly was (and is) an incredible program for search and find.
Apparently, too good a program to not interfere.
For those who cannot resist the urge to control masses of people in what they see, what they hear, Google is a subtle and nefarious tool.
Project Veritas has an alarming interview with a Google employee “blowing the whistle” on the political misuse of the platform.
Ironically, but not incomprehensible, the video can’t be viewed on YoubeTube, which is owned by Google.
Go figure.
The tools are available and are being used to create a modern version of George Orwell’s “1984”.  It is happening.  It is inevitable.  It is ALMOST invisible.
Can’t post the video.
You can view it here:
Joe and I are frightened.
Very frightened.
We no longer use Google as our primary search engine.
Currently, we are using DuckDuckGo.
We are also in the process of moving our primary email to Proton.
Much like the assholes who pretend for a living suddenly thinking they know how to govern the masses (we’re talking Hollywood Movie Stars™ here), the brilliant minds who create incredible software are also letting power corrupt their innocuousness.
They simply have no right to manipulate you.
Seems to be a by-product of human nature, of human existence.
Can’t leave well enough alone.
What can a powerless mook, a simple citizen, a dirt person do?
Joe and I are all ears (except for the other bits)….
Why, exercise your (still available) choice by refusing to ignore the bad because the good part of the bad is so easy and comfortable and familiar.
Tell all.  That was good advice given to a young Joe by Ms. E. Thrasher (English teacher, grade 7) way back in the mid ’60’s.  It is excellent advice today in the year of our Lord 2019.  If you are not telling the truth by telling all, the truth will out and you can change your story, your action(s), your life.
Find alternatives to the bad guys to provide the good stuff.
DuckDuckGo is a search engine that we prefer.
A list of the “top 10 Search Engines“.
The bad guys are relying on your inherently lazy ass to complain but do nothing.
Joe says if you could measure whining versus action, it would be a million to one ratio.
I’m not an optimist like Joe: the real ratio must be billions to one.
“Somebody should do something” is a cop-out.
YOU SHOULD DO SOMETHING is the correct, logical, moral, virtuous, and ethical response.
Otherwise, how do you sleep at night (see the “Subconscious Mind” video above)?
So, get doing something.


Joe’s Garage
Private Border Wall Update

Joe and I were very impressed with the American grass roots border wall funding and construction on private property.
Here is an update featuring Steve Bannon of the wall built in El Paso:

A video from Fisher Industries, the construction firm that built the wall:




Way back in time, Sunday Rant – 3518, Nina Teicholz delivered the Sunday Sermon.
The subject was based on her book, “The Big Fat Surprise”, published in 2014.
The book is an exposé of the government food guidelines, how they were established, and their nutritional and scientific validity.
Spoiler: if you didn’t read the book or watch her presentation, the gubbermint is full of shit.  High carb, high sugar, low protein, low fat shit.
This week’s sermon is a more recent presentation from May of 2019, given in Australia:

A longer detailed presentation from April 2019:

Watching Ms. Teicholz’s videos a year ago changed Joe and my life.
We have lost 60 pounds since July 23rd, 2018.
Our experience leads us to believe each person has a unique diet requirement for perfect nutrition.
Only experimentation, trial (and error), data collection, and analysis can deliver that result.
Or a result that approximates the best diet possible for YOU.
The government can focus on it’s navel; it would fuck up that simple task.



This week in Vernon BC has had a variety of late spring early summer weather.
A thunder and lightening storm.
Torrential rain, but not for long.
Wind, but not for long.
Lots of sun, for long!
We are happy.
May it last ’til January 1st, 2020.


Joe (groovin’) Mekanic
p.s.  Ramirez in any weather –

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