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Joe’s Comment – An excellent comment on Man-Made Law vs Natural Order (law).  Unlike Natural Order, Man-Made Law can demand the impossible without the objection of reality embarrassing the authorities.
In an homogeneous society, everyone knows that everyone knows.
In a multicultural “paradise”, where “diversity” is “celebrated”, not everyone knows, nor do they know that everyone knows.
Indeed, the few suppress the many if Man-Made Law runs rampant, hand in hand with political correctness.  A form of defying gravity…..

They Say It’s Your Magna Carta Birthday!

June 15th, 1215, King John of England put his seal to the Magna Carta.
In the short term, the unsteady truce between John and the Barons who coerced him to sign it did not last.
King John petitioned Pope Innocent III less than a month later to have the agreement annulled.  Innocent III (not so innocent says Joe) complied: by papal bull, the Magna Carta was declared “null and void of validity forever” on August 24th, 1215.
Some legs, hey?  Two months and 9 days…..
Civil war between King John and the English Barons followed, until John died.  His successor, Henry III was 9 years old when he ascended the throne.  In 1216 Henry issued a revised Magna Carta to regain the support of the Barons.  In 1217 further revisions were made when the French army (used by King John to fight the English Barons) was expelled from England.
When Henry reached 18 years of age (Joe says that was an accomplishment in itself!) he issued a much revised Magna Carta in 1225.  This is the version that became an English statute under King Edward I in 1297; that is, became part of English law.
Essentially, nothing of the original Magna Carta is alive today in English law.
What is the big deal about the original Magna Carta?
Joe offers a metaphor.  Observe the following –
Original Magna Carta –

Law library –

The Magna Carta was instrumental in establishing an idea.  Although the original document has little legal value today, the idea of defining law for all citizens (including the King!) has created a large body of legal precedent.  Joe says it is an unavoidable monster, necessitated by the nasty side of human nature.
Compare the Magna Carta to the Flyer, first flight December 17th, 1903 –

And the law library with the proposed Terminal 5 for O’Hare airport (4th busiest airport in the world 2015) –

Joe says the growth and maturation of an idea, once shared, is paramount to Pandora’s Box.  Once released, ye cannae put it haome agin.  All shared ideas have a life of their own –

Father’s Day 2017
A fantastic day for us!
We did what we wanted all day long.




Robert Spencer is a modern intellectual warrior.  He fights for Western values and standards.  His knowledge of Islam, the quran, the hadith, the surah, and the objectives of the followers of Mohammed probably exceeds the knowledge of 99% of the Muslim community.
Joe and I place Robert Spencer with Dr. Bill Warner and David Wood – brave souls willing to fight the war of ideas with Islamists on their own turf, with their own documents and history.
The following presentation from Robert Spencer is several years old.  It has information that “threads the needle” of explaining the rise of ISIS and the continuing objective of Islam to establish a world wide caliphate:



Today the pulpit is bullied by Jordan Peterson.
This intelligent coherent well-grounded man is being hounded by the “politically correct” trans-gender assholes at his university, including the administration.
Joe and I have posted presentations of his on this Rant in the past.
This presentation is from January 2017.  His focus is understanding the root causes of current political and cultural turmoil:



Weather was here this week in Vernon.
I made the mistake of leaving the front and back doors open overnight on Friday.
The damn furnace came on!!!
Lower than normal temperatures are the new norm.
Not much rain this week.
Spring is a write-off.
Maybe Summer will be worth the time.

Joe (sweater man) Mekanic
p.s.   Ramirez is independent of the weather –

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