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Joe’s Comment – This week has been a cluster of lost time and maligned effort.  In retrospect, I would have been farther ahead by behaving as the two old timers in the graphic above.  I can’t explain it away.  It wasn’t for lack of trying.
The look on my face at the end of this week is captured perfectly by the screwed image.  Oh well, what the hell!
I’ll try a new tactic this week…..



Dr. Patrick Moore
This rant will always honor the words of Dr. Patrick Moore whenever he blesses the world with another presentation.
Dr. Moore is not a “one trick pony”.
He is a rarity; a thinking man.
One thing he thinks about often is sustainable environmentalism.
This presentation is recent and a great pleasure to watch:



COVID Blah Blah

Canadian Fighters
The link to this video came from David S. (thanks muchly Dave!).
What a fresh breath of air in Oh! Canada.
The first time Joe and I have listened to Laura-Lynn Thompson and our impression of her warrants further listening, maybe even adulation.
This is the sort of information people need.
The short clip of Bill Marr, vampire of the leftist idiology, was worth the price of admission.
Also found in this one hour extravaganza is Michael J. Matt, and Dr. Reiner Fuellmich.
And the Kelowna businessman Steve Merrill, who has barred anyone from his business who wears a mask and/or has had the “vaccination” (at approx. 30:45 minutes).
Laura-Lynn is a Christian.  Not a reason to discredit her.
Joe and I say Jesus is just alright with we (Doobie Brothers reference).
We aren’t vindictive.  Well, Joe might be a bit…..
It has crossed our mind that we will not associate with those who have been vaccinated either.  Not so much an IQ test as a health risk.
Vaccined folks sloughing off those spiked proteins might compromise our personal environment:

Dr. Sucharit Bhakdi
This man is a medical doctor, a Professor Emeritus of Medical Microbiology and Immunology, Former Chair, Institute of Medical Microbiology and Hygiene.
He is in the good company of Dolores Cahill, Ivor Cummins, and many others who have been swimming upstream against the tsunami of gobbledygook pressuring everyone to take a “vaccine” that is not a vaccine.
Dr. Bhakdi has been saying so, with conviction and passion, for over a year.
Joe and I featured three interview videos with him in Sunday Rant – 5120.
He is adamant that you DO NOT “VACCINATE” CHILDREN.
If an adult person chooses to take this experimental injection after watching the good doctor explain what happens in your body, you might be a fool, but you are perfectly free to do so from our perspective.
Second time around, the attack on your veins and arteries goes through the roof.
Third time is a charm.  From the Grim Reaper.
Dr. Bhakdi believes the risk of death that accompanies a third go-around is so significant, and so obvious to a learned person, that legal action is justified.
Watch and learn:

How is a mud pecker like Joe and me going to verify this information?
The short answer is we cannot.  (Patrick Moore reference “Fake Invisible Catastrophes“).
What to do?
Look for more data.
Here is a video from Alex Pierson‘s “On Point” show, interviewing Dr. Byram Bridle, Professor of Virology at University of Guelph, Ontario, Oh! Canada.
What Dr. Byram is saying supports everything that Dr. Bhakdi says.
So tell me, Wise Ones, the world didn’t listen to Dr. Bhakdi because he’s brown?
Or because the holy dollars will stop flowing?
There are some folks that actually know their subject.
Alex Pierson takes the cake.  Or might be she is a kak.
Dr. Bridle prefaced his remarks with a serious warning.  He is a repeat interview, with credentials up the wazoo (quote from Scotty Kilmer).
He follows Ms. E. Thrasher’s advice (“Drover, tell them what you are going to tell them, tell them, then tell them what you told them”).
Dr. Bridle then proceeds to explain why babies on breast milk of “vaccinated” mothers are having internal bleeding problems, young folks may be rendered infertile, blood clotting is very possible.  Just as Dr. Bhakdi says.  And Dolorez Cahill says.  And Ivor Cummins says.  Check out the “Great Barrington Declaration” – 850,000 signatories.  Not a consensus, a warning!
Back on track.
Dr. Bridle is on air telling folks “the English are coming!” in his best Paul Revere imitation.  Or is it “Achtung!  Spitfire!”?  No matter…..
Good old Alex….. she says make it quick, I’ve got a commercial break that I can’t….. break, that is….. dollars rule (overtones of “The Ballad of Jed Clampett” and the Cathy Newman interview of Jordan Peterson).
Joe says people are strange (Doors reference).  People won’t believe what is happening until the correct people say so.
Is there any hope?:

Pharmacology 101
The challenge is to name these pills!
Joe and I don’t have a clue (we take no medications and we’re ignorant about pills in general), but we thought it appropriate to have this in the COVID segment:



Dr. Shawn Baker
The life of a cow, or beef cattle, or sheep, or chicken is finite.
The vegan warriors constantly harp about inhumane treatment of animals we raise and consume as food.
The alternative is something the VW’s don’t mention much – what if these animals had to survive in Nature™?
That, dear Watson, is un autre image.
Dr. Baker, with the help of Iowa Dairy Farmer, explain:

Farming has come a long way since Joe and I visited Grandma Winniski’s farm in Ituna SK way back when (first visit approx. 1951, second visit approx. 1957).  On her farm (no running water, no electricity, outdoor plumbing, a wood stove for cooking and heating water, one fireplace in the parlor), there were no self-propelled machines.  Hay was cut, stooked, and delivered to the hay barn by wagon or “stone boat“, then winched into the loft by hand.
Here’s a picture from family memorabilia –
A bit blurry.  That’s dad with a pitchfork filling the loft with hay.  Circa 1957.  The animals were tended by hand, and well cared for, because they provided brute strength for pulling wagons and implements, provided transportation, provided food, provided dairy.  The following video shows dairy farming on a large scale almost 70 years later.
The Iowa Dairy Farmer has automation.  The following video describes and shows how the “Lely Vector” automatic feeder mixes feed in the “kitchen” and delivers it to hungry patrons patiently waiting in air conditioned pens:

Joe and I watched closely.  We didn’t see any bovine protesters.  No signs on sticks.
What we saw was a form of herbivore Heaven.  All the yummy nutritious food you want when you want it.  Get milked when you feel the urge.  Shelter from the elements.  No noxious insects.  No horny bulls…..


Joe’s Garage

Josh Blue is a special comic.
He is funny, and up-beat, and physically disabled.
His affliction is cerebral palsy.
We laughed so hard there were tears.
The world needs more people like Josh Blue.
Not handicapped you fool, but optimistic and happy.
Here’s Josh Blue explaining how being disabled has it’s perks:

Another, because he’s so damn good:

One more.  Then it’s time to be productive:

We lied.  Best one yet:

Saw Gymnastics
Talking about special abilities, take a gander at this enterprising construction worker.
Instead of ripping one sheet at a time like a normal norb, check out this solution:

Tick Season
The Ub2b channel zefrank1 (that there is a play on words) has some marvelous and interesting videos to watch.
The following is from the “True Facts” series.
It is tick season here in the Okanagan Valley.
A humorous and disgusting video about the deadly little bastards seems apropos:



This week the sermon is delivered by our favorite historian, Victor Davis Hanson.
The subject is the declining love affair of the American public with the Democratic Party and their platform.
The number of distractions and decoys the progressive left has promulgated since the Biden Administration took over the presidency is voluminous but trivial.
Dr. Hanson reviews some of the problems facing the Democrat Party since the departure of Trump.
We The People are growing tired of ideology vs reality:




This week in Vernon BC has been a mix of everything, minus snow.
We’ve had rain and cloud.
We’ve had hot sunny days.
We’ve had some wind, too.
All in all, Spring weather.
Nice long days, cool nights.
Today is June 13th.
One more week ’til the days start getting shorter.
Joe is getting nervous……


Joe (busy) Mekanic
p.s.  Ramirez in times of chaos –

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