Sunday Rant – 2420


Joe has no comment.
It has rained every day or/and night for three weeks.
Melancholy reigns.
Gyro toppled.
Goals fading.
Desire waning.
Focus blurring.
Reflection looming.
Alice time…..


Quick Dick McDick
A Canadian treasure:


Musical Marvels
Joe and I appreciate the resonant cavity as musical instrument AND physical phenomenon.
What a delight to find some music that is also a physics lesson.
And a bottle of beer too (Joe fantasizes that bottle on the pipe is a beer with a ceramic/swivel lid – like Grolsch?).
Super plus with this video, the saxophonist is syncopated with this technically closed (at great distance) but audibly open-sounding resonating pipe:
NOTE: For some reason, this video disappeared from YoubeTube.  Joe cannot find it anywhere else, although it must be somewhere in the near infinite data warehouse virtual world – much like a memory inside yer own noggin.
The video was captioned in German.  There was a man playing a duet with himself: a large pipe line project (stretching off in the distance and over the hill) open pipe was his “time delay”.  He would play a few notes or a phrase, wait, and the pipe would reflect/echo his music.  He then went on to create some very jazzy music.  addn’l note: Joe and I are out of our depth regarding jazz.  We have no other musical category descriptor that matches.
ANOTHER NOTE:  We found it again!  On a website called “Geekology“, which is full of interesting and weird and wonderful and some bizzare, too.  We’ll leave the above NOTE, ’cause the Internet has most of the aspects and characteristics of Alice’s Wonderland.
Enjoy (until it disappears again):

What to do with a windy bluff?
Make it sing and ring:

A percussive opus by Blue Man Group titled “Drumbone” – almost 11 MILLION views – tunable resonant cavities:

One of Joe’s favorites – Annette Strean (Venus Hum) with Blue Man Group in an orgy of percussion:


Jericho Green
Mr. Green hits it on the head in this rant.
Last weekend, Chicago may have set a record.
85 people shot, 24 deaths, one weekend.
Guess how many victims were black?
Guess how many white cops shot them?
Guess how loud and long the BLM movement (sounds a bit like a bowel movement with a lisp) protested about Chicago?
Your guess is exactly as good as mine:


Not Jericho Green
This is the first “social media” this man has recorded.
Joe says the message is coming in 5 x 5.
That’s radio-talk for A-OK:

Our bad.
We forgot to say this is a black man…..


Blue Collar Logic
Dave Morrison is a white man.
He has an opinion about the latest hysteria from the “progressive left” – in quotes because it is platinum double talk that makes the George Orwell 1984 hit parade.
Progress is a wonderful word that promises improvement.
The idiots who have commandeered this word are nothing of the sort.
Joe says the old adage that “half the population is below average in intelligence” is very frightening (although statistically correct always) if the average dips below 100.
Here’s Mr. Morrison with comments about the absolutely insane events which are making a low-life black man into a political martyr.
All to what end?
Orange man bad?
Truly evil people have been part of the political elite in America for decades and decades.
DJ Trump & Co. have been at the helm for less than 4 years.
Joe says the guillotine is waiting impatiently to slake its thirst on the blood of evil ones:


Sage Advice
Chris Rock from The Chris Rock Show in the year 2000, “How Not to Get Your Ass Kicked by the Police:


Pandemic History
Joe and I have the same fatal mindset of many humans: we think that the history of existence began with our birth and (heaven forbid) ends with our demise.
It is a tragedy (in terms of history) that humans only live 4 score +/- years, for 80+/- years is but a mote in the eye (ouch!) of time.
So, humans being ingenious, devised a written language (OK, thousands of written languages), spoke but didn’t record thousands more (same link).
This way, history can be documented.
Documented history can be useful.
Useful as in valuable for risk management.
Risk management to prolong and/or assist the propagation of the species.
That’s the theory.
Alas, most humans know little history.
Alas, history written as political ideology, not as factual data rich record, can be confused with the Real Thing© (thank you, Coca-Cola™).
Or nefariously, used as propaganda.
Along comes 2020.
The boogeyman takes the form of a virus.
Various political apparati apparatuses crank up their propaganda machines.
Never let a serious crisis catastrophe emergency disaster calamity debacle cataclysm tsunami pandemic go to waste (paraphrasing Rahm Emanuel).
What does history tell us about humans vs pandemic?
Well Sparky, let’s check out the Internet!
Wait!  What’s this?
We found a terrific history channel to help us calculizate an opinion, to broaden our perspective, to infect us with data.
Indy Neidell and Spartacus Olsson of TimeGhost History come to the (historical) rescue with a brief three part history of pandemics among humans (part three is pending).
Which begs the question: do the dead and dying really give a shit about what killed or is killing them?
Joe don’t know, but the videos are very informative.
Here is part one “Pandemics Economically Worse than War”:

Here is part two “Black Death Mystery Solved – Not Bubonic Plague”:

Part three is not yet released.  Stay tuned, or click TimeGhost History link some time soon.  In the future.  Not now.  Maybe next week.
Don’t ask us ’cause we don’t know.
Jimmy crack corn…..


Joe’s Garage

Vitamin D3
In our on-going search for the perfect fuel to optimize performance of the meat robot we are, in our earnest desire to know fact from fiction, in our determination to make the Grim Reaper work extra long and extra hard to take us from this mortal coil, Joe and I continue to watch hours and hours of nutrition and care of the human body videos with the hope of gleaning some grains of truth.
About what our body actually needs and how it works.
We admit we aren’t the most logical individuals in the firmament (or here on earth for that matter).
But we know the difference between causality and confluence and correlation.
Listen to Dr. Ken Berry and Ivor Cummins discuss the importance of vitamin D3 in the human body, how much research has (and has NOT) been done on the subject, and their speculation regarding current events.
Then think your thinks about causality, confluence, and correlation.
Joe says this is important information.
I say make sure to be outside in the sunlight WITHOUT SUNBLOCK as much as you can.
And take a supplement in the winter:

The website that never stops being interesting (as F*+k) caught our interest again this week.
Some of the highlights –




This week’s sermon is an update interview with Jimmy Lai, a Hong Kong resident and democracy advocate.
Joe and I think he is on a CCP (Chinese Communist Party) hit list.  The only reason they haven’t wacked him is he is internationally known.
The interview is by Peter Robinson, a Hoover Institute “Uncommon Knowledge” production.
Mr. Lai pleads for Hong Kong involvement by the free world, especially the United States.
Joe wonders where the noble statesmen of Canada stand on the issue?:



Joe is lethargic.
Rain, rain, go away
Come again some never day
Rain, rain go away
Little Joe M. wants to play
In the back yard
In the shop
Anywhere there are no drops…..

Three weeks every day
Good grief!


Joe (quite damp) Mekanic
p.s. Ramirez is waterproof –

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