Sunday Rant – 2418


Joe’s Comment – Katherine Hepburn delivered a telling line in the movie “On Golden Pond”.  The line read something like “getting old takes courage”.
My paradigm keeps changing.  In my prime working years I was able to put in a 14 hour day with no sweat.  Today, I was all done in 5 hours.  Kaput!
Why would your memories be so fresh when you can no longer do what you remember?
The mysteries accumulate.  Ms. Hepburn has it figured –

As usual, I miscalculated the gravity of the situation –

Amen to that!


Fond Memories
Joe and I made the mistake of looking in the mirror after showering.
Good grief!:


Dennis Miller
Joe and I are large fans of Dennis Miller.
Incredibly sharp witted, balanced, well spoken.
And funny (if you can keep up with his fast-paced delivery).
He has been out of the public eye recently.
Here is a commentary from Dennis Miller on the Stuart Varney show about Robert De Niro’s melt down expletive riddled banshee wail regarding The Donald.  As usual, Dennis is concise and surgical while delivering his message in a swarm of cultural and social reference.  Try and keep up!:


Scott Adams
Joe and I are aficionados of cartooning, of cartoons.
We made a presentation at one time about the “Four Levels of Cartooning”.  We will publish it some future time in this rant.
Scott Adams is the cartoonist / originator of the cartoon strip “Dilbert”.
Mr. Adams has a unique perspective on life.
His analysis of various political topics and subjects is thought provoking.
You may balk at his homey presentation style, but take a listen to his analysis of two current events – one, Robert De Niro’s shameful outburst as dismissed by President Trump, and, two, the intelligence behind the meeting with the NORK madman Kim Jong-un.
Mr. Adams has been insisting since before Donald Trump was elected that “The Donald” is a master of persuasion.
His argument has merit:


Prager U
Dr. Jordan Peterson is teaming up with other powerful entities.
Joe and I are grinning!
This is the second (that we know) for Prager University:






Dr. Janice Fiamengo was the Sunday Sermon speaker for Rant 2218.
She is an outspoken advocate for free speech and personal responsibility.  She is a tenured English professor at the University of Ottawa.
In this episode of the Fiamengo File, she discusses “Votes for Women”.
Joe and I learned the real story of the right to vote for men AND women.
Knowledge is good:

Because many of her Fiamengo File Episodes are short and to the point, Joe decided to include another.  This is foundation knowledge for understanding the basic differences in how our culture treats men vs women:


The temperature in the house was only 62°F on Monday evening.
We had to turn the furnace on.
Ho ho ho, out in the snow….
Joe is taking it hard.
He still remembers the dark days, frozen ground, white piles of hard water.
How so Joe?
Joe says substitute “Winter” as the object addressed by the singer in this Burl Ives song for the full effect:

Today it is raining.  Again.  Still.  Just another form of snow.
Joe’s good nature takes another punch to the solar plexus.
Amendment – Saturday and Sunday some sun.  Come on Summer!


Joe (depressed) Mekanic
p.s.  thank doG for Ramirez –



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