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Learning From Mistakes
Joe’s Comment – There are many paths to learning.  This has NOTHING TO DO WITH SUCCESS.  That is another story……

Do You Know Juno?
6 June 1944 was D Day.  The spearhead of the Allied assault to reoccupy Western Europe.  Had this massive force failed in attaining a beach head in Normandy, the outcome of the Second World War would have had a different patina.
The total effort was an incredibly complex coalition of British, U.S., Canadian, and Australian troops, delivered to the shores of Normandy by the largest armada ever assembled.
The timing of the assault was a gamble with the weather.  Eisenhower had already stood down the original departure date.  He and he alone decided that June 6th was to be the best chance, and he gave the order.
We owe these brave souls our freedom.
Here is a short video of the Canadian effort, which landed on Juno Beach:

The Canadians had a tough slog, with much resistance, and ruthlessness on the part of the German 12th SS.
The German command did not think much of the Canadian soldier.  They expected to obliterate the Canadians without resistance.
To their surprise, the Canadians handed them their ass.  After hearing the Germans denigration of Canadian troops as “little fishes we will chase back into the sea”, Winston Churchill had this to say: “Some fishes”.

Nyuk, Nyuk, Nyuk
She Cried Moe

Legalize Shemp


It is the time of year when students graduate.
The Universities and Colleges of North America are producing large numbers of graduates who may or may not know the “Dirty Truth”.
The “K to 12” graduates are, likewise, continuing through the maze without a thought of destination.
Thank Zeus for the likes of Mike Rowe.  He is happy to explain.
From Prager University, “Don’t Follow Your Passion”:

Children vs Teachers
The power of a union.
The innocence and vulnerability of children.
The authority of the “State”, the education laws.
A cauldron continually fulminating no conflict, when it is obvious that there is…..
Joe and I will side with, defend, and support the children, every time.

Dimorphous Us
Joe and I have a real problem with the SJW crowd (social justice warriors), who seem determined to re-write LARGE the definition of “individual”.
Snagged from the website Ace of Spades HQ, a magnificent quote from Benny Huang-
Think of men as forks and women as spoons. Within the last hundred years or so we have come to see the two utensils as different in form and function but nonetheless a complementary matched set. But then along came the feminists who declared that spoons can do anything that forks can do! That statement isn’t technically true (and neither is its inverse) but we accepted it because every time we disputed it we were accused of hating spoons. We defended ourselves from the charge only to have our pleas fall on deaf ears.
Then came the homosexuals who decided that forks and spoons weren’t really complementary at all. Two forks or two spoons were just as good as the traditional fork-spoon combo because, in the final analysis, they’re all just tableware. This assertion was a tougher sell because most people could see that forks and spoons are inherently different. The homosexuals dismissed these substantive differences by comparing them to superficial differences such as the color of the eating utensils. So now when we sit down to eat we no longer expect to find a fork and spoon on the table and we blush with embarrassment to think that we ever did.
Then came the transgenders who proclaimed that sometimes a fork can actually be a spoon and vice versa. Looking like a fork, with all the defining characteristics of a fork, doesn’t necessarily mean that a utensil is a fork. Utensils are now free to “identify” as one or the other. Cut off the tines if that’s what it takes, or just leave them on-it doesn’t matter. From the moment the fork decides it’s a spoon that’s what it is. Each utensil’s word is final. All of us will be forced to use the fork as a spoon, to refer to it as a spoon, and to store it alongside the other spoons in the silverware drawer. If some of the other spoons don’t like it they need to get with the times.
As crazy as that sounds, we’re not done yet. The next step is to abolish the concepts of forkness and spoonness altogether. From now on we will all use sporks! Sporks are wonderful things because they’re interchangeable. No more messing around with two separate utensils when one will do the trick.
Call me old fashioned but I don’t want to eat all my meals with a spork. Sporks remind me of meals I’ve eaten at sketchy fried chicken restaurants. I want to live in a world in which all the forks are forks, all the spoons are spoons, and everyone knows the difference. They’re both beautiful in their own way and they both serve a purpose. Sporks are a lousy substitute.”
Gender politics are a last resort of desperate activists.  The political agenda?  Same as it ever was, same as it ever was………. destruction of the West……

Human nature artifact #1,583,781 – people despise other people for attributes they don’t have but desperately want.  The “haters” will hate – and will not play by the rules.

Trump Genius
The author of comic strip Dilbert is a peculiar source of feedback on Donald Trump.
Listen as Scott Adams explains what comprises the genius of Trump:

Problem?  Solution!

First Woman POTUS
Joe and I have suggested that a woman President of the U.S. would be fine.
Our argument is which one (any one but the one called Rodent Thunder Thighs).
Here is the kind of character our vote would support –
Stagecoach Mary Fields


No One Gives a Fuck

A Black President

Art eGallery

Accountability for Hillary

Superman - Shave Wife

Less Crime After Shot

Feel the Bern Venezuela

Bat Shit Crszy


Beware of the Crocs

The Huge Manatee

Blind Man Driving

Bernie's Pie In the Sky

Blinky Thing


Thanks to Ron D. for the following.  Leads one to ponder how much of the political spectrum is controlled by self interested powerful influential people.  Joe and I have an opinion on that subject….
BNSF Railroad and Keystone


Don't Drink and Drive - Texting

Good Men Stop Evil Men

Ground Troops

Make America Grate

Death From the Ankles Down

Donald Trump Ideas Dangerous

Don't Trust You Hillary

If Stupid Could Fly


Whisper WTF

Wylie Coyote



George Washington Quote - Bear Arms

HP Lovecraft Quote - Religion

James Madison Quote - Laws

JFK Quote - A Nation of Minute Men

This is the woman who founded “Planned Parenthood” – a prime example of the progressive left
Margaret Sanger Quote - Sterilization

Thomas Jefferson Quote - Self Governance




The view from the International Space Station to the Earth is the focus of this video:


A Gun Is Like a Parachute

Give Peace a Chance

Government Kills

Hillary - Guns Don't Keep Us Safe



Death to America

Islamophobic Apology



Joe and I are not fans of majority rule – (aka democracy?) – for the obvious reason the mob and the appetite of the mob is not usually the best path for the individual (or the mob!).
Yet sometimes the mob, the majority, do have valuable input and / or feedback.
What can one do, given the fervor of Western politicians for power over the masses, to reduce the damage done by “democracy”?
Professor Michael Munger (Duke University) discusses the problems and pratfalls of “Choosing In Groups”, and describes the optimum value of mob involvement:

Again, more succinctly, the difference between democracy, mob / majority rule, the desires of the individual.  Seems pretty straight forward:

If I Did Not Know

Pics Or It Didn't Happen



The furnace has come on two times during the night and early morning this week.
Gray, grey skies.
Torrential rain on Friday – flooding on the city streets, storm sewers overflowing, a foot and more of water at some intersections.
Big, fat, cold rain.
Cloudy most of the week with sunny periods.
Is summer over?  Is April all we get?  What about Bugs’ and Daffy’s dispute?
Bugs and Daffy
Stay tuned………..

Joe (soaked) Mekanic
p.s.  Ramirez is a life-raft in a sea of political madness –

Ramirez - Off the Island

Ramirez - Angry Bird

Ramirez - Building a Wall

Ramirez - Hillary

Ramirez - State of the State Department

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