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Shit, Shit, Shit
Joe’s Comment – Some days are better than others.  So it goes with weeks, months, and years.
The last week has been challenging.
Mondayest Tuesday
Shit…… shit, shit….

Nota Bene:
This Sunday rant is a denunciation of the so called “migration” of “refugees” into Europe, and North America.
Joe and I see this as a failure of Western political and intellectual elites to square reality with their ideology.  Net result?  Sacrifice of the hoi polloi.
This is not immigration or migration.
It is invasion.
Enjoy (or not) the following fruits of considerable hours of research for information, conducted principally and solely via Internet.
Note:  The posted results are NOT unbiased.  Joe and I have a standard to maintain.

Politics As Unusual
There are places in the world, countries even, which hold the concept of freedom, the reality of freedom, the possibility of freedom, in high regard.
Here in Canada, it is an assumption of status quo rather than a struggle to attain.  What was gifted by centuries of our predecessors’ blood sweat and sacrifice is expected, understood as a universal “status quo”, or not acknowledged or treasured by the citizenry.   So it seems, is it in the United States of America.
The “freedom” or “liberty” we enjoy is taken for granted.
Not so the Czech Republic.
The subject “Should We Fear Islam?” is addressed in the Czech parliament, May 18, 2016, by several speakers.
Most notable is Klára Samková’s speech, which states the case in unapologetic, apolitical starkness – Islam is a type of fascism and must be destroyed.
The video is of poor quality, as is the translation.  For a more literal and coherent summation of her speech, click the link below the video on this page:

Joe and I take this brave woman to heart.  When she states that Islam is a “monstrous ideology”, and suggests that the very existence of Islam is a criminal act, she is doing what no Canadian or American politician has the balls (or temerity?) to say.  The translation of her speech and more links to other strong-willed Czechs at “The Reference Frame” website.

Gumball Calculus
Roy Beck made the definitive statement about immigration (migration, illegal entry, adsorption, whatever) some years ago.
Time has proven Mr. Beck’s case.
It ain’t rocket science; it IS humanist compassion.
Joe and I once again post it.
Watch this video and think about what the Leftist political leaders are doing to bring Western civilization down to the level of the poorest nations.
Think about what is happening in Europe.
Reflect on the words of Klára Samková quoted above.
There is hope that rational, sane, objective minds will save our sorry ass.
A paraphrasing of Shakespeare’s Henry V is in order –
Once more unto the breach, dear friends, once more;
Or close the wall up with our WESTERN dead.
In peace there’s nothing so becomes a man
As modest stillness and humility:
But when the blast of war blows in our ears,
Then imitate the action of the tiger;…..”:

From the link above this segment, a commentor, Dan Warren, puts the overall Immigration / migration dispute to rest –
What matters most is that the USA, indeed, ALL of the Western nations, cannot allow the Leftist Ruling Class to turn their nations into the dumping grounds for the world’s poor, due to their idiotic leftist agenda of OPEN BORDERS, for the purpose of solidifying the Leftist voter base for permanent political power.
The astronomical growth of the poor populations of the world necessitates a strict immigration policy, similar to Japan’s and South Korea’s, where they allow almost NO ONE to immigrate to and become citizens of their nation, unless they are Japanese or Korean descended.
That may sound nonsensical to an American ear, but the gist of it is that NO NATION will be able to survive the desperate (or simply greedy) desires of the poor to escape the third world and get into the West, as the population and poverty mounts across the third world, in response to the opportunity of the Left’s policies of easy immigration to the West.
Africa will have four billion people in a few decades, as just one example of rapid, unsustainable population growth of the poor of the world.
How can any western nation preserve it’s ethnic heritage, cultural heritage, peaceable civil society, and economic prosperity if hundreds of millions of Chinese, Indians, Africans, Middle Easterners, South Americans, etc. are trying to crash the gates?
Do the peoples of the West NOT have the RIGHT to preserve their birthright, their right to live in their own nations and fashion their nation’s futures as they see fit?
If the Western populations are constantly needled into ‘preserving the environment’ by the LEFT, is not the preservation of the peoples of the Western nations’ ethnic heritages, cultural heritages, peaceable civil societies, and economic prosperity not just as important as the physical environment, if not more so?
As is said, once a precious resource is lost, you cannot get it back… is gone forever, lost to the ages, just like the archaeological treasures being so gleefully smashed by ISIS savages in the Middle East.
The focus of a sane policy of preservation of what the First World has accomplished over eons, MUST be switched allowing massive immigration of the poor to the First World nations, to extremely strict immigration laws, with the intent of keeping populations in place, in the countries they were born to, and focus on guiding these nations to sustainable population control, and honest capable government, so that the third world can emulate the success of the Western and other 1st World nations.
This may very well necessitate a turn to nation building strategies, guided by an alliance of the Western World, for humanitarian purposes, and will likely necessitate the removal and replacement of the various tin horn, kleptocratic dictatorships in numerous third world nations, one at a time, over a prolonged period.
This should be entirely possible in poor African nations without consequential Muslim populations, without great cost to the First World in terms of blood and treasure. For Muslim nations, where any military intervention would be met with fanatical resistance, and attempt to replace governments might be futile, and a general policy of quarantine of the Muslim world would probably be the most advisable. The Muslim lands will need to reform themselves, or be treated very carefully, and gently coerced into internal reform, while STRICTLY quarantining these Muslim lands from ordinary contact with the First World….or any other non-Muslim lands, for that matter……as Islam is, essentially, a plague which needs to be prevented from spreading.
In regards to immigration of the world’s poor, other than Muslims, we cannot allow the world to be tipped on it’s edge, and have hundreds of millions of the world’s poor falling into the neat, comfortable slots of the Western nations, as if humanity is like the steel balls in a pin ball machine. Today, there are close to FIVE Billion of desperately poor, and near poor, the world over who dream of moving to the West, and this number will only grow dramatically as the years pass.
They dream of moving to the West for instant gratification of their economic needs to be met, and with a wave of a magic wand, the payment is to be placed upon the taxpayers of the West.
This is simply impossible, and will lead to the destruction of the Western nation’s ethnic heritages, cultural heritages, peaceable civil societies, and economic prosperity, IF the ☭Leftist Elite rulers of the Western nations are allowed to continue this insanity of their rigid ideology, which has ZERO connection to the reality of what can be.
IF the Western nations continue to allow massive immigration of the world’s poor, will this not strip these poor nations of some of their most resourceful individuals and cripple these nations ability to transform into successful nations, modeled upon the Western nations, given the West’s help in such a transition?….. If an easy alternative of immigration is always open to the best of the peoples of the poor nations (along with the worst), will NOT the poor nations of the world continue to languish in dysfunction and poverty, rather than have the most capable people of these nations stay and do the hard work of many years, of transforming their countries into decent places to live, well governed and just….. The same hard work which the Western nations did over centuries?
Given modern technology and assistance from a well meaning West, cannot such a transformation of the poor nations of the world be accomplished in record time frames? But, if the open immigration policies of the Western nations allow an easy outlet to the peoples of the poor nations, will not this possible transformation simply languish, possibly never to be accomplished?
The Leftist Ruling Class across the Western nations needs to be thrown out and replaced by serious, realistic leaders who will be able to propose, sell, and implement the DRASTIC actions the whole Western world needs to implement now, in terms of the massive debt, immigration, and a host of other calamities the ☭Left has rained down upon the Western world over the past many decades.
We need a revolution BACK to Western Civilization, which the ☭Left has been thoroughly TRASHING for many, many decades.
The simple truth is this……the ☭LEFT must be eradicated from political power of any sort…it must be eradicated as a philosophy. it must be rooted out of all of our institutions, education being where they do the most damage.
We cannot combat the cancer which is Islam, without defeating ☭Leftism…….☭Leftism does not allow rational thought or actions.

Rx: Condell Until Well
Pat Condell is a humorist / comedian who has taken up the cause of sanity in the UK and Europe.  His comments on the progressive left’s moral decay, the “immigration?” problem (more akin to invasion) in Europe, and the clash of cultures that will lead not to assimilation but brutal clashes of the hoi-poloi are always pertinent.  He is a firm believer in “liberal democracy”, which may be a deficit in the short term, but must prevail as the only least tragic way forward:

Who Owes Whom?
According to Stefan Molyneux, there is no imbalance of debt, moral, ethical, or otherwise regarding the invasion of Europe by the unsettled Muslim semi-nations of the Middle East.


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Samsung has done it (again).
The newest commercially available SSD (solid state drive) from Samsung is an incredible package about the size of a postage stamp which will mount directly to a motherboard, allowing incredible speed, tiny real estate requirements, and low power.  The available sizes are 512Gb, 256Gb, and 128Gb.  An article outlining all the specifications here.
PM971 Dimensions
The advent of SSD technology makes the speed, computing power, energy usage, and ruggedness of computing devices more able to handle advanced programing challenges.
The gamers and scientific community will be prime customers for these improvements.
For Joe and I, if our computer can handle email, create documents, and play some music, we’re happy.

A new battery based on haologenated polyacetylene (plastic that acts as a metal) has been developed by Biosolar, a California technology company.
The battery is described as follows:”The battery, which is now patent-pending at the US and other patent offices, is expected to cost less than $100 per kWh (about one-fourth that of the best batteries today), to weigh less and therefore provide longer range to cars, to have a greater power density (power to weight ratio), have a faster charging time and much longer life.    Another substantial positive is the material itself, made from common acetylene.  There are no rare earths to mine and extract, no toxic residues.  The halogen dopants are also common, cheap, and abundant.”
This may finally make electric powered transportation feasible.  Read more here.  Biosolar website here.
Joe notes that the $100 USD per kWh figure is good for electrical energy storage in the current technology, but it is a relative figure, not competitive.  For example, in Vernon, BC, hydro generated household electricity is approximately 10 cents per kWh.  Gasoline converts as 33.7 kWh per US gallon (approx. $4.00 CDN), or approx. 12 cents per kWh.  Diesel converts as 40.7 kWh per US gallon (approx. $3.80 CDN), or approx. 9 cents per kWh.  Current electrical energy storage has a long way to go to be competitive with carbon based energy sources.
As for the “green” energy advocates, this battery technology will enable cost savings for energy storage, but does nothing to diminish the “rare earth” components of wind-mill and solar array components, nothing to lower the ugliness and space waste, nothing to reduce the death toll of birds.



DH Lawrence Quote - Liberty

HP Lovecraft Quote - Coalescence

Western Superiority

Joseph Sobran Quote - Government



Joe and I read our first Ayn Rand novel waaay back in the ’60’s.  It was Atlas Shrugged.
We liked it then.
We like it now.
We thought Ayn Rand a very special thinker, and author.
Seems as though Stefan Molyneux has a high opinion of her as a philosopher.  And as a woman, a person, a Jew.
Here he expounds on her work and how it influenced his thinking:




This week in Vernon the weather has turned around.  From a Monday low, cloudy, wet day to glorious sunshine Saturday and Sunday.
So hot you wouldn’t believe….Here’s a picture of what I mean –
Is It Hot Outside

Joe (Farmer Tan) Mekanic
p.s.  Ramirez has a perpetual and canny ability to cut to the chase –






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