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I have a sneaking suspicion that time in nice weather passes faster than in crappy weather. My outside projects are moving ahead slowly – by fall I’ll have made miniscule headway. Yesterday when the sun came out, I sat down in a comfortable chair near the big willow tree in the back yard, sun filtering through the branches, listened to the myriad of quail and robins and pheasants and who knows which, yelling their little lungs out, and nodded off for “a few whiles” (as Donny coined it) with the willow branches swaying gracefully in the gentle breeze. Can’t get enough outside sunny time. When I opened my eyes, the project I was working on was still there….. An irony forced a grin to my face. Unlike Sisyphus, I am not being punished for misdeeds. No need. Humans build their own cage. Sometimes, around the edges, my jailer peeks in to see how I’m coping. This time, he brought a song with the sunlight and sounds and breeze. When I got in after dark, I used that amazing gift of humanity (YouTube), to hear Angel From Montgomery, performed by Susan Tedeshi:

Dreams, desire, and belief got me this far, despite myself. As Drinking with Bob says, what’s next?

Winter is coming………….

Can an entire discussion be conducted with cartoons gathered from various sources? Journal idea number 5……

U.S. of A.

A particularly moving testimony about the IRS misdeeds from an above average citizen from Alabama, Mrs. Becky Gerritson:


The politicians have indeed forgotten what they promised to do when they were elected. The bureaucrats have lost any semblance to unbiased law enactment they may have had. Seems you CAN fool all of the people almost all of the time………

Canadian pundit Mark Steyn offers his view of the situation:

It is simply amazing the current culture of the U.S. hasn’t impeached or charged with treason this “president”, Eric Holder, Hillarious Clinton, and disbanded the IRS to be rebuilt. What has happened to morality and ethics?

John Kerry is a lightweight. As Secretary of State he is making mistakes that cannot be construed as anything other than threatening to the state of Israel, and by extrapolation, all of the western world. Caroline Glyck tells all:

The administration of Obambi Darkness is destroying America, and mortally wounding the civilized world…..

Some facts about the “green” money loaned by the U.S. government to established and upstart “green” car companies:


Nefarious in the dictionary is accompanied with an elaborate dissertation of communist China’s internal and international activities since the glorious revolution. More fuel on the fire:

North Korea is China’s “alter ego”.

Unfortunately for the free world, the United States is on vacation for at least another 3 years.

Canada is now the leader of the free world. No powder in our magazine, unfortunately.

What to do?


There is a non profit organization (NGO) operating out of Geneva which keeps an eye on EVERYTHING the United Nations gets up to and is involved with on an ongoing basis. Their spotlight picked up an odious character named Richard Falk. Watch him squirm!:

How much money and time does Canada donate to the U.N. every year? Are they auditing this? If we are not getting an ROI and ROA, I say let’s build a substantial military and tell them to fuck off. Why are third world shitholes even allowed to join the civilized? Paraphrasing Anne Coulter, we should invade them, kill their leaders, and convert them to Christianity. The last step is a good first step to solving some of the envy that abounds when the 3WSH (third world shit holes) are allowed to speak.
















A short history of World War II as a Facebook exchange:

I am not alone in thinking this is beyond funny. Near to hysterical. Being sensitive was never more difficult, I’m sure:





What’s wrong with this picture? –


The robotic real-time programing of these dynamic quadra-copters is astounding. Two machines balance and toss a pole in mid-air:


Carrying a little extra weight? More than one study has indicated that people carrying “a little extra weight” live longer…… The quality of the longer life isn’t mentioned. Here’s a link to a brouhaha brewing about this statistical data:

Keep loosing weight, David. Another 20 lbs. off and you might be eligible for admission to the top tier of “carrying a little extra weight”. I have never in my life fit inside the “healthy” height to weight graphs. Plotting my data plunks me smack dab in unknown territory. An example: my weight is approximately 16 stone (a stone is 14 pounds), and my height is a shade more than 5’10”. I don’t exist on this “healthy weight chart” –

The calculus for longevity then becomes quite complex: good to be carrying “a little extra weight”, don’t smoke, the odd drink is OK (I drink the even ones, too), don’t shower too much (or too little), eat healthy foods (complex discussion), get exercise (not too much nor too little), keep your brain active, stop being left handed, et cetera. What a bunch of stress. Time to invoke the Iris DeMent guideline:

What is the REAL problem with people smarter than yourself? What if they happen to be of a different ethnicity / “race” / “otherness”? Should science be outlawed / stopped? Apparently, John Horgan believes that research into race / IQ should be disallowed. Which (of course!) leads to complications:

Begging the question……. Are facts more dangerous than ignorance? Here’s an observation on the subject from Roger Kimball based on the “dismissal” of Jason Richwine from The Heritage Foundation:

The co-author of “The Bell Curve”, Charles Murray, weighing in on the subject:

The conclusion is that facts ARE dangerous for people’s careers when they are counter to the “PC” view being pushed by the elite…… or by the culture.

If mass immigration from third world shitholes is unavoidable, what would be more harmful – admitting only high IQ candidates, or admitting only low IQ candidates – to the status quo? Remember the end of Howard Cossell’s career? He was musing out loud……. To quote Harold: “What’s right isn’t always popular. What’s popular isn’t always right.” The same can be said of facts.

I don’t know if Canada has a surplus of high IQ citizens, but we certainly have challenges and problems to solve that may require some thinking horsepower.

Why do people fight so hard and so passionately against facts? Why not use logic and reason to discuss, analyze, and accept or refute postulates? Question ‘o the millennium…………

I watched the following 2+ hours of “debate”. It was almost impossible for me to follow the “reasoning” of the Muslim man due to his semantic and constipated argument style, and his “logical” irrationality. Seems to be a crowd of Muslim folks who are “hip” (????) entertaining the “other point of view”. The “debate” is “Islam or Atheism: Which Makes More Sense?” The “debate” is in London:

The Muslim seems to be arguing that a bumble bee can’t fly while watching a bumble bee fly. Very frightening. A two hour horror story. There was no debate. I don’t know why Lawrence Krauss was there. By his obvious frustration, I’m sure he didn’t know why he was there, either. At the end, it seems the Muslim folks felt they had come out on top in the “debate”. Very very frightening. How about this Lawrence Krauss fella? Here’s an excellent program from Australia called Q & A, showcasing Lawrence Krauss in this episode:

What a relief! People making sense even when they’re wrong. Not sure how much of a Lawrence Krauss fan I am. Why do “experts” in a particular discipline wander off their reservation into other disciplines then proceed to beak off about something not their forte? Me confused.

I did not know that psychiatrists commit more sex crimes per capita than any other segment of the medical community. Interesting article:

Other claims in the article – highest suicide rate of any group, 25% commit sexual crimes against their clients, majority of patients are women………..

More data re: Global Warming®. The charting of 73 software models vs the actual measurements. Not too good for the computer modeling crowd:

Some tongue-in-cheek repartee on the same subject:



“You can ignore reality, but you can’t ignore the consequences of ignoring reality.” ~Ayn Rand.


It will be of little avail to the people that the laws are made by those they elected, if laws be so voluminous that they cannot be read, or so incoherent that they cannot be understood. ~ James Madison


Pat Condell discusses the limits of “tolerance” in relation to Islam:


I love Christianity for the humor it inspires. Best music, best humor. Most probably best message, too…..



Rain, sun, wind, not one flake of snow. Yea!! Very pleasant. It DOES make beer taste even better if the weather is warm……

Joe (Tanning) Mekanic

p.s. Ramirez is sunshine –

Political Cartoons by Michael Ramirez

Political Cartoons by Michael Ramirez

Political Cartoons by Michael Ramirez

Political Cartoons by Michael Ramirez

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