Sunday Rant – 2224


Joe’s Comment – This was a week of working on various projects while trying to ignore the gong show happening south of the border.
My life long focus has been problem solving and researching.  I should have been a librarian.
An example of a current dilemma – if I don’t solve the lawn mower problem soon it will be a fire hazard yard when the sun dries the grass.
Three very special birthdays coming up this week.
All in all, I’m enjoying the mild weather, but I’m anxious to have some hot weather before the days start getting shorter….. a short three weeks from now.
This getting old business is a curiosity.  The years seem to go faster than ever the older I get.  And the number of problems to solve increases astronomically.
Some curiosities get curiouser and curiouser…..


Quick Dick McDick
Joe and I are concerned about QDMcD.
This rant is entirely about Saskatchewan political hissy fighting.
Although Quick Dick is spot on with his concern, we are more comfortable with his promotion of farm and ranch life, and lifestyle.
All the years Joe and I languished in the Big City (pick one, any one) wishing we had the wherewithal to pick up and buy a farm or a ranch, all those years…..
We never made it.  It is a complex business that requires 24/7 attention.
The romance of the land and independence and raising what you eat were the attractions.  Getting skunked by weather or ignorance or government bumbling is more probable than a love affair.
You can get political shenanigans on every street corner of the city.
Thanks for your “Toonie” Quick Dick.  Perhaps you are right – it is the duty of citizens to protect the foundation institutions of the government.  The blood sucking lying cheating whoring politicians (there are more than one) can’t be trusted with that sacred honor, as exemplified in every legislature everywhere everyday all over the world:

The Culture

Viva Frei
Our man in (New) Havana (Florida) comments on the outcome of the Donald Trump trial – 34 counts of guilty.  The ex-President is officially a criminal (until appeal).
Joe and I have a history of sharing our love of “The Law™”.  Along the lines of the old adage – “of course I love you honey, I sleep with you, don’t I?”
The judiciary in the U.S. of A. is broken.  Too many players on the take.  Too much politics (there should be NO POLITICS in Justice).  Now the whole world knows just how crooked America is, how despicable it looks, and how irrevocable the damage.  The Judiciary has fallen.  The Executive has fallen (85 + 75 = more voters than are registered in the U.S. of A.!)  The House fell many years ago…..
So much for “check and balance”.
We agree with Viva – the debasement of the American legal system is akin to the total debauchery of all authority during the COVID tyranny of the last 4 years.
We also agree with Viva that the foundations undergirding what the Founding Fathers hoped would be a virtuous and religious citizenry have been mortally damaged.  Truly, Joe and I see the so-called “Left” through new eyes.  What we are seeing is not pretty.
These fucking morons will destroy the country only to rule over the ruins.
It is time to cease accommodating the progressive wackjobs, time to stop tolerating their unending shrill hysteria about every real or imagined boogyman.
We are not fan boys of the pearl clutching hand wringing Viva Frei, but in this instance his clutching and wringing to beat the band is justified.
Most of our life Joe and I have longed to be American.
Not so much these days.
These events herald a life or death test of the greatest nation ever to have been.
Will their founding documents foment adequate grass roots resolve to fix the madness?  Will We The People rise to the occasion?
Joe says the world isn’t ending.  But the world is changing.  Hang on to your hats.
If ever there was a need for a multitude of Schindlers, this be the time:



Lierre Keith
What a coincidence!
It is Sunday morning: Joe and I finished reading Lierre Keith’s book, “The Vegetarian Myth” in the early morning.
Ms. Keith has created a source book.  We don’t agree with her political perspective or her misspeaking of various science facts.  We do agree with her passion and her dedication.
Chapter 4, “Vegetarian Nutrition”, is a well organized well annotated overview of the human body and the nutritional needs it has – the PHD – Proper Human Diet.
This chapter alone is worth the price of admission.
Much to our delight, Ms. Keith has a conversation with Rina Ahluwalia, founder of “5 Minute Body“.
This interview is an adequate precise of the book:


Damn it!
We really wanted to share this short musical bit.
Unfortunately, it is on X, and we have yet to master the embedding into WordPress.  Select, then right click on the address below and open it in a new window.
You will laugh out loud!


Joe’s Garage

Uncle Tony
Joe and I are warming to Tony as the years (and videos) pile up.
No explanation required (he’s a Chrysler fanboy).
However, in this video, he tells some truth that Joe and I hold as gospel.
The “facts” we’ve been told or have assumed since conscious memory just ain’t so.  There be dragons seems apt:

The Yellow Submarine
A long time ago, 30+ years, a jet boat sank in Lake Powell.
The folks at “Merlin’s Old School Garage” decided to bring the boat home and see what they could see.
Joe says the 460 Ford engine is the best choice for an all purpose jet drive.
This old Ford will surprise you!
Watch and see a submarine motor run again:

A young Canadian has invented a use for recycled plastic that includes concrete and some secret sauce.  The net result is building blocks that have a reasonable “R” factor, that link together, and are incredibly sturdy.
Joe and I would use these blocks.
The only drawback is how much do they cost?
A thought provoking invention:



Jordan Peterson has an interesting conversation with Dennis Quaid, movie star.
Joe and I found the “Hollywood” perspective interesting, and have gained an appreciation for Mr. Quaid.
One of the topics is the upcoming movie about Ronald Reagan starring Mr. Quaid.
An interesting chemistry between these two!
A mix of entertainment, politics, philosophy, and humanism:


This week in Vernon BC the weather was what is commonly called “unsettled”.
Lots of rain, in spits, in dribbles, in downpours.
Some sun.
Some wind.
Beaucoup de clouds.
On Friday early morning the furnace rattled into action three times.
The May flowers aren’t as obvious as the ass high grass – we’re still without a mowing machine.
Joe has been asking around looking for to borrow a few sheep.  Free food!

An average mowing takes about 4 hours – 1.25 acres takes a while, especially while dodging in and out of dozens of vehicles.
The weed whacking along the borders takes another 3 hours.
Multiply by 1.5 when the grass has grown too high (as previously mentioned, 1 ass height is where we are at).  Even taller asses won’t help…..

The weather has been perfect for grass, and too wet for dandelions.  We had the first growth of the little yellow buggers a month ago.  They all went to seed.  But the second generation didn’t appear.  We reckon too much wet.
The forecast is for brighter, sunnier days by mid week.
Joe and I still remember February.
This weather is fine compared to the short day months of Winter.
We will rejoice when the heat comes….

Joe (1 sweater) Mekanic
p.s.  Ramirez on holidays? Or was it a short week (Memorial Day) –


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