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Joe’s Comment – Two amazing cartoons that caught my eye and seemed to be similar or related some how.  Charles Barsotti is featured in Punch frequently (that is true).  Cyanide and Happiness is by a host of cartoonists: Rob DenBleyker, Kris Wilson, Dave McElfatrick and Matt Melvin.
Shades of “You can’t handle the truth!” (A Few Good Men) strikes me as funny and true for everyone – not always the same truth, of course.  And the Reversi™ aspect of perspective in C & H tickles my fancy.
The truth is I have my doubts every single day.
This getting old(er) has some benefits, and some eye openers, to be sure…..


COVID-19 Info
PragerU has always given great value for time invested.
Joe and I love the format: 5 to 10 minutes focused on a single subject to give a primer on matters philosophical and moral.
Recently, Google and YoubeTube have been exerting their special kind of attention (after two failed attempts by PragerU to sue for discrimination) so that the PragerU videos are more difficult to find, even when you are “subscribed” to the channel.
Be that as it may, PragerU has assembled a number of longer videos with knowledgeable experts on all aspects of COVID-19.
They are informative and worth the watching.
You can see them here.
One such Huwoo Flu video we found very poignant (because we are old(er)) is this, titled “How Do Lockdowns Impact Mental Health?”:

During the weeks of “self isolation” (Joe says whut dat?) and hysteria about just what is this virus anyway and mixed messages and media politicization and the worst infraction of all, frightening the children (no matter what age), Joe and I have been conflicted about what to think and say and do.  We are punch drunk with information disinformation.  Something like our pal Bob Nelson (aka Jiffy Jeff):

So, we thought and said and did, not with gay abandon (we are hetero male white and opinionated) but with measured decorum (no hair on fire live chicken in your shirt jump out the window stuff for us!).
Today, Saturday, we stumbled upon this gem from years ago, when DJT addressed his audience in something more than grade 8 Queens English (like we said before, not UK QE but Queens, New York).
As more than one commenter observed, this speech should be shown to everyone who has survived (so far) the Wuhoo Flu, and is going to vote in the good old U.S. of A. in 2020.
Joe and I concur.  This is an excellent speech, well delivered, and decidedly pertinent:

Joe says another Bob Nelson routine is appropriate.  Here’s an “Entire Football Team”:

For all those giving the CCP a pass, here’s a reminder that their policies and human rights record is NOT COMPATIBLE with Western values.
A graphic reminder of one important facet –
China will never be a legitimate state while the Chinese Communist Party is governing, setting the agenda, and dreaming of world domination.



Quick Dick McDick
Joe and I appreciate every single video QDMcD publishes.
This one, concerning the antics of Chief Rainbow Socks and his merry band of retards, is an opinion about the ludicrous banning of “1500 types and brands of firearms” here in the true north sod and fee.
In the words of Quick Dick, the criminals just received another bonanza, selling illegal firearms to formerly law abiding citizens of Ca-na-da.
Of course, the indigenous folks can go about their business bristling with armament.  It is only just and non-racist:


Politicizing Medicine
Dave Morrison of Blue Collar Logic makes a case that in the polarized world of human communities, even medicine, the science of health, cannot avoid being politicized.
Joe and I agree with every point he makes.
The evidence and data is accumulating as the COVID-19 (aka Huwoo Flu) “pandemic” plays out across the world.
The evidence and data is revealing a fact: not everyone is focused on eliminating this new and nasty (for some people) virus.
To us it seems the moniker we use, “rat-bastard commies”, and “commie rat bastards” has a broader community of eligible souls than our historically identified list of usual suspects:

Lest you think this is a current development, the politicizing of medicine, there is ample evidence that just ain’t so Sparky.
History has not been kind to many in the medical field who once led the charge, established the foundation, became the unchallenged “expert”, toppled the paradigm.
History is also filled with examples of many in the medical field who were publicly humiliated, their work derided, their expertise and study verboten, only to be exonerated when the data accumulated over time became so overwhelming that the paradigm was toppled.
The following video from Dr. Ken Berry points to early studies (he says the ’60s) that did not fit the accepted narrative, so their findings were suppressed or ignored by those directing the medical community.
There is a mention of filthy lucre.
Joe and I think it is very difficult to find some aspect of life that money hasn’t tainted.
It takes a strong individual to resist the siren call of wealth and fame and power.
How many people are literally dying because they are following the dictates of a medical ideology driven by money vs health?
How many people are wandering off the medical reservation to pursue a personal health regime that is actually healthy?
It is a given that we all die.
The quality and duration of that dying is then of profound interest, da?:


Sidney Powell
Joe and I loves us some smart folks.
Ms. Powell is certainly in that cohort.
The tragedy that befell Lieutenant General Michael Flynn gives pause to anyone contemplating entering the political arena.
In our minds, the tactics employed by the FBI (under the direct guidance and instruction of the Obama administration) to rail-road General Flynn were an abuse of power.
Enter Sidney Powell.
Through tenacity and (horror of horrors!) knowledge of the law and an excellent team of researchers and data-miners, Ms. Powell exposed the misdeeds and perversion of justice for all to see.
Old Jug Ears (Obama) decided his legacy was being threatened.
He went public with his fears that the sacred cow of justice was being perverted.  His expressed concerns impugned both the Attorney General William Barr, the Justice Department, and by association, Lieutenant General Flynn and his legal representation.  That representation being Ms. Sidney Powell.
Ms. Powell answered the ex-president with an open memorandum for all to see (the words of Ms. E. Thrasher, our beloved junior high school English teacher).
Through the miracle of modern technology and a few slights-of-hand, here is her memo –

Joe grinned his ass off reading on page one, the footnote 1 in quotation marks “constitutional lawyer”, referring to his exulted being, ex-President Jug Ears.  Sidney Powell is an extremely competent and successful appellate lawyer with over 30 years of experience.  Joe says Jug Ears is none of those things – never tried a case, never wrote a published paper – hell, his college records, his birth certificate, his fucking identity is a mystery.
He is a shameful sham.
The current situation is also a curiosity.  The case against Flynn was dropped.  The prosecution ruled there was no case, based on the evidence Ms. Powell & Co. brought to the attention of the apelate court.  However, the judge in question, one Judge Emmet Sullivan, has not accepted the ruling.  He has asked for “amicus curiae” (friend of the court) briefs to be submitted, even going so far as appointing an amicus curiae.  The latest developments and an excellent summary are here, in an article by Margaret Cleveland, writing for The Federalist.
As much as Joe and I abhor lawyerly lawyering lawyerists, and the judiciary, and authority of any stripe that we do NOT engage via our own free will, this is damn important by way of the revelations revealed by Ms. Powell about process and coercion and the politicizing of the judiciary.
Where it stands: a superior court has passed down an order that Judge Sullivan cannot ignore, more or less demanding he cease and desist the sentencing of General Flynn and accept the dismissal of all charges.  Judge Sullivan was given 10 days to respond.  Drum roll.  High Noon.  OK Corral.
Joe and I have a simple mind.
To us, this is another example of the law being used as a weapon.
This is not the function of law.
We also note that the 4th Estate function has been abrogated, not officially, not intentionally, not deliberately.  There are very few journalists extant.
Most of what passes for “journalism” is opinionated and biased and partisan.
And focused on the Holy Dollar©, Bill.
This is more than an emotional trigger (i.e. makes you sad or angry or happy).
This is terminally fatal to the rule of law and governance in our (mostly the American) fair land.
The 5th Estate is now filling in for the 4th Estate who have left their post to pursue ideology.
Desperate times.
Joe says the law is a tool.
Like all tools, it can be and is misused.
The problem is very old, very human; a carbuncle on the face of Lady Justice.
Quis custodiet ipsos custodes?” – Roman poet Juvenal from his Satires (Satire VI, lines 347–348).  The Latin translates to “Who will guard the guards themselves?”
Who will monitor the behavior of people in positions of power?
Joe and I would volunteer if we weren’t so busy doing just that.
All we need now is a big heaping helping of facts, just the facts ma’am, and you’d see some action from us, à la Sergeant Joe Friday:

Sergeant Joe Friday and Officer Bill Gannon put old Jug Ears in his place.  A lot of good that would do….. or should that be that would do a lot of good?:


Joe’s Garage

Your Choppers Know Best
Joe figures that in the last 18 months (give or take) we’ve learned more about the human body (our approximation of the same), nutrition, wellness, and longevity.
Hallelujah Jesu!
Now we’re learning about what you stuff in your pie hole does to your teeth.
And what your mother stuffed in her pie hole, digested, and fed you through your little bitty umbilical cord.
Sobering information to learn at the advanced chronological measure of three score and ten.
Joe is a bit pissed that this info is not new, but only recently known to us.
What the hell were we doing in school?
Mr. Kruger, our physical education / health instructor told us about a buddy’s motorcycle accident when he discovered black ice, but neither Joe or I don’t remember one damn word about how to keep your teeth healthy.  Dr. Ken Berry to the rescue with his new pal, Steven Lin, DDTS:






This week’s sermon concerns the terrible problem of The West® funding the entire Chinese Communist Party horror show, one belt, one road, two dolla from you, Mr. Round Eye.
In the first video, Simone Gao (of Zooming In) interviews Roger Robinson (and here), Senior Director of International Economic Affairs at the National Security Council during the Reagan administration who later served as chairman of the Congressional U.S.–China Economic and Security Review Commission.  He was also the principal architect of the economic and financial strategy for the take-down of the Soviet Union.
Through laxities and oversights, plain old ignorance, and blatant greed, the American stock markets are funneling huge amounts of capital to the CCP by holding over a trillion American dollars each in Chinese stocks and Chinese bonds.
This interview, this information, is dated December 2019.
Joe and I hope this man and his ilk are manning the bulwarks in the pending confrontation with China’s CCP.
With a little good fortune (ahh so!) and the help of the Chinese people, the dirt people, the mud peckers (kin to Joe and I) will rise up and throw off their overseers crippling cruel tyranny.
What comes after that remains to be designed and built.
By They, the (Chinese) People:

Fast forward to May, 2020, and an interview of Steve Bannon by Ms. Gao.
The writing is on the wall, and will soon be in the law.
What, pray tell, will Canada do?:



This week in Vernon BC the weather has irritated Joe to no end.
We have been preparing an area in the back yard to planting grass.  This area used to be an 89 foot tall white oak tree’s domain (RIP white oak) .
Two weeks ago we fired up old RobertaCat and moved dozens of yards of material around and about.
Then we borrowed a diamond harrow from friend Scott (thanks Scotty!) to break up the surface, and a couple of chunks of 8″ x 8″ beam from friend Lyle (thanks Lyle!) to make a leveling beam.  Hours, and gallons of fuel later, a more or less (more less than more) level area existed where none had existed before.
We turned up hundreds and hundreds of “Italian potatoes” (rocks).
We raked.
We harrowed.
We leveled.
Then we bought forming material to form a sidewalk along the edge of the house and existing patio.
That’s when the weather went all pissy.
For two weeks, every time the ground got dry enough to start forming the sidewalk, the damn sky would open up and soak everything.
The yard is mostly clay.
Can’t work with wet clay.
This week, same story.
It rained today, Sunday.
It rained Friday.
It rained earlier in the week, too many times to allow the ground to dry.
Meanwhile, the weeds have discovered this fertile unplanted soon-to-be fruited plain.

Joe says (hysterically) the historical record in Vernon BC is 51 inches of precipitation on average per year.
We are getting close.
On a happier note, the furnace didn’t start even once this week!
Happy happy, joy, joy!


Joe (mud pecker) Mekanic
p.s.  Ramirez in any weather –

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