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Joe’s Comment – It could be worse – trilingual, quadralingual, pentaligual…  It is hard enough to be fluent in one language for most people.  What a luxury to know two or more.  Until that day, when we all speak all languages, wouldn’t it be nice if we all spoke one in common?  Maybe when we all grow up….  Meanwhile, how about getting rid of ALL menu-driven answering systems?


Question o’ the Year

Bad and Good

Question o’ the Century
Who Does the Word Owe

Question of the Millennia
Simple Question

What If? Department

The Future of Humanity

Sensitive AND Inclusive
Joe and I figure the following “gender identity” chart pretty well captures every possibility.
Of course, that is our opinion.
We may be wrong…….
Gender Icons

We need electoral reform.
Joe and I are in favor of broad changes, some of which would not have much popular appeal.
However, the bullshit the Liberal government is trying to pull is despicable.
We don’t need the Liberal team deciding how and where and what and who etc. all by their little-bitty selves.
Here is the location of a petition you can sign that supports a referendum on the subject.
We suggest that you go to the web link and sign the petition.
The worst thing that happens is letting the government make decisions on your behalf that you do not, cannot, will not support.
It makes you an outlaw in your own country.

The United States of America
What a treat to get a fresh Intellectual Froglegs opinion piece from Joe Dan Gorman.
Getting better every time:

A very interesting time line of Donald Trump speaking about the United States and the Presidency:

Hillary Graft Donations

Hillary Pay

This is a picture of Roni Oron, and her invention –
Roni Oron
She is 13 years old.
What does her invention do?
It produces oxygen in space from sunlight, algae and water, without electrolysis.
Nothing special, da?  You can read an article about her here.
Joe and I have a great respect for the Jewish people.  We forgot to tell you!  This young scientist is Jewish.
The comments are always a good source of information about what the world thinks about what has been presented.
We liked the following comment –
Meanwhile …. The Palestinian space program continues unabated….. What a contrast
In youth…. Israeli children study science and the advancement of life… Arabs… Teach death.” – Michael T.
There is a contrast that cannot be maligned.
Joe and I have lost our desire to travel, but we would go to Israel.
Is young Roni an Ashkenazi Jew?  Read the information at this link and make a guess.
The average IQ for Canada is 98.  It has come down in our lifetime.
The average Ashkenazi Jew IQ is 117.  This is despite their below average score on “visual-spatial”.  The other two IQ dimensions are language and math.
The world Ashkenazi population is one quarter of one percent, yet they have won 29% of the Nobel prizes awarded since 1950.
Talk about fighting above your weight…..

Vote Your Conscience
Pat Condell always hits the ball out of the park.
He is a genuine free speech advocate:


Taxation Is Theft Bernie

Two Testicle Prescription

The man in the picture below is Audie Murphy, the most decorated American soldier in World War II.  He was a teenager when he enlisted and fought –
Audie Murphy at 19

Religous Devotion

Balloon Dog

Grow Up

Balls No Balls

Bernie Sanders Drinking Game

Chocolate Rabbi

Racist Pirate

Cancel That Shit

Dear PayPal

Chocolate vs Lettuce

Filet Minion

Haircut and Pee

I Agree With Both of Them

Libertarian Dreaming

Man On the Moon

Obambi Sewage

Push the Envelope

South Park On Uni-Sex Bathrooms

Risk of Bear Attack

Voter ID - 1



Finding Atlantis, Egypt Style
Of course, it takes the Western scientists to help the Muslim culture of Egypt know their own history.
A beautiful example of the greatness of ancient Egypt, and the three conflicts – man vs man, man vs the elements, man vs himself (man = human).
An entire city was swallowed by the sea.
The article is here.
The ancient city of Thonis-Heracleion was named for the Greek doG Heracles, the most important Egyptian port on the Mediterranean Sea.
Amazing sculptures and objects such as this were found –
Lost Egyptian City
Click on the above link to see more of these fascinating artifacts.
Good thing ISIS doesn’t scuba dive…….

IQ and the Left
There is a facet of political correctness that ignores the brain in the room.
The left doesn’t particularly believe in doG, or oppose the reality of evolution (genetic mutation).
Yet when the subject turns to differences between the genders (Joe and I used to think there are two….), or the “races” (Joe and I used to think there are three….), the left abdicates logical thought, the scientific method, their lying eyes, and with fingers firmly plugged in their ear-holes, eyes shut, they loudly make a la-la-la sound to drown out reality.
The most unfair aptitude “Nature” bequeaths is the ability to think cognitively.
To ignore or suppress investigation of these gender / race realities is to propagate an inevitable confrontation when the truth (reality) is finally unavoidable.
Once again, the words of Ayn Rand, with great feeling: “You can ignore reality, but you cannot ignore the consequences of ignoring reality”.
The following presentation is from the “Libertarian Realist”.  The denial of the data is a ruse.  The worry is that further research to understand the observable, measured differences will somehow drive a wedge between the genders / “races” that will not be resolved amicably.  Oh!, ye of so little faith:

Another viewpoint from Canadian philosopher Stefan Molyneux in this discussion with Garett Jones (Macroeconomist, George Mason University, author of “Hive Mind: How Your Nation’s IQ Matters..”):

Thanks For Zero



Ayn Rand Quote - Alleged Right

Clint Eastwood Quote - I Believe

Clint Eastwood Quote - Libertarianism

Fear the Victim

GK Chesterton Quote - A Free Man

Mark Twain Quote - Two Important Days



Charles Murray is the co-author of “The Bell Curve: Intelligence and Class Structure in American Life”.  He is an outspoken conservative, free speech advocate, and humanist.  His approach to correcting government and societal aberrations is an unique approach he calls conservative civil disobedience:


This week in Vernon was a mixture of cool, rainy, cloudy days.
On more than one day the sun comes out in the late afternoon to say “Goodnight!”.
The furnace has come on more in May than it did in April.
Gotta love that early summer, and the rain keeping the hills green.
Still tee shirt weather despite the cool rainy mornings.
We’ve been fighting a very nasty “virus program update” (killer cold) all week.
If it don’t kill us, it will nonetheless steal time….
Doesn't Kill You

Joe (Sickly) Mekanic
p.s.  Ramirez is never sickly


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