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R Feynman Quote
– “What is amazing is that the truth is so remarkable!”
– “I was born not knowing and have had only a little time to change that here and there.”
– “It doesn’t matter how beautiful your theory is, it doesn’t matter how smart you are.  If it doesn’t agree with experiment, it is WRONG.” – Richard Feynman, physisist
More of Dr. Feynman in the Sunday Sermon below…….

Reality Check
Oh! Canada! What will be the result of mass immigration from the Middle East to North America, especially Canada?  David Harris has a story to tell.  He worked with CSIS (Canadian Security Intelligence Service), and is a former Senior Fellow for Terrorism and National Security of the now defunct Canadian Coalition of Democracies.  He presently consults on foreign issues.  He is a harsh critic of Canadian immigration policy – especially from countries where the cultural diaspora is orders of magnitude removed from the Canadian “norm”.  This is a threat to Canadian security, Canadian culture, Canadian existence:

Far Out, Man (and Woman)
Jesus Backwards

I am always startled when I discover how many people I know are taking something to remedy an aspect of their non-“normalcy”.  Blood pressure, cholesterol, diabetes, are common targets of prescription drugs.  There are myriad “solutions”, too, for altering your “mood”.  In this category are the psychotropic / antidepressant family of chemical (and “natural”) concoctions.  Joe, being libertarian about most social concerns, says so what and tops it off with a hearty “Jimmy crack corn”.
However, our Euroweinie friends have been studying again, and have put 2 and 7 together in order to suggest (strongly) that these drugs are responsible for 5 million deaths in the last 10 years.
Read all about it here.  
Looking at the results of the article, and the comments about such “findings”, the question of chicken and egg surfaces, quite hard boiled…..
Fell Out My Bum
Are the drugs causing crazy people to die?  Are crazy people dying, with or without the drugs?  Is it nurture, nature, environment?  WGAS…..
Joe and I both agree that we wouldn’t want to go through growing up all over again, even if we knew what we now know.  Danger, danger, Will Robinson.  To navigate the intoxicant scene, the drug scene, the sex scene, the work scene, the “life” scene, the “faith” scene, the authority scene, the love scene, the public education scene; one more time would truly be OB-scene.  We’ll settle for the greatness we’ve got.
There is no solution to the debate in our humble pea brain.  With no position on the matter (other than stated above), and literally no drug regime (other than beer, and the occasional Asprin® to counteract too many beer), Joe and I offer humour as a panacea.   A selection of stoner dog and cat graphics.  You’re welcome!

Stoner Dog

Haven't Seen LSD

The Cat Has No Idea

How High

Play Floyd

Who’s a good dog?  If we must we must.  As you wish, doggy

Remember when you were young?
You shone like the sun.
Shine on, you crazy diamond!

Brilliant.  Not rock.  Not blues.  Not Jazz.  Not pop.  Not R&B.  Not classical.  Not tribal.  Simply the best music ever created.  So far.  Brilliant.


Brad Wall is the best Premier in Canada.  After (finally!) wrestling the government away from the lefty-looloos a scant 8 years ago, Mr. Wall has helped Saskatchewan become the economic powerhouse of Western Canada.  Joe and I like what he has to say about Prime Minister Harper.  Joe and I love how he exercises his position for the benefit of Saskatchewan’s citizens, all one million one hundred thousand and change of them.  Alberta, take notice.  Your fat cat status is seriously in jeopardy.  There’s a new “transfer King” in town:

Perv Ville
So, a man has a bunch of pervy thoughts about children.  Really pervy thoughts……
But, he’s a man of position, a man of prestige, a man of brilliance.
Oh, what the hell, what’s a few kids here and there in the face of cultural progress?
It makes Joe and I feel sick.  Tie this asshole to an army anthill, cover him in honey, and let him fantasise.
Forwarded by cousin Delsie, the judgement against Benjamin Levin, Canadian education system super star – see the report here:
I think that universities must shut down the “Social Science” leg of the education system, for where else do these pukes come from?”
Levin & Wynn Perv

B Levin Perv

Why bother ranting about this, or bring it to your attention?  If you read the comments under the article, you will read that concerned Canadian citizens are concerned, too, about the so called Canadian “main stream media” which refuses to report this ruling.  The CBC and the Globe & Mail not only didn’t report, they refuse to discuss why they didn’t!!  Canada’s media of record.
For the record, Joe says put this guy in “general population” as a child molester and see how far his fantasy life takes him.  Further, the sentence is not stiff enough, if you will pardon a dreadful pun.
I say review every single input this douche has ever had in Canadian education.  The review board has to be Canadian parents, not “education professionals”.  As a courtesy to reality.




Teddy Roosevelt

The Kramer Book Store in Washington, DC, certainly knows how to place books in their show window!  
Book Store Placement

2015 Terror Attacks

Adult Dog Store

Anger Management

Beware of the Dog

Carbon Dioxide

Gourmet Cooking

Lady Declare-all

Liberal Falacy

M and M's

Obambi Hypocrisy

Occupy Jupiter



The End Is Near





The Sandy Hook tragedy prompted the Obambi administration to commission the CDC (Center for Disease Control) to study the effect of gun violence in America.  Most felt that this study would support the President, the progressive, the left position that gun control works.
The result DOES NOT support this hypothesis.  Comments here, here, here, here from the right, left, centre / business.
Joe and I are firearm enthusiasts.  For a number of reasons that have nothing to do with the Second Amendment to the U.S. Constitution or the weak-kneed Canadian non-equivalent.
But, and a very large but, Joe and I heartily endorse the content, meaning, and timbre of the Second Amendment.  God (doG for the dyslexic) notwithstanding (an entirely specious argument), we have the obligation to protect and defend ourself, our family, our property with whatever methods, practices, and / or materiel sufficient to accomplish the task.



What more is necessary to enunciate, to speak, to say, to do?
Religious Intolerance in Afghanistan

The “Religion of Peace” has now topped the charts with 25,998 + deadly terrorist attacks since 9/11.  Don’t think so?  Add them up here.  If you believe Islam is a religion of peace, what do you think about 2 + 2?



Richard Feynman was a world-class physicist, RIP.  Today he lectures on the scientific method via recorded history:



Texas is flooded.  Oklahoma too.  Vernon has had a spot of rain and wind this week.  And plenty ‘o sunshine.  Ho-hum.  Another week in paradise.  Never gets tiring.  Never gets mundane.  Always appreciated.  By those of us who have experienced WEATHER!!!  Joe and I are convinced Vernon is the best all year spot in Canada for folks with the same mental derangement as we.  As us, too.


Joe (Weathering) Mekanic
p.s. Ramirez is good in any weather (from Investor’s Business Daily)





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