Sunday Rant – 2123


Joe’s Comment – The madness continues.  California is full of wackjobs.  Reparations?  In a state that never had slaves or slavery?  For people who are generations away from slavery?  Men say they are women….. whatever.  But they are allowed to compete with women?  Who are you kidding?  Company executives so out of touch with their bread and butter customers that they destroy their brand?  Bud Lite is the latest in a never ending parade of virtue signaling that destroys business.
The weather has been very acceptable.
Not so the madness manifesting in The Culture.
It is time to strap on my “Solvem Probler” hat, pick a project from the stack, and we will see.
The grass is green, the cattle eat it, I eat the cattle.
And the sun shines…..
Life is good.


Peter Zeihan
This is a rehash of older messaging about Canada, North America, and the future.
Probably included in past rants, but replayed for it’s message about energy futures in Canada.
In Mr. Zeihan’s mind, the future is fantastic for North Americans:


Durham Report – Jason Siler
Mr. Siler has a good point – how do we get justice?
Joe and I ask the same question.
To paraphrase that moron Tom Hanks Forest Gump, “Crooked is as crooked does!”
Which makes justice hard done by when the entire shebang is corrupt.
Mr. Siler has a solution, clean as a whistle; an Occam’s Razor gem!
Here’s how Jason’s logic flows:
–  The Durham Report exonerates Donald Trump.
–  The Durham Report implicates the F.B.I., the D.O.J., the Obama administration, and “Crooked” Hillary.
–  “The Swamp” is incapable of fixing the malady, i.e., justice is not on the menu.
–  Ergo, re-elect Trump – Q.E.D. (Latin: quod erat demonstrandum, meaning “which was to be demonstrated”)  Or as a smart-ass professor once said, “Quite Easily Done”.
Bravo Mr. Siler!
On reflection, Joe and I agree with Jason.  It IS an elegant solution.
During our “career” in management with TELUS, when mendacious squabbles between individuals in the workplace were brought to my attention (as arbiter or “the boss”) I always gave a cautionary proviso – if resolution of the dispute is dependent on my judgement, there is a good chance neither party will be pleased with my solution…. hence, resolve your conflict between yourselves, or suffer the consequence.  Adding the phrase “in good faith” is probably meaningless, but was always stated or implied.
Mr. Siler’s solution would have the school yard bullies meet their “victim” on as much of a “level playing ground” as possible.
Oh, to be a fly on the wall should such devilry be realized!:

Elon Musk
Joe and I are fans.
The following video is the 2023 Tesla Shareholder Meeting in total.
A snippet of what is coming for the Tesla company:

Don McMillan
He is an engineer.
He is a comedian.
Joe laughs out loud!:


Fake Keto News
Dr. Ken Berry and Nina Teicholz have both been pathfinders for the advancement of “PHD” (proper human diet) as a nutritional subject.
This video is a current view of the politics and the financial reality of food production, the medical system(s), and government backed nutritional mandates.
Two trustworthy sources for information:

Belinda and Gary Fettke
Much like Nina Teicholz, Belinda Fettke became a lightening rod for truth with her inquisition into the origin and establishment of what was widely accepted and unquestioned nutritional “fact”.  In Belinda’s case,  the persecution of her husband, Dr. Gary Fettke led her to discoveries that uncovered the true nature of “the establishment”.  Dr. Fettke, an orthopedic surgeon, had the audacity to refuse his services to select patients (based on their health), and had the audacity to recommend a “LCHF” (low carb healthy fat) diet in contradiction to the nutritional guidelines endorsed by the government and Big Med.  He also pissed off the Seventh Day Adventist interests in processed food.  When The Establishment came after the good doctor, they enraged Belinda “Mama Bear” Fettke.  She harnessed her anger energy by focusing on research of “established” knowledge, and unveiled the ugly truth behind the complicit orthodoxy.
Joe and I featured Mrs. Fettke in Sunday Rant – 5022, and Ivor Cummins interviewing Belinda and Gary Fettke in Sunday Rant – 0423.
For Joe and me, this wonderful woman has identified the inertia behind the vegan / vegetarian movement, and exposed the fraud for what it is – a lust for filthy lucre cloaked in righteous well-meaning.
Following is a recent interview of Belinda Fettke by Finlay Maclaren of the Ub2b channel “Chatting Fit“:

The good doctor Gary Fettke continues his advocacy of LCHF.  His persecution by the Australian authorities has ceased (for the moment – he was exonerated of “wrong doing” or whatever the charge was).  His crusade marches forth.
The following video is an interview of Dr. Fettke by Dr. Bret Scher of the Ub2b channel “Diet Doctor” from 2020.  An oldie but ties in nicely with Belinda’s testimony:

The argument goes something like this: humans are not affected by glyphosate because human genetics do not have a response to glyphosate that certain undesirable plants have, ergo humans are unaffected.
For those of us who are uneducated on the subject, glyphosate is a toxic molecule that disrupts the growth / life of certain plants, specifically “weeds” (whatever a weed might mean).  The formula of glyphosate is C3H8NO5P, which is an “organic” compound.
Dr. Stephanie Seneff has news for you, and anyone who believes the above stated argument.  You are outnumbered by your very own microbiome, which DOES respond in a negative fashion to glyphosate.
The video below is a conversation between Dr. David Perlmutter and Dr. Stephanie Seneff that explores the connections between glyphosate, mental issues, “attention deficit” implications, and various complex biological functions.
Joe and I will listen to this multiple times.  For us, there are a lot of strange terms, new concepts, and complicated processes.
Joe says the bottom line is eat food that has not eaten food treated with pesticides or herbicides or fungicides.  Eat organic!  Now we must analyze what “organic” currently means, but a guideline comment is go back to a “natural” source of nutrition:

Joe’s Garage

E. D. M. (Electrical Discharge Machining)
This is an amazing technology which provides extreme accuracy in machining materials.
Improved accuracy increases efficiency.
The technology of material forming is continuously advancing.  A mesmerizing video:

Tall Trees vs Water
How in the world can a 300 foot tall tree get ground water to it’s crown?
There are theories…..
The concept of “negative pressure” doesn’t wash in gases, but in fluids it is a different story.
Try 10+ atmospheres of negative pressure…..
Trees are amazing!:

Scary Stories
The advance of AI (artificial intelligence) is unavoidable.
The outcome / end game uncertain.
Joe and I reckon the usual band of suspects will accomplish great feats, as will the other usual band of suspects plumb new depths of depravity and horror.
All for the sake of FAFO.
We caution again….. when you look under doG’s skirt, you might just see something you cannot fathom.
That would be the time to give your head a shake, and desist from doing, until the consequences are understood.
Fat chance!:

The Scotch Yolk Engine
From the excellent Ub2b channel “driving4answers“, an ICE (internal combustion engine) configuration that Joe and I had never seen before.
We only differ in the conclusion of an inline four cylinder configuration.
Joe suggests that the weak bottom web can be as strong as the upper triangulated piston assembly if arranged as a flat four.
Watch and make your own conclusions.  A unique design:



An appeal to sanity.
Joe and I have been watching coverage of American Black culture for dozens of years.
We are flummoxed.
Our flummoxery In this week’s sermon Thomas Sowell explains the origin of Black culture in America.  This is covered more completely in his book “Black Rednecks and White Liberals“.
Joe and I appreciate the depth of research Mr. Sowell invested to develop his theories and conclusions.
A fascinating mulligatawny of influences from other ethnicities and regional cultures.
However, the story does not explain why the criminal anomaly exists – the population density of Blacks in the population is over represented in the prisons and the crime statistics.
For insight into that phenomenon, we suggest reading “The Bell Curve“:


The last week in Vernon BC was a solid B+ Spring weather.
We had lots of heat, lots of sunshine, lots of cloudless daytime sun.
We also had a couple of rainy periods, but not all day rainy weather.
Joe complains that the rain didn’t restrict itself to nighttime only, but all in all, a very good Spring week.
Two months in, 2023s version of Spring is A-OK with Joe and I.
No tears, no whining, no crankypants.

Joe (smiling) Mekanic
p.s. Ramirez IS a universal constant –

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