Sunday Rant – 2121


Joe’s Comment – How much chaos is too much chaos?  That is this week’s question!  How much adversity is too much adversity?
I’ve gotta book an appointment with Lucy.
This week has been a jumble of activity on many projects with limited progress.
Akin to an advancing horde of things to do.
Busy from dawn ’til dusk is fun in the sun.
No end in sight…..


What more can a couple of mud peckers like Joe and I say about our home and Native’s land?
Not much.
We’ll leave it up to some unbiased critics from long ago and far away.
I wonder if our fearless leader, Chief Rainbow Socks, wears high heels.  And a “brawr” :


COVID Ruminations

Ivor Cummins
Joe and I saw Ivor Cummins in an interview with Dr. Ken Berry nearly a year ago (Sunday Rant – 2420).
He is a biological process engineer who asked 4 doctors what his flawed blood tests were indicating and how to fix it.
All the doctors failed his challenge – none of them could explain what was wrong or how to correct/treat the problem.
Which lead Mr. Cummins on a journey of investigation and discovery.
His analysis of the existing data has led him to world level expertise (a current interview is in the “Sunday Sermon” section below the fold).
Joe says an engineering perspective is always refreshing.
His Ub2b channel is here.
You may appreciate his 3+ minute explanation of COVID-19 hysteria:

In the likely and plausible event that Ub2b “disappears” the above, you can watch it here, at TheFatEmperor. (Ivor Cummings’ website).  Joe says it is also the “Fate Emperor”, ’cause you gotta have control of your life/self, right?
Current information about the origin of the virus from Sun News AU.
This may disappear due to Ub2b sucks (but Ub2b is good for swearing parrot vids):

Alexandra Hartley
This young lady is on fire.
She talks fast.
She makes sense.
Her comments make us snicker and grin in agreement (“the Fauci ouchie”, “it’s been over a year, I’m not responsible for your fears”, “I’m tired of being lectured about caring for others by people who wish me dead in the same sentence”).
This young woman will be someone to contend with down the trail, for she makes a big wave now.
Her Ub2b channel is called “LivingLifeLikeAlex“.  Lots more short and very acerbic commentary there:

Pay the Piper
An old expression which means yer done runnin’ and the bill is due.
Seems like Anthony Fauci has done dastardly deeds before – it is a cameo role for him.  This article about the aides “epidemic”  ( here on LifeSiteNews) has suspiciously Faucian behavior on display.
If you click on the link, you will read how the good doctor managed to mismanage the HIV/Aids hysteria of 1988.
The open letter addressed to Dr. Fauci was written by Larry Kramer, a gay activist.  He says, addressing Fauci, “You couldn’t care less about what we say. You won’t answer our phone calls or letters, or listen to anyone in our stricken community. What tragic pomposity!”
Joe and I remain unmasked, unreticent, questioning.
What the rest of the world did and what the West did are miles apart.
How many innocents died due to political meddling?
Joe says more than one is too many.
Now for some gratuitous Fauci bashing.  Tons more at your Internet store –


Good vs Evil
Bill Whittle’s “Right Angle” with Scott Ott and Steve Greene hits the mark in this short opinion piece.
Here is a screen capture of the Iron Dome projectiles (left of image) launched in defense of the Palestinian rocket barrage (right of image) –
The historic approach to aggression is to utterly destroy the aggressors.
This Israeli methodology demonstrates the night and day difference between the two parties.  The following meme is still valid to this day –
Who would think, in their right mind or not, that the defensive strategy of shooting down the aggressor’s rockets would bear fruit?
Joe and I are totally gobsmacked by the technology on display.
This is a demonstration of finesse, a tour de force, the triumph of genius over B.S.&I. (Brute Strength and Ignorance).
There is a Charlie Brown panel that sums it up nicely –
The Iron Dome technology will, for the present, offer the Israeli people a level of security, if not total safety.
Joe says true, only because the Iron Dome has forced the ass hats behind the terrorist activity, the Iranians, to pause, to contemplate.  Maybe even to think.
If the Israeli’s decide to go on offense, the odds in Las Vegas will be 100:1 against their antagonist, no matter how ideologically driven.
The State of Israel has had 71 years to develop defensive and offensive strategy, tactics, and materiel.  They take it seriously.
No one in the world believes the Israeli’s are the oppugnant force, although some in the world would like to see the demise of the nation of Israel and their people.
Here are Bill Whittle, Steve Greene, and Scott Ott to make the point:




A great channel for interesting stuff:


Joe’s Garage

Tie Down Straps
Joe and I do a lot of trailering and trucking.
We use cam straps or ratchet straps to secure loads most of the time, because they are convenient and quick to employ.
Also, Joe isn’t very good at tying knots, nor am I.  In all the collection of random characters in our head, we suffer a dearth of knot tying skills.
Give us a length of rope and we will quickly hang our inability out for all to see (thank you, Ms. E. Thrasher).
The following video from Fireball Tool tests some ratchet straps to breaking point.  Straight strap, twisted strap, really twisted strap, wet strap, and knotted strap are all strained to break.  An interesting video.
Joe points out that the published break tension for the straps is higher than any of the straps actually attained.  Buyer beware!:

Volcano Porn
This video captures a moment when a wall of the crater collapses, book-cased by a fanfare of lava geysers.
Joe says we are living on a thin crust covering a hot and creamy center.
The volcano is located in Iceland, 18.6 miles southwest of the capital city Reykjavik.
Joe was surprised to learn that there are approximately 120 active and/or dormant volcanoes in Iceland.  A list of the “top 10” here:

Wind Energy
Joe and I are adverse to three-bladed wind turbines.
Maybe that’s not a strong enough statement.
Joe and I hate three-bladed wind turbines.
We hate the look, we hate the size, we hate the cost, we hate benefit ratio numbers.  187 tons?  WTF???
We hate the damn things.
Joe likes this video of failures:


Scuzz Twittly
What can we say?
What’s in a name?
Scuzz Twittly sings about his ’69 Ford F250 – the scuzzmobile.
Lots more NSFW on Ub2b, check out Over the Line Comedy.
Very country with a crass vulgar and delightful delivery.
Joe says this is a nice straight F250 in baby blue:

Mechanical Advantage
What happens when you use gears to multiply force?
Glad you asked!
Here is a short, powerful demonstration of the limits imposed by physics.
What are the limits of a 1:65000 gear ratio?:

From a very interesting website about 3D printing, called “3D Printer Academy“.



More information from Ivor Cummins.
Doctor Brian Lenzkes interviews Mr. Cummins.
The overall impact of the COVID hysteria across all the spectrum of human experience is the subject of their discussion.
Joe and I are waiting for sanity to return.  Our “COVID beard” is now 10 inches long.  How long can this go on?:



The weather this week in Vernon BC has been flawless.
Nighttime lows are chilly.
We can’t report the furnace coming on, because our cheap nature turned the damn thing off after the first week of May.
Chilly but sunny mornings.
Heavy dew on the vehicles and grass.
Tee shirt weather otherwise.
Did we mention no rain?
No rain!
Our tactic of researching, organizing, planning, and fetching in the morning, then working in the heat of the afternoon is providing observable results.
Half the yard has been mowed twice this year.
One third of the yard hasn’t been mowed yet, but the number of vehicles in the yard that can start and drive has increased by three this week as well.
Our full “Peter Pan” obsession of saving Ford trucks from a sure crushing death kinda slows down yard work.
We are enjoying a very rare, dry and warm Spring.


Joe (humming) Mekanic
p.s.  Ramirez is consistently consistent –

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