Sunday Rant – 2118

PNJoe’s Comment – I might be a Buddhist.  In fact, I’m sure I am!


Drum Delight
Nothing better than a tattoo of the drum kind:


Dr. Ben Carson
The dearth of real information on how the Trump administration is performing lies directly on the shoulders of the MSM.
How about Trump’s “racism”?
Does anyone remember who Trump appointed the Secretary of Housing and Urban Development?
Joe and I remember the GOP presidential debates.
We remember being mightily impressed with the accomplishments of Dr. Ben Carson.
He is the same well spoken gentleman as Secretary of HUD.
Since the main stream media are so invested in Stormy Daniels and “Chicken Little” screams of the sky is falling, they have little time in the daily news cycle to report what is happening with his cabinet appointments.
This interview is an update of Dr. Ben Carson’s progress to date:


Dr. Jordan Peterson
JBP keeps giving and giving.
It has been our experience that when promoting an idea or concept, the more often you plead your case, the sooner you become cogent to the max.
Joe and I approve the following message:


How I Spent My Winter by Joe Mekanic
Joe M. is a seriously pessimistic optimist.
Spring is near finished, and he can just now talk about old man Winter.
It was a winter of reflection and learning.
Spent a lot of time watching lectures and presentations on YoubeTube.
To reiterate, we learned that playing “Free Cell” while listening seems to be a symbiotic activity.
Not so reading other information while listening – that is an either / or situation.  That is, either listen to the presentation or read the information.  Can’t do both and retain much at all.
How much time did we spend / invest listening to lectures and presentations?
Although the above is truthful, we did NOT always play Free Cell while listening.  Those presentations and lectures with a lot of graphs, pictures, lists, diagrams, and other non verbal support documentation were watched without Free Cell.
Here’s where we are (21 May 2018) –

As of today, the actual number is 1984 and growing.  The start of Winter the number was 150.  That is 1834 games since last November (Joe calculates winter from the first snowfall).  If you look at the “success” rate it is 100%.
The game has a “failsafe” feature – if you exhaust all moves without winning, the game gives you an opportunity to “dial back” the moves as far as you wish.
So far, after 1984 games, we haven’t not completed any.
I expect the game is designed to only present doable games, games with a solution.
Joe says we will review that theory in another thousand or so games.
I wonder how many games there are, and if it has a message at the end?
Joe says if there is a message, it will be QUIT WASTING TIME!


Joe’s Garage
Not too much happening on the shop front.
The ’49 F47 pick-up truck is half assembled in the main bay.
The rest of the shop is clutter.
10 engines (six on stands) and a couple of transmissions take up floor space, along with 5 rolling cabinets.
Tools scattered everywhere.
Joe says it’s a wasteland.
Our desire has flagged for playing mekanic with broken Fords.
There is literally more work than we can do.
Maybe a well spring of passion for future projects will bubble out of us.
‘Til then, we will plod on clearing out the yard.
There are close to 30 vehicles to process.
We will need a good dose of vitamins, intensive training, and a serious shake of the head (what were you thinking?) to proceed.
Or a winning lottery ticket.



This is the final episode in the Bible series, XV: Joseph and the Coat of Many Colors.  Dr. Peterson is planning on continuing his psychological analysis of the Bible in the future, but for now this is the last of the stories from Genesis / The Old Testament:

Joe and I have found a wealth of insight via these lectures.
Our little pea brain was soaking up information as fast as we are able.
How much did we retain?
We will revisit this series before we die.



This week in Vernon BC was spectacular Spring weather.
Official Summer is still 3+ weeks away.
The days have been clear, sunny, warm, with the mildest of breezes.
No rain at casa Droveria noted this week.
Joe says it’s a toss-up: Nirvana or Paradise?

I am in accord.
Our vitamin D bank is squirreling away resources at record rates.
And for a good reason.
Winter is only 4 months from now…..

Joe (painless) Mekanic
p.s.  Ramirez is therapeutic –

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