Sunday Rant – 2117


Joe’s Comment – Physics makes all problems seem more manageable.  More physics, please!

Quote o’ the Week

Joe has to remind himself of this brutal fact every single day.
We do not like it when we are stupid.
Some pain might be a good indicator…..

Gavin Goodness
A trio of perspectives in the form of verbal diarrhea from a Canadian ex-pat.
Gavin McInnes is a Canadian in a Strange Land.
A VERY outspoken man.
Joe likes him because Gavin’s mouth is in gear long before his PC brain (if it exists) organizes his politics.  Hence, Gavin goodness.
Joe and I have read The Wealth of Nations by Adam Smith.
We have read The Road to Serfdom by Fredrick Hayek.
We have a firm idea of what wealth is, and what money is.
Gavin schools us all on what jobs create wealth and what jobs are social fabrications which garner $$$ but very little if any wealth is created.
A short monologue to foment reflection:

Rating Women
Mr. McInnes pontificates on political / social / cultural issues.  Recently, the Harvard men’s soccer team got in hot water for “rating” the lady’s soccer team on a “1 to 10” scale.
Gavin couldn’t resist contributing to the argument:

Worst Generation
Guess what?
Joe and I agree.
The “Baby Boomers” have got some splanin’ to do:

Joe often finds himself seeing a problem from a unique perspective.
This leads to a response that may not resonate as intended.
It isn’t something he has to train for, or cultivate – it is his standard response.
This has caused major disconnects in his life, and an uncountable volume of misinterpretations, both personal and in a social context.
Finally, a cartoon which captures his mind in action!

Applied Lawyering
Joe cracked up over this cartoon.
It isn’t clear just with whom the cross-breeding may have been attempted….
Side splitting is what it is –






Brigit Gabrielle is a brave soul.
Here is her reveal of Muslim Brotherhood history:



Continuing the theme above established by Gavin McInnis, here is Stefan Molyneux discussing the “Baby Boomers” as a group.
If you are a Boomer, you may want to brace yourself.
History has reported in: the Baby Boomers are one narcissistic nasty SOB’s:



The very best way to describe the freak of nature Vernon is living this year this “Spring” is with music.  Imagine the little shy sad of eye very wise strange enchanted boy is none other than Mr. Weather.  Now you see :

The only option is to love Mr. Weather, and Mr. Weather will love right back.
So far this week we have TWO steady streams across the property.  I’ve named one of them “Billy Creek” in honor of my neighbors Bill and Mary.  The other feeds “Nancy Pond” – it seems to originate from neighbor Nancy’s back yard.  Eric and Gena deserve honorable mention – they share the longest uphill border with me, and are very generous (who wouldn’t be?) with their surplus (read: run-off).  Their contribution I’ve named “Gena Marsh”.  Sounds like a ’30’s detective novel character.
The dry well pump was close to inadequate during Monday’s torrential blessing – had to hold off on flushing to avoid basement flooding.  The pump ran for 24 hours to catch up.
Joe isn’t a big fan of poetry.  Nor is he a fan of personification or anthropomorphism.  We drove to Lumby on Sunday, and now Joe understands the meaning of “angry water”.
The creeks aren’t crickling, they are roaring.
The rivers aren’t meandering or moseying, they are charging.
The lakes are swollen, really swollen.  Beyond “pregnant”.
Kalamalka Lake has a surface area of 25.9 square kilometers.  Friend Rick D. lives on Kal – he estimates the lake is two feet higher than a “normal” Spring rise.
Follow the math:
25.9 sq. km. = 10.00005 sq.mi.
10.00005 sq.mi. = 278,785,393.92 sq.ft.
278,785,393.92 sq.ft. X 2 ft. (Rick’s estimate) = 557,570,787.80 cu.ft.
1 cu.ft. water weighs 62.42796 lb.
∴  557,570,787.80 cu.ft. X 62.42796 lb./cu.ft. = 34,808,007,000 lb.
1 ton is 2,000 lb.
∴  34,808,007,000 lb. ÷ 2,000 lb. / ton = 17,404,003.5 tons
1 ton = 0.987185 tonne
∴ 17,404,003.5 ton X 0.987185 tonne / ton = 17,180,971 tonne
1 tonne is 1,000 kg.
∴ 17,180,971 tonne X 1,000 kg. / tonne = 17,180,971,000 kg.
That folks is one large volume of water, and one large mass of HOH.
All this from a few square miles in the mighty Okanagan….
Update: Friday, Saturday, and Sunday have been sunny and warm.
Wonderful feeling on the old skin.
The snow cap will now start melting.
Surfs up!

Joe (soggy) Mekanic
p.s.  Ramirez soothes troubled nerves:

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