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Stop Global Whining

Joe’s Comment – Sign me up!
I am perpetually perplexed by emotional arguments presented as factual, scientific viewpoints.
Why is it that every human believes that the Messiah and “End of Times” will happen in their lifetime?

Nothing Is Too Late
This is the most coherent expression of the current political climate in the Western world Joe and I have found to date.
Stefan Molyneux describes the chaos politicians are creating across Europe in the name of “Union” and makes the case for Brexit.
Brexit is an upcoming referendum in Britain – should Britain leave the European Union?

The United States of America
Joe and I have been watching the American political turmoil with great intensity for about 15 years – coincidentally coincident with retirement.
The average working person does not have time to invest in determining the facts beyond a doubt regarding each party platform.
Retired people have the time, but often do not care to know.  We don’t begrudge pursuing personal interests and “enjoying” retirement.
Our personal interest is understanding what in the world is going on while the workers work, the slackards slack, the slimy slime.
What attracts people to political life?
Who are they?
Joe and I are witnessing an event of unprecedented nature – great numbers of the citizens of the United States are becoming increasingly aware of the dark seamy underbelly of politics and power in their country, and they don’t like it.  Not one bit.
We the People have been roused from slumber.
On both sides of the aisle, Democrat and Republican, We the People are making their objections known by participating in the selection process.  In record numbers.
Their participation is contrary to the wishes of the “political elite”.
The gyrations and manipulations of both party leaderships is disingenuous to say the very least.
Our concern in this ranty rant is the criminal Hillary Clinton.
If a Democrat (progressive / liberal / statist) must win the presidency, Joe and I would vote for Bernie to keep her from that office.
Powerful words about the unveiling (and the unraveling) of Bill’s wife from Judge Jeanine Pirro:

Further condemnation of this evil woman’s actions that would land a less powerful person (such as four star general David Petraeus) in jail or jeopardy.  The Russian’s contend they are in possession of 20,000 emails hacked from the server she so flippantly dismisses as not important because she says so.  This woman is evil:

The email / server fiasco is a current criminal activity she was unable to bury before being discovered.
The Clinton Foundation is nothing more than a money laundering scheme.
Her history is damning, and her current behavior is “business as usual”.
Judge Jeanine poses the question: What is it about the Clintons that allows them to behave with total disregard of the law?
Joe and I have no objection to a woman president.
Just not this woman.


Thanks to Ron D. for forwarding this James Woods gem –
James Woods Quote - Insanity

Establishment Tears

Corn Dogs

David Clarke Jr Quote - Confused

Mary Anne Noland

Someone Else's Candle

Two Party System

Two Strips Of Bacon

Unique Does Not Mean Useful


Sam Harris has that special talent of esemplastia – the ability to condense disparate data into understandable and simple concepts.
This video does not diverge from this special talent.  Listen to Sam Harris reduce “The Golden Age of Islam” argument to insignificance in less than 8 minutes:



Today’s presentation is an incredibly well researched history of South Africa, specifically the effect and affect of Apartheid.
Joe and I have continually increasing respect and regard for Stefan Molyneux, a Canadian philosopher and prime mover of “Freedomain Radio



This week in Vernon has been the early spring that our early summer displaced.
Rain and clouds.
The furnace came on two different days during the week.
It is still mild and comfortable, and very green considering the amount of early heat we received.
Next week is garden time.

Joe (Cyborg) Mekanic
p.s.  Ramirez easily produces more humor per week than anyone else –




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