Sunday Rant – 2024


Joe’s Comment – What a week!  The weather was not cooperative for my favorite activity – soaking up sunlight.
However, a lot of interesting projects were added to the huge pile of incomplete projects – enough so I woke up one morning in a bit of an anxious fit.
Who is going to finish all of these projects when I no longer can or will?
The answer is nobody will.  Everyone else has their own collection of projects.
I expect my hobby, the many year collection and rescue of old abused Ford products, will find not a new home with a new forever family, but a one way ride to the scrap dealer.  One mans treasure is another mans rust.
It takes years and years to realize that it doesn’t matter much what happens to the material things collected from here and there and everywhere after you are gone.  When you are done.
As I say to all and sundry, Jimmy crack corn….. (just try to NOT fill in the next phrase).
As I also say about men in general, men seek love.  If love is evasive, men seek purpose.  If love and purpose are not to be had, man just wants something to do…..  A hierarchy of value.
Of course, some ambitious men go for the trifecta.
A worthy objective, methinks.


Conrad Black on Rex Murphy
Mr. Black remembers Mr. Murphy in a tribute to the man.
You can read it at The Epoch Times.


The Culture

Geert Wilders
My, my, how times change!
It wasn’t too many rants ago Mr. Wilders was considered a non viable politician in his homeland of the Netherlands.
Indeed, he was heavily persecuted and threatened with incarceration for many years.
Joe and I expect that over 10 years of “the religion of peace” has eroded the good will of the people, who have elected him and his party – he is now the Prime Minister!
Our first mention of Geert Wilders was in December of 2010.
He has fought the fight for decades, and now he has the platform to speak unabashedly.  If the translation of his speech (below) is accurate, he has opened the unabashed faucet – Islam has no place in the Netherlands.  Mr. Wilders has invited the adherents of the teachings of Mohammed to depart, post haste, to countries where such carrying-ons are accepted, even encouraged.
Joe and I congratulate Mr. Geert Wilders.  Claims made by and for “The Religion of Peace“, insisting it is so, is nothing but Orwellian double talk.
The data stretches back 1400 years:

Douglas Murray
A recent presentation at the Manhattan Institute where he received an award.
Rightly so!:

Banking Short

Relationship Short

Oxford Union Debate
Nancy Pelosi debating at Oxford?
What has the world come to?
Joe and I agreed we will not post the argument from Mrs. Pelosi’s side – that populism is anti-democracy, anti-democratic.
Not because we want to silence Mrs. Pelosi.  She does a great job of obfuscating fact and fiction every time she opens her pie hole to speak.  For that reason, we are not interested in her opinion, which is not fact but political and ideological fiction.
We chose instead to post the argument in favor of the postulate that populism IS democracy.
The presenter is Winston Marshall.  Despite his constant reference to his speech notes, a very well thought out argument.
Joe and I were as impressed with Mr. Marshall as we were disdainful of Mrs. Pelosi’s interruptions of the young man’s presentation.
Joe further states that by definition democracy is populism – it is the will of the majority!  Unless the definition of the words democracy and populism have been hijacked, by definition, who would want a democracy as the primary selection process for leaders?  Watch, and realize that the “debate” was “won” by Pelosi:

Leigh Dundas is a former child prodigy, and a human rights activist / lawyer.
The following video is a discussion between Ms. Dundas and Dr. Peter McCullough.  We can’t embed the video but here is a link.
The focus of the conversation is how to defeat the forces of evil.
An interesting conversation.



Sally K. Norton
Every time Joe and I watch another Sally K. Norton interview we learn additional information about the study of oxalates.  We have been feeling a “6 year kink” in our carnivore nutrition lifestyle.  For the past 6 months Joe and I have been observing some of the signs of oxalate dumping in our body.
On the advice of Ms. Norton, we have introduced a limited (very limited) amount of oxalate heavy food and carbohydrates too, in hopes of curtailing the impact of adverse oxalate expulsion.  Joe says our body is our laboratory.  Let the experimentation continue!:

Health Shorts

W.H.O. Shenanigans
The World Health Organization is a tyranny.
Whether or not it ever was a legitimate, trustworthy, and effective global organization is moot.
Joe and I think that “Big Money” has once again destroyed a worthwhile (even essential) endeavor.
At the root of the proposed legislation is condensing the authority to determine global health issues, thereby action, then giving the control to one person – the head of the W.H.O.
The Epoch Times presentation is here.
Joe has an acute sense of smell for politics.
This presentation about the W.H.O. reminds us of a song we heard long ago. From the archives, here’s Loudon Wainwright III, predicting the future – a wiff of global despots rotting in the sun:


Joe’s Garage

Gale Banks
Mr. Banks is a legend in the performance world – he’s been involved for 50+ years.  His approach is from the S.T.E.M. quadrants – science, technology, engineering, mathematics.
In this video he analyses how the Ford 6.7L diesel engine produces the high horsepower and torque numbers it does.  When a man like Mr. Banks is impressed with a solution to a problem, take heed.  Joe learned plenty:

Oil Additives
Lake Speed Jr. (The Motor Oil Geek) takes a scientific look at oil additives.
Joe has used some of these products in the past.
Joe was a victim of marketing.
Marketing is responsible for an immense cornucopia of misconception and untruth.  In every endeavor that uses marketing (not just motor oil….).
Joe has developed a marketing early warning system – whenever a preposterous claim is made for a product, Joe goes full Missouri (Missouri is the “show me” state).
Young Mr. Speed does say that fuel additives can be effective.
Joe uses Sea Foam and methyl alcohol on older abandoned and forgotten machines that were left with a partial tank of fuel (after pumping out the stinky fuel).
One thing we learned flying aircraft – always fill the tanks and keep them full.  Doing so displaces any moisture laden air that will precipitate condensate if partial tank fill is done often enough.  The same phenomenon occurs with any fuel tank – heating oil, vehicle tanks, boat tanks – but with aircraft the net result can be quite a bit more impactful….:

Louis Chevrolet
This is the story of the man whose namesake is the Chevrolet vehicle brand.
His company.
Joe and I appreciate the history of this man.
Joe and I abhor what the “board of directors” of General Motors did to him.
Some would argue what Louis did to himself.
Louis Chevrolet was a wilder man than Henry Ford, but he shared the same fascination and abilities when developing machinery.  A good story:

Motorcycle Engine Design
The following video is an analysis of all current motorcycle engine designs and discussion of the pros and cons of each design.
Joe and I have owned or ridden most of these types.  We agree with the analysis:





Can the World be “saved”?
Just what does saved mean anyhow?
Whom are the saviors, and whom are those needing saving?
Not surprising, Joe and I have our view, our opinion, and our fearlessness in blabbing our big fat mouth (powered by our little pea brain).
The sermon this week is to stimulate thought.
If Joe and I had a say (and we definitely do) it would sound a bit like this…..
–  provide cheap energy to all corners of the earth
–  educate women
–  encourage free speech and freedom without prejudice
–  promote free trade, unencumbered by government interference
–  support global cooperation, condemn global governance
Of course, everyone has their ideal path forward.
Looking at one of the above, let’s choose the first and most important – cheap energy.
Any damn fool, if they put aside their bias, will realize that nuclear energy is the cheapest and safest path forward.
This week, Jordan Peterson discusses the future of nuclear energy with James Walker, nuclear physicist and CEO of Nano Nuclear.  The forces of good will prevail:

As the Rolling Stones once wailed, it’s just a shot away!  Lordy, gimme shelter:


This week in Vernon BC was good for growing lawns.
Not much else.
It was chilly.
It was rainy.
It was squally.
The damn furnace came on in the very early morning on 3 different days!
Joe says that ain’t summer.
There were a few interludes of bright sunny wonderful here and there.
On Friday the wind damn near took us to Kansas…..
For some reason the lawn and grasslands (the back 40 still hasn’t been mowed) like it not so hot, kinda cloudy, and sprinkles now and then.
Joe says not so good for vitamin D production.
Be patient, Joe.
The good weather and the gooder times are on the way…..

Joe (slightly chilled) Mekanic
p.s.  Ramirez…. why not? –

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