Sunday Rant – 2021


Joe’s Comment – Life has taught me that my little pea brain isn’t as spectacular as I wish it were.  I have a long history of doing it wrong before I get it right.  That is A-OK in matters of finance or materials or the inanimate world of stuff that surrounds a North American sovereign man (not gender challenged here boss!).  That is called learning from your mistakes.
However, I do regret botching relationships with other people, with kindred souls, even with the very few I hold in contempt with extreme animosity.
Not very Christian of me.
My reality is that all the weak and evil and low-life characters hiding in my head constantly clamor for a share of the spoils.  This strains my relationship with myself.
The struggle for self control is at constant odds with the struggle to attain goals.
Despite it all, I am a happy mud pecker.  ‘Nuff said.


COVID Smarts
The latest from that angel of medicine, Dolores Cahill, 15th of May 2021, from the Freedom Rally in London UK (World Freedom Alliance).
She puts the globalists on notice that the top 10 in each country will be facing legal charges for suppressing information, banning or prohibiting known prophylactics and therapies, and marginalizing expert but divergent testimony.
There are Guardians, there are Angels, and the Globalists best re-calibrate:

From the HighWire, an actual scientist who explains what the vaccine does and why it is the wrong weapon for this war.  (hat tip to Brian S.)
Geert Vanden Bossche talks about how the immune system works.  There are “non specific antibodies” and “specific antibodies”.  The vaccine will cause our bodies to produce a specific antibody that will be ineffective against mutated versions of the virus.
But, that is not the real danger.
The real danger is the vaccine will compromise our natural immune response.   At the population level and the individual level, both levels, the vaccine will make people virus shedders, it will make each of us a production factory for the virus and it’s variants.
Further, on an individual level, you will lose the most precious part of your immune system – your innate immune antibodies.  The antibodies created as a result of the vaccine will out compete your natural system.  The problem is the vaccine antibodies are specific antibodies.  Our innate immune antibodies are non specific – they seek and destroy with the aid of our “NKT” cells (natural killer T cells).  Ergo, our immune systems will be neutralized, commandeered by the vaccine instruction set.
If you have any comprehension of the basic biology discussed here, this information should stop you in your vaccine loving tracks.
For the record, Joe and I weren’t the best or brightest in Biology 101, but it was fun cutting creatures open and staring
DVM Bossche insists that the science is as good as it gets in the year of our Lord 2021.  You read that right.  Mr. Bossche is a veterinarian.
Some folks discount his theory because he is not a human specific doctor.
Joe says it doesn’t matter where the truth comes from, but our culture does favor the man (or woman or other) with the most medals on their breast chest.
The open letter to the W.H.O. Dr. Bossche wrote can be found here.
Joe and I think it takes big balls to warn the world in the face of current cultural “norms” (we’ve accepted that phrasing, but it often refers to aberrational behavior).
We also think that humans are a big deal: we certainly like being one.
It would be a shame if the Progressive thinkers of the world rush to save us all, only to doom humanity by doing the wrong thing while doing good in the name of us all.
Come to think of it, wasn’t that sort of thinking part of “Mein Kampf“?
It takes special people to think they have a final solution.
Our advice is to read and watch and listen and research, and most importantly, THINK!
Thinking is hard work (George Bush II comes to mind as we write).
If enough people think hard, there is a good chance truth will emerge:

If you are unsure about the vaccine solution to a non problem, but feel pressure from the main stream (media, government, “health authorities”, “friends and family”) to participate in the largest guinea pig ensemble ever imagined, watch the following.
Yes, it is biased.
Joe and I are biased, too.
Because research.
A graphic from the video –

This summary of some of what is known is a broad overview.
You might want to watch and listen carefully, take notes, then do some research of your own:



The Land Down Under
Great Scott!
We have never seen so disgusting a sight as the plague happening in the land of our dreams.
Joe and I cannot process what we are seeing in this video:

We hate mice.
We hate the smell of their little furry bodies.
We hate the stench of their piss.
We hate the sight of their turds and urine stains.
We don’t care that mouses are a food source for snakes and owls and other fanged hunters.
Joe is breaking out in hives.
Disney can have the little bastards.
How in the wide wide world of sports can you kill off so many mices?
We will officially have nightmares about this…..


Tucker Carlson
Joe and I have watched Mr. Carlson for two decades.
We first saw him as half of the “Crossfire” show on CNN in 2001 – we were attracted to his passion and logical analysis.
We also like that he has Libertarian leanings.
He is on Fox News.
His perspective is not always conservative, but always family oriented; i.e. what is good for you and your family.
The following video excerpt is from his daily show “Tucker Carlson Tonight”.
Joe thinks his time at Fox is growing short.
We both enjoyed this uniquely Tucker string of critiques, especially of Tony Fauci.
We chose BitChute because there is a good chance the video will be available for a while (not like Ub2b):

Another from Tucker where he absolutely roasts the Woke Progressive Lefty operatives trying to limit your choice, your freedom, your right to make informed decisions.
Joe and I think Mr. Carlson is the only voice in the main stream cable crowd who hits a raw nerve of the retarded left every single show.
Chosen from Rumble, because Ub2b sucks the big one:



Anticipatory Compliance
Bill Whittle explains the meaning of the above term in relation to what is currently happening in Western culture.
The pot is coming to a boil:


Intellectual Froglegs
Joe Dan Gorman has spruced up the production of his show.
The content remains consistent.
This is a good thing:


Rex Murphy (RexTV)
Our favorite historian Victor Davis Hanson has a conversation with Canada’s own Rex Murphy.
Two people Joe and I listen carefully to whenever they speak or write:


Joe’s Garage

Desalination – Solar Dome
The technology of desalination is a subset of the processes required to separate dissolved substances from solution.
Typical desalination plants consume large quantities of energy, typically fossil fuels or electricity.
The following video is a discussion of how to make industrial quantities of fresh water from sea water by using sunshine, unicorns, lollypops, and no fuel.
Joe says it’s a wonderful concept, but we’re still waiting for a flying car:

Space X Milestones
Private / commercial milestones in space continue to be established by non governmental entities.
Nice to see.
Joe and I are vicariously living again our youthful fantasy of being Tom Corbett, Space Cadet.  Up until puberty screwed us up, that was our big dream:

A short video of SN15 launching and LANDING!!!
This is big time stuff:

The evolution (progression) of starship (SN–) development and testing:

A modern “miracle” material.
10 X stronger than steel, it is the strongest material on Earth.
Works at one molecule thick!
What is the holdup?
Well, like all miraculous materials, a bit of wizardry is required to produce commercial quantities at a price that makes it economically feasible.
This video is from May 2020, produced by Undecided with Matt Ferrell:

From last year, here is a quick overview of how graphene is produced, and what the drawbacks are to mass production.
The introduction of graphene in commercial products will begin the next technological age, the Graphene Age.
Here is an update from “The Limiting Factor” from July 2020:



Twitter Embed


Patrick Moore is a Canadian hero.
Joe and I try to post in this rant whatever Mr. Moore events or presentations we can find on the Internet.
This video is from last year’s Freedom Talk Conference 2020.
The sermon is simple and profound – humans, by producing CO2 as an energy use byproduct, are saving the world.
Joe and I couldn’t agree more.
CO2 is the fuel of life:

A double header this week.
More Dr. Moore in conversation with Alex Epstein.
Every presentation we see and hear Joe and I learn more salient facts about how things work.
Plus, we have surmised similar thoughts in our time on Earth (nowhere near as coherently).  It is nice to have your foundation beliefs reinforced with more data.
In support (and for our data hungry Audrey II beast) we ordered his book “Fake Invisible Catastrophes and Threats of Doom” this morning.  Feed me Dr. Moore!:



The weather this week in Vernon BC has been spectacular.
Joe smiled!
Real heat in the sun.
A few cloudy days, and a few sprinkles one night.
Good deal for us.
We have plenty of projects open and waiting in the yard that are best served dry.
The grass is growing like weeds.
The weeds are growing like the Federal deficit.
Our tired Craftsman riding mower groans and growls and smokes from oil leaks, but hasn’t let us down.
Maybe we’ll get through the season before she croaks…..


Joe (browning nicely) Mekanic
p.s.  Ramirez sees clearly (like the weather) –


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