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Vernon has been wonderful weather wise this spring. Lots of rain, warm, monster dandelion crop (biggest I’ve EVER seen), cut the grass 4 times already. Other people are not doing so well weather wise. Cousin Delsie emailed about snow on the 12th. The following video is from the shores of Mille Lacs Lake, MN. The wind and break-up of ice creates a frightening yet comical wave of ice fragments, marching across the beach to the homes in a two – four cadence:

I’m continuously amazed at the creativity, humor, intelligence, and idiocy available via the Internet. Mucho ha-ha. Mucho scratch my head in amazement and wonder.

Theme song for this summer – the incomparable Iris DeMent singing “The Way I Should”:

And it’s true that I don’t work near as hard
as you tell me that I’m supposed to
I don’t run as fast as I could
but I live just the way I want to
and that’s the way I should
but I live just the way I want to
and that’s the way I should


There is a place in Vancouver called InSite (139 E. Hastings) that is North America’s only “safe injection site” which legally permits addicts to bring their dope and inject it in a “safe” environment. The video doesn’t say where they get the drugs nor how they pay for the drugs. I do not understand addiction. This video makes me angry. It also makes me wonder what length do gooders will go to to make life easy for people who are broken. Addicts are broken people. Switzerland pioneered this approach to “helping” addicts. The Swiss interviewee is a 30 YEAR ADDICT!!!! Who has no intention of conquering his “habit”:


Prolonging a life is not “saving” a life. Broken brained people can’t make rational decisions (can they?). I’m with David Berner. The theory ignores the mechanics of addiction – more and more drugs. The “tone” of the above video seemed supportive of the concept. I find the argument specious that pandering to the needs of a junky is “humane” and “a moral obligation”. So too are the fiscal arguments. If you care about these people it is hard work to help them find a fulfilling or less destructive lifestyle. The hardest work must be done by the addict. Otherwise, it is another way to game the “system”. I’m really getting tired of quotation marks. Really.

Terrific article entitled “Losing Touch With Our Rural Roots”. Somewhat tongue-in-cheek, 100% accurate. The comments are even better!:

The Toronto Police shamed themselves by allowing one of their representatives to threaten a Jewish leader over allowing Pamella Geller to speak at a Toronto synagogue. Her crime? She is outspoken about the threat of Islam. For you with advanced PC disease, “radical” Islam. Her speech was delivered. Here she is, a brilliantly courageous Jewish woman from New York City:


As Pamela says, our side is driven by reason, which requires freedom, and that necessitates freedom of speech.

What has the Toronto School Board in common with prostitution? Read and weep for the children:

Teachers organizations have changed. Have teachers changed, too? I’m betting yes………….

U.S. of A.

The best summary of the Benghazi shame I’ve seen. Judge Jeanine Pirro:!

So, Mr. President, how many lives would you have sacrificed to win the election? This was 4. If it had been 24 would it have been OK too? What a disgusting facsimile of a human being. Progressive? Hardly. Savage and fascistic is a more apt descriptor.

Not seasonal, but totally appropriate –

funny and hilarious political cartoons (8)

funny and hilarious political cartoons (19)



The above picture came from the comments of an article entitled “Fight World Hunger: Eat Insects, UN Recommends”. Priceless. There ARE mucho lunatics out there. Running loose. Watch them go!:


When I watched the following videos, my rage response colored my thought. Reflecting on what I’d seen, I still have rage, but incredulity toward the victims too. There are THOUSANDS and THOUSANDS of similar stories of rape and abuse by Muslim men, and an equal number of stories about misogyny under Sharia law in the Muslim cluster fuck named Islam. What were these women thinking? Did our Western culture lead them to believe Western values were respected and honored in every dung heap in the world? Dubai? Fuck Dubai. Without the oil under their feet these cultures would be a curious petri dish of backwash bacteria. Without Western engineering, and Western education, and Western technology, there would be no Dubai. These poor women drank the kool-aid:

A gift from cousin Delsie –

The story at the following link is abysmally sad. It is tragic. It makes me want to cleave the skulls of bad people. An 8 year old female and a 50 year old man? WTF is this Afghan culture about? They appear as savages to me:

Fresh thought…… Western “hit teams” to deliver justice where none seems to exist. To hell with the father of the girl. To hell with the “mullah”. To hell with all the bystanders who saw nothing, did nothing, and remember nothing.


Mach 3 is SR-71 territory. The fastest aircraft known. Boeing and the U.S.A.F. have successfully broken Mach 5 (close to 4,000mph) with an air and fuel engined machine – the X-51A:


A little bluebird gets drunk at the bar telling another man it isn't easy being the

vacuum hooked up to a popcorn machine, man sweeping old popcorn under theater seats back into popcorn machine

couples cartoon



Pat Condell delivers today’s sermon with comments on “The Transcendent”. Transcend this!:


Variable. Rain, clouds, sun. Typical spring Okanagan. Very tolerable (I still remember the winter). Huge problem with acorns this year – too much snow cover so not cold enough to kill them. I’ve got thousands of acorns germinating in the back yard….


Joe (Appleseed) Mekanic

p.s. Ramirez never falls far from the tree –

Political Cartoons by Michael Ramirez

Political Cartoons by Michael Ramirez

Political Cartoons by Michael Ramirez

Political Cartoons by Michael Ramirez

Political Cartoons by Michael Ramirez

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