Sunday Rant – 1922


Joe has no comment, two weeks running.
Methinks that is a comment…..


Quick Dick McDick
Once again, Saskatchewan’s ambassador to The World (and to Canada) has committed himself to a charitable cause.
Send him some money and feel much better!:


Oil – Miracle Substance
The modern world consumes energy at historically elevated levels.
The possibility that demand will ever lag behind supply is negligible, barring the invention of safe miniature nuclear power plants.
Even then, mobile or portable machinery that currently relies on some by-product of the oil industry simply does not have a viable alternative yet, despite the over-hyping of battery powered surrogates.
Joe and I say that burning “fossil” fuel is totally green, totally organic.
After all, natural gas and crude oil come from plant and animal decomposition under extreme pressure and heat.
We say set that carbon free!
Captain Terry M. Hestilow (retired), an oil industry worker, has much to say about the U.S. reserves, and the politicization of the energy sector.
In an opinion piece on his website,”CombatSoldier“, Captain Hestilow lists seven points of fact, Jack, outlining the current situation, political interferrence included.
From the oped
1.  There is enough recoverable crude oil within the continental US to supply current and projected future demand for 400+ years, and that’s just the oil we know about. It doesn’t account for future discoveries. That’s a fact, jack.
2.  We do not need to import a SINGLE DROP of foreign crude oil. The domestic oil industry can easily meet, and even surpass domestic demand. We’ve done it before, and we can do it again. That’s a fact, jack.
3.  The domestic oil industry currently cannot satisfy domestic demand due to oil drilling restrictions imposed by the federal government. That’s a fact, jack.
4.  The price of EVERYTHING revolves around oil, and the law of supply vs demand dictates the price of oil. When oil is plentiful, commodities are cheap. When oil is scarce, commodities are more expensive. Right now, domestic oil is scarce, and the price of everything is high because of these restrictions imposed by the federal government. That’s a fact, jack.
5.  We import foreign oil from countries that drill and produce it much cheaper than we’re able to because they do not implement all of the environmental safeguards that we do. Their methods are FAR more destructive to the environment than ours are. That’s a fact, jack.
6.  Every year, the federal government leases tracts of land to oil companies so they can explore on it for oil. If enough oil is found during exploration, the company can then apply for a drilling permit which allows them to drill a well. If no oil is found during exploration, or if the amount found is not enough to be profitable the lease expires without ever being drilled on. Leases that are active, but not being drilled on does NOT mean that oil companies are being lazy, or are trying to keep the oil for themselves, etc. etc. It means they’ve either explored the lease for oil and found nothing, or found oil but it’s not enough to justify drilling for. That’s a fact, jack.
7.  It’s not Russia’s fault, or China’s fault, or Ukraine, or India, or Venezuela, or Iran, or Bangledesh, or any other countries’ fault as to why everything is so expensive right now. It’s Joe Biden’s fault, because he is suppressing the domestic oil industry for political gain. That’s a fact, jack.”
The current estimate of known oil reserves in the U.S. of A. is in excess of 4 TRILLION barrels.  This does NOT include any estimates of yet undiscovered oil.
At current consumption levels, America has enough oil for 400+ years.
The political pressure to become “fossil energy free” is an imprudent tactic – such rash coercion is inefficient, hasty, and needlessly punishes those who can least afford big mouth politicians promising unattainable outcomes.
Every single advance of civilization has been the product of an individual or individuals.
A government committee or bureaucracy has never spawned anything of the sort.
Joe and I pine for a rational government which performs well only those minimum and few duties required to serve We The People.


Woke (My Ass)
Thomas Sowell takes a run at identifying the origins of “Woke” culture.
What surprises Joe and me is the date of this interview is 1995:

Joe’s Garage

Abbey Steiner
Joe asks has Ms. Steiner been “vaccinated”?
If so, she is a miracle.
If not, she is still a miracle.
Joe says her early 2022 sprint performances are astounding – considering she’s white.
Joe is a racist, da?
No, Joe recognizes a miracle when he sees it.
Ms. Steiner is an anomaly in the world of sprinting:

Torque It to Me!
A clear concise demonstration of what the different bolt grades are all about, what “torque to yield” means (and looks like), and how to identify each type:

AI Advances
Some interesting.
Some phenominal.
Some quite unsettling.
A video on AI from the Ub2b channel “Digital Engine“.
Artificial intelligence is on the way.
Whether it is compliments of Pandora or the Good Fairy remains to be seen:



This week, while the aggression in Europe between Russia and the Ukraine + Friends rages on, innocent people like Joe and I are being consumed as “collateral damage”.
Joe and I ask again (and again, ad infinitum), what is the acceptable level of “collateral damage”?
From our perspective, ideology is no reason to sacrifice the well-being or life of anyone.
That is our ideology.
What is it that motivates humans to participate so readily in the most egregious conflict man faces – the conflict of man vs man?
Today, the pulpit is occupied by Jordan Peterson and Richard Wrangham.
Dr. Wrangham is a biological anthropologist at Harvard University.
He is the author of “Demonic Males: Apes and the Origins of Human Violence“.
Dr. Peterson and Dr. Wrangham explore the evolutionary divide of humans from apes, and the tragic tendency to use violence as a problem solution:



This week in Vernon BC has been a disappointment to Joe and I.
Really, how can a sun worshiper feel his best if the sun isn’t present?
All week has been rain at some time in the day.
In the morning, or in the afternoon, or overnight.
Two days the clouds said what the hell and rained all day.
The raison d’etre of our presence in the Okanagan Valley is simple – weather.
We are so spoiled on average that below average weather (rain, cloud, chill) in the Spring, Summer, or Autumn is taken as an offense.
Joe and I are offended.
April sucked.
May’s forecast is rain until the 20th.
We predict May also sucked…. hard.
Meanwhile, the first attack of the dandelion horde is upon us.
Some areas of the property have grass and weeds almost 2 feet tall.
Yard work sucks.
Joe and I used to like doing yard work.
We are considering bringing in some seasonal workers.
Does anyone know where the “migrant” goats are crossing the border?


Joe (wet and shivering) Mekanic
p.s.  Ramirez is saner than the average Joe –

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