Sunday Rant – 1921


Joe’s Comment
– Epicurus reminds me how fleeting life is.  Marcus Cicero warns that there is a grave danger in exchanging your liberty and your freedom to “pursue happiness” for security and entertainment.  Charles Schulz beats me over the head with reality (if it walks like a duck and talks like a duck…..)


Fuck the Calgary Police Force
This is obscene.
The thugs take down a preacher, Artur Pawlowski.
Because he has the balls to defy the illegal COVID mandates and keep his church open (original video in Sunday Rant – 1421).
Look at these assholes.
What Joe and I have been saying is happening.
There are good cops.  They will refuse to participate.  They will be suspended or fired.
There are bad cops.  They will get tents in their pants and sugar-plum fairies will dance in their heads.  Innocent people will get hurt or killed.
Shit is getting real.
I can’t believe this is happening in Calgary Alberta Canada.
doG save us all.
Here it is on Ub2b, but will probably be taken down (the above link is OK):



Our Problem with the Progressive Left
Joe and I would like to go on record stating we are not all those things we have become.
The amount we have changed is minuscule compared to what the current “Woke” culture accuses us of now being (but never were).
Kind of like Joe’s theory of “retroactive abortion”.
Leave us do some ‘splainin’.
Mostly, we have no preconceived critique of people we haven’t met yet.
We do know lots and lots of stereotypical monikers about groups of people we haven’t met – we used a moniker last rant (coonass – refers to Cajun – some say it is derogatory, to others a cultural badge of merit).  We have met individuals from different groups, identified by culture or race or port of origin, or  not from our neighborhood or city or province.
We know the trope (3b), we often know an example word or phrase or descriptor (usually disparaging or demeaning), but…. Ayn Rand you dummies! (ref. below)
Joe refers to us as “Mud Peckers”, but I don’t take offense (it’s kinda a badge of low class close to the earth honor).
Some examples, current and past: groupie, WOP, cheese head, nerd, Paki, cracker, et cetera.  Notice we stayed away from the “third rail (2)” words (like the “N” word, or the “F” word (femminist).  We’re brave but not stupid…..
More examples from Canada –
–  people from Alberta can’t drive, especially in B.C.
–  Canadians hate Americans.
–  the Frogs invaded B.C. in the ’70’s.
As our French Canadian compatriots (and non patriotic brothers and sisters under the umbrella of “Canadian”) would say (or not), “c’est dommage, c’est tragique”.
We all know that stereotypes don’t grow on trees, especially those concerned with human behavior, ticks and twitches.  Stereotypes are a precipitate of observation over a long time (or short time) of a large (or not so large) sample population.
The Progressive Left is hell bent on dividing everyone into groups – ever increasing numbers of groups.  As the number of groups approaches infinity, each group (by logical extension) has fewer members.
Until we get to Ayn Rand’s observation –
The daft PL’s don’t see the box canyon of their logic.
They see a box of crayons…… and bitch about color or gender or appropriation.
With typical Progressive Left loudly proclaimed and purported big hearted infinite largess (which is actually mean, bitter, and tyrannical intent), the Left cannot see the forest for the trees.   If you prefer a biblical reference, try this, this, this (doG bless the Internet).
Their filter only isolates proof of ideology, irregardless of relevance, impact, degree, or any other cross-set metric you might choose.
Joe offers an example of this faulty thinking:
Q.  Name a 20th century person who was a national leader, who painted, wrote books, and was a decorated war hero?
A.  Folks like me say give me more data, for there are plenty who meet the given criteria.  For example, Winston Churchill and Adolph Hitler share these descriptors.  Most would agree: two wildly polar individuals in their foundational beliefs.
This is the methodology the PL use to ruin the lives of people like Mike Flynn, Rudy Giuliani, Donald Trump, Jordan Peterson, Gad Sadd, and, conversely, canonize criminals like Hilary Clinton, Joe and Hunter Biden, or the latest in a long line of despicable black criminals, George Floyd –
Another example from Joe’s extensive list:
Q.  Which is true……  1 + 1 = 2  or  1 + 1 = 10 ?
A.  Folks like me say give me more data, for there are criteria which both statements satisfy.  For instance, 1 + 1 (in base 10) = 2   (i.e.  110+110=210), and
1 + 1 = 10 (in base 2) = 10   (i.e.  12+12=102).
This attention to detail, attention to understanding, this attention to what exactly is the question…… this attention is missing or skewed in our lovely passionate caring PL emotional hysteria.  Not saying they don’t have good intentions.
Joe hasn’t seen any.
The latest nasty “law” decisions in the U.S. of A. discard the relevant, misappropriate the impact, and ignore the degree to which these “legal judgements” alter the community at large.
All to pacify a number of raving lunatics who are consumed with hatred, who will never be mollified or appeased.
Canada is tying it’s own economic intestines in a knot.
Further, Canada has completely revealed a level of incompetence, even criminal intent with the so called “COVID pandemic” response.  Almost a “Final Solution” approach.  All that is missing is a working definition of “Jew” in Canadian terms.
Europe is devolving.  The history of the formation of the European Union is traceable to Winston Churchill (among countless others) when he proposed a “United States of Europe” in 1946.  With good intent: prevent future war in Europe.  Since it’s formation, it has been an experiment in Balkanization – how much is too much, how little is too little.  Joe figures the apogee was reached in the ’80’s but no one admits it is devolving into tyranny.
Australia is bipolar.  Turn in your guns!  Free speech is a cornerstone.  Everyone get a vaccination!  China must be confronted.  Not a poster child for “United We Stand“.
You need to see what Bill Gates, messiah and Progressive Lefty, has done in the last two decades in India and Africa and the Philippines and Afghanistan.  In the name of vaccines, he has indirectly killed and maimed thousands of children and women.  He wants this for you and your family members.
Auchtung!  Spitfire!
We are quickly devolving from live and let live to a cheesy James Bond
Time for Lemming Man™ (a former identity) to fix things good.
We never did this, but here’s an unreasonable facsimile:


Why We Like Memes
Joe and I peruse the Internet for many hours every day.
We waste some time.
Joe says not as much as you’d think, ’cause it’s research.
We feed Audrey II, if Audrey II is our thirst for knowledge.
We love memes.
We love quotes.
We love meme-quotes.
Here’s one we absolutely love because it is so strong yet so ambiguous, so multi-faceted yet so direct, so pointed yet so poly-directional.  Are these statistics indicative of cause-effect relationship or coincident, or some mish-mash of complexity?
Joe is the practical member of our team – the doer.
Joe saw the above meme and said right on!  That’s what I’m talkin’ about!
I’m the dreamer, the thinker, the planner, the researcher.
Joe says I’m the lazy ass who procrastinates while procrastinating…..
I did some research.
Chicago is a city in the state of Illinois.  We have been there.  Via air travel and surface transport.  Like all big cities, excellent, good, average, scary, criminal, hell hole – all modifiers that apply (and many more) when describing people and things and events you find there.  However, some statistics popped to me, and here’s what I saw.  All stats from World Population Review.

Maine doesn’t have a large black population.  It is well below the national average at 1.38%.
Chicago has a large black population, 29.62%, double+ the national average, but Illinois as a state has 14.20%, just above the national average (12%).
OK, what are the state stats for Illinois?
We looked at a “murder rate by state” webpage.
Illinois has 7.8 murders per 100,000 population.
We also looked at a “murder rate by city” webpage.
Chicago looks bad in the meme, but in reality it is ranked 28th, at 18.26 per 100,000 population for murder.  Number 1, leading the national charts, is St. Louis, Missouri, 64.54 murders per 100,000 population.
Yes, I realize the meme says shootings.  Hold your horses……
Note from me – these stats are percentiles, i.e., the total number of murders may be lower in a city with a smaller population yet have a large percentile figure.
The cities with the smallest murder statistics are more homogeneous – i.e., they have a large population of whites.  Conversely, the cities with the largest murder rates (with a few exceptions) are white minority cities.
Our conclusion?
Without beating the meme to death (another murder!), it is a misleading meme.  A Progressive Lefty would “fact check” and throw it out.
We say it has value in the argument for conceal carry or (heaven forbid!) open carry.  There is also a reciprocity between states – an agreement that your carry license is valid although you are NOT a resident.
It also raises questions about the fantasy of “diversity”.  And poverty.  And IQ.  And whatever else you can drum up or fantasize.
Joe says it reminds him of our expression about planning: “Planning is priceless, but the plan may be worthless”.  I.e., the ability to formulate a plan is a risk management bonus.
So it goes with memes – “Meme-ing is priceless, but the meme may be worthless”.
We say if it makes you think it’s worth all the bad grammar and spelling and inappropriate images.


Wake up PL’s!
Somehow, somewhen, somewhat, you Progressive Lefties wrest the power of government.
Unfortunately for us mud peckers on the front lines of existence, you are stark raving bonkers.
Isn’t it time to tamp down the fires of hysteria, put away the mirror, and start behaving like a rational human?
In the words of Zeno of Citium, over 2,000 years ago –
Zeno was mighty intense (check out the link).
Joe and I can only reiterate with equal intensity: we are slave to no one.
Coercion is NOT a viable option; no good will comes from forcing or inhibiting behavior in the name of “common good”.
It is no wonder the PL purposely endeavor to erase, change, obliterate, and obfuscate reality, for reality flies in the face of all they believe.
Joe and I haven’t got the words right, yet.
It is an ongoing challenge and we will not quit.


Quick Dick McDick
The number one ambassador for the lovely province of Saskatchewan:

One more Quick Dick to acknowledge the best among us – mothers.
Happy Mother’s Day to one and all, with a Saskatchewan farmer’s touch.
QDM states the obvious – without Mothers, none of us would be here!
Joe says that is the best super power in the universe:


Nina Teicholz
This fine lady speaks truth to meat.
We have included her work in previous rants.
The presentation is an update with new data as we go further along in 2021:


Dr. Judy Mikovitz
Joe and I have watched Dr. Mikovitz talk about the SARS – COVID for over a year.
She has been outspoken about the nature of this viral mutation, and has warned everyone about the danger of the so-called “COVID Vaccine”.
She insists it is NOT a vaccine, but a biological genetic experiment.
She was warning about death and life changing or threatening side effects for all this time.
This conversation between Dr. Joseph Mercola and Dr. Judy Mikovitz was posted to BitChute on May 1st, 2021.
This will never be available on Ub2b, or through Faceplant or Twits or most of the “social media” – those tools of tyranny.
Joe and I can do some numbers, and we are constantly trying to improve our grasp of the English language.
We read most of de doo dah day.
Some label us as “conspiracy fruitcakes”.
Joe says go ahead, get the “vaccine”, but don’t come near us after you do.
Listen to these subject matter experts (both shunned and expelled by the established medical community) and form your own conclusion:


More on COVID and Reset
Another source of COVID information is called “NoJabForMe” (thanks Roberto).
The format is dialog with links to support statements made in the prose.
A video Joe and I hadn’t seen before startled us.  It is titled “The New Normal”, and tries to analyze WTF is going on in global politics.
Warning – there are some scenes of senior abuse by the very people who are charged with their care and protection.  Check out 37:31.  The abuse of the older woman is bad, but the response from the Muslim mayor of London would be worthy of a trial and hanging in WWII.
This video was released in January of 2021.
Joe and I are outraged.  We were screaming at the monitor screen.  These fucked up globalists are a danger to free people everywhere.
Joe and I are of the “useless class” (from the video) and we are damn proud of it.
Just what in the world do these people imagine being alive means?
This is the scariest video we have seen to date, because there seems to be data supporting just how far along the trail these despicable New Nazis have managed to push their evil agenda:

Joe and I have been warning of the inevitable precipitation of these processes.
We will iterate again.
The thug arm of the government is the police force, the military force, and the financial force.
A policeman or policewoman or policeconfusedaboutgender is not trained to do this work.
They are not Einsteins or Curies.
They are supposed to be enforcers of the law.
They are also people (Joe says this point could be argued by the Progressive Left – see the “Our Problem With the Progressive Left” segment above).
They have lives (ditto PL argument).
At some point they will have to do what they are told or face consequences for not complying (lose job, lose career, lose life?).
Watch 42:08 in the above video.  This policeman, Greg Anderson, gets it.  His reward (so far) is suspension – for questioning strong arm tactics that have no legal or moral foundation.  Following up, this moral man has been fired by the Seattle Police Department.  In spite of his honorable record.  Here is a quote from the video he posted and refused to take down:
“……I want to remind you regardless of where you stand on the coronavirus, we don’t have the authority to do those things – to do those things to people. Just because a mayor or a governor tells you otherwise. I don’t care if it’s your sergeant or chief of police. We don’t get to violate someone’s constitutional rights because someone in our chain of command tells us otherwise. It’s not how this country works. Those are de facto arrests. We are violating people’s rights and taking money from them or even worse arresting them and depriving them of their freedom when they are exercising their constitutional rights. So let’s talk about that. Let’s read something right here, the Declaration of Independence……”
Much more sane and cogent than Dr. Fauci at his best.
Joe and I ask you this – how many will do what is morally right, how many will do what they are told, how many will question the authority commanding them?
All y’all know the answer.
If you don’t, here’s a link to a watered down summary of events re: Nuremberg Trials (Wikipedia).  Here’s another link to a not so watered down summary (Holocaust Encyclopedia).
“Just following orders” is NOT A DEFENSE, or moral justification.
This is not going anywhere good.
And we seem incapable of stopping this lemming-like leap into the abyss.
Another example is the death of Ashli Babbitt at the Capitol Building on January 6th, 2021.  She was unarmed.  She was shot dead by someone purportedly there to preserve the peace.  The shooter remains unnamed.
Joe says she was guilty of being white AND being a Trump supporter.
Joe says those aren’t crimes.
OK, her crime was trying to enter a room through a window.
The shooting was indefensible.
The government (Joe says there is no government, only people) is acting irresponsibly, tyrannically, and in defiance of the Constitution of the USA.
There is no justice in sight.
Our entire life is reduced to being a semi-free-range tax payer and resource consumer.
So tell us, Wise Ones wherever you are (Monty Python’s “Galaxy Song” – there’s bugger all down here on Earth), do humans have “RIGHTS©”?
Or, is it as Joe and I suspect, a “right” is only that which you can enforce, or defend?
Our other suspicion is “it depends”, because like every cotton-picking detail in human life, there is so much complexity involved that simple questions seem a ruse.
Call us old fashioned.
There is right and wrong.
Good and bad are aligned with right and wrong – it is called morality.
We pray to the doG of our four or five fathers, and to our future doG not yet understood, may the clear light of wisdom burn the bad out of the wrongdoers.


Joe’s Garage

Space X
Once again, with mucho gusto!
The following video shows what is now becoming hum-drum: a private company launching a collection of satellites while the first stage booster makes a perfect recovery (for the 11th time) landing at sea on a platform barge.
Bloody amazing!:

Mel Blanc, Lucille Ball
From 1944, a form of entertainment that is long gone.
An official (government approved) made to order distraction for the troops serving their country.
Private Sad Sack’s life (to date):

Professor Mary Beard is one of those creatures Joe and I think of as an English intellectual-ist.
Her passion for the arcane daily existence of the hoi polloi and the wealthy of the Roman town of Pompeii in 79 A.D. shines through in this one hour investigation. She takes us on a tour of what remains almost 2000 years after the volcano named Vesuvius buried and gassed to death all inhabitants, all animals, all living things.
Joe was able to deflect a trace of femminism (the modern kind) because the material was mud pecker interesting.
We like this Ub2b channel called “Absolute History“.  Lots to see in the comfort of yer own PJ draped carcass.  Even more to contemplate and mull about the brief opportunity life presents each of us:





This week, it is a real, live sermon.
We aren’t huge fans of Dave Rubin.
It isn’t his sexual inclination.
We find him a milktoast, a fence sitter, an equivocator, a mush mouth.
However, this week he had three Canadians in a conversation about some of the trials and tribulations of the True Nord Gros et Libre.
The video is titled “Canada’s COVID Insanity”, and features Mikhaila Peterson, Viva Frei, and Ezra Levant:



This week in Vernon BC was mostly sunny and mild.
However, even today (Sunday) the furnace came on in the early morning.
Good grief!
In all the years we have lived here in the paradise named Vernon (15 and counting), we turned the furnace off at the end of April.
This is a strange year.
Very little rain; a short shower early in the week.
The grass and dandelions are hell bent to reach the sky.
Patience, Grasshopper!
We will attack with all mowers, weed wackers, pruners, Round Up, and bare hands at the most opportune moment.
We know our enemy.
We will strike like blitzkreg and show no mercy.
Joe says maybe we should get some goats to eat it.
I say we should get the perfect dog: eats weeds and never shits.


Joe (tee shirt) Mekanic
p.s. Ramirez still hits the target –


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