Sunday Rant – 1916


Joe’s Comment – Ahh!  Romance!.

Quote of Note
I know from personal experience how damaging it can be to live with bitterness and unforgiveness.  I like to say it’s like taking poison and hoping your enemy will die.  And it really is that harmful to us to live that way.” – Joyce Meyer

Right vs Left
Several rants ago, Joe and I took the political quiz at “Isidewith“, which compares your thinking on Canadian policy with the Canadian political party platforms.
We found that not much has changed – although in this particular snap-shot we aligned with Canadian Conservatives stronger than Libertarians, which is our perceived norm.
In this era of political correctness, what exactly is a Conservative?  Or a conservative?
The good folks at PragerU let Greg Gutfeld tackle the issue:

When Joe and I saw this, Joe immediately said “sounds like a lot of our friends.  If only they could manage that anger thing a little better, we could get the message across”.
A short search later, Greg Gutfeld is there again:

GMO Hysteria
Do you know anyone who is unglued about “genetically modified organisms”?
Joe and I have expounded on the FACT that all life is “GMO” – that all organisms have been sharing / swapping / using DNA bits and pieces for as long as there has been life.
As Patrick Moore points out in this video, the science is there for all to see.
Our question is, why does there always have to be a conspiracy?
Your body is your temple.
Your body also knows what is good for it, and what isn’t.
Trust is the issue:

Joe and I used to eat at Earl’s restaurant.
We loved Leroy’s Dry Ribs (because they aren’t prepared with garlic).
We are boycotting Earls.
What does that have to do with Alberta?
Earls originated in Alberta, and is now saying Alberta beef is not good enough for Earls’ customers!
Sheila Gunn Reid of The Rebel tells the story:


Peace Out

On occasion, in conversation with friends and acquaintances, the subject of the American involvement in Vietnam bobs to the surface.
A variety of opinions are always present.
Joe and I believe two things about that time in our youth when the anti-war protests were raging:
1.  The United States kicked ass
2.  To the continuing shame of America, domestic politics in the U.S. turned a clear victory into defeat and betrayed the South Vietnamese people.
What happened?  Here is Bruce Herschensohn with “The Truth about the Vietnam War”:

This is not an isolated occurrence in American politics.
Joe and I love America, but betraying your allies, breaking your promises, reneging on agreements – for petty domestic party gain – is cowardice.
A two term limit might solve some of the problem of these self-interested termites destroying the foundation of the nation.
Joe and I have a simple “acid test” for any policy, domestic or foreign.
Would we want this policy for ourselves or our loved ones?
Pretty simple.
Always valid.

Tacoville, U.S.A.
Ice Mocha

The history of the south western United States is often misrepresented.
Mexico has no claim on any part of the southwest – the inhabitants were Spanish.
After annexation by the United States, all the Spanish residents were offered American citizenship, which they accepted gratefully and universally.  The American “experiment” was much superior in terms of opportunity and security than what they had experienced as Spanish colonists.
An interesting summary of the history here.
Which begs the question – how much of history has and is being mis-represented in our “modern” world?
Joe is very skeptical that as children we got the straight goods, and the current generation of children is fairing even worse.
There is no rational reason to re-write history, no matter how ignoble or ignorant or cruel.  That’s our position.
Now if we only knew the facts………..

Time is up.
Marxist policies have killed the golden goose.
Time to quote Ayn Rand (again) – “You can ignore reality but you cannot ignore the consequence of ignoring reality.”
No electric power.
No trade.
How does this happen?
Economists call it “the curse of plenty”.  Read about the death of a nation here.


Trump Campaign

5 Million Won't Stand Up

10 Years Now

Apple Sauce

Because You're a Gorilla

Bill and Hill Blackface

My poor translation skills make the task difficult but not impossible.  The picture helps.  Here’s my take on this Charlie Hebdo comment –
“The proof that Europe is Christian:
Christians walk on water.
Muslim children go under”.
Charlie Hebdo Walk on Water

Colonel B Sanders

Cruz Fiorina

Cruz's Last Stand

Damned If You Do

Donald Alien

Early Vegetarians

Freed Terrorists

Health Buzzwords

Hillary eMail Numbers

Hillary Jets Never Paid

Hillary Married OJ

I Don't Belong Here

Lemming Myth

Lying Ted Is Colluding

Lemming Writers

Move Over Ted

Not Good


Professional Courtesy

Religion of Me

One More Day I Could

Sexy Lingerie

Spot the Liberal

Trump Indiana Rally

Trump vs Cruz and Kasich

Vote For a Living

What Are They Running From

What Branch Is Business

Women and Children First



Exit Wounds

Hi-Speed Wireless Device



There is no greater advocate for liberty and freedom than Brigitte Gabriel.
Surprise, surprise, she is an ex-Muslim.
One of the bravest women speaking the unspeakable.
This short history of Islam is concise, terse, and accurate.
Rev up your hearing aid, she talks quickly, with 1001 facts:

Her references:
Gates of Vienna (battle of Vienna)
End of Caliphate / reforms of Ataturk
Treaty of Hudaybiyyah
In the following video clip, Brigette addresses the United Nations, defending the state of Israel:

This woman’s courage leaves Joe and I speechless.
An amazing woman, an amazing spirit.
Her website is informative and inspirational.



This week a discussion between Stefan Molyneux and Dr. Linda Gottfredson (University of Delaware).
The subject is always controversial – race, evolution, and intelligence.
What makes this conversation so fascinating is the detail and data debunking commonly held beliefs about the source and influence of intelligence.
Well worth the time:

Unconditional Love


This week has been another gift from the doGs.
A few trickles of overnight rain to keep the greenery green.
Lots of sun and cloudless days.
The sweaters are put away.
Time for the second major mowing of la grass.
Gotta love the earliness of the summer this year.

Joe (Busy Bee) Mekanic
p.s.  Ramirez had a good week – from SRN News:-




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