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Politically Correct Morons

This weeks rant Joe had to imbibe to control his anger.  The idiots who cannot see for the politically correct sugar fairies dancing in their heads will be the authors of the REAL planet of the apes ending building up momentum.
Be sure to check out “The United States of America” below the fold.
On with the week as Joe saw it…………

“P” for Patriot (VE Day – May 7)
I found the following statement very enlightening –
Patriotism is supporting your country all the time, and your government when it deserves it– Mark Twain
In the United States of America, you are a free person.  Government is at your service (in theory).
What is a similar Canadian-ish expression?  Joe and I can’t think of any…….
In Canada, you are subject of and to the Crown (with restrictions on freedom as defined in the Charter of Rights and Freedoms in modern times).
The only form of government Joe and I can get behind is one that does NOT put the “needs of the collective” ahead of the rights of the individual.
Nevertheless, the following made me leaky-eyed, and Joe proud as hell.  A preview of a summer 2015 video to be released. “Reunion of Giants“, the last remaining Avro Lancaster bombers in the world, one Canadian, one British, flying together, 70 years after the Second World War:

When I was a boy, there was a Lancaster on a pedestal at the Calgary airport: I remember the excitement when it was flown into the airport – the last time it ever flew.  I remember being inside that very aircraft.  My imagination running wild.   Went to sit in the pilot’s seat.  Some dumb misguided delinquent puke of a nobody had taken a shit in the cockpit.  All the gauges had been smashed.
It made me cry.  It made Joe very angry.  Our fantasy aborted, we bailed out and pedalled our bicycle home to play with our model Lancaster, Spitfire, Hawker Hurricane, ME109, and Bristol Beaufort.  My total collection (not much $$$ for toys).
That was long ago, and far away.
What a wonderful sight to see these machines running, to see the ancient men who flew them as boys…… and survived.
Oh Canada!
What an incredible day it must have been to know the sacrifice, suffering, and fear were over, if not forever, for the present.  Winston Churchill delivers the news via BBC to a weary world:

Victory in Europe Day is celebrated on the 7th of May in commonwealth countries, May 8th in the rest of the world.  The “why?” is “above the fold” and above the banner in the Daily Mail front page of May 8th, 1945 –


This is what VE Day 1945 looked like at St. John’s Harbour, Newfoundland.  Looks like a madcap celebration to me.  Remember, Newfoundland, the oldest British Colony in history, was NOT a Canadian province at the time.
Newfie VE Day 1945
Some folks are still alive from that time period.  Some folks say Newfoundland should never have joined Canada – it was a raw deal for the Newfies.  Goes to show you never can tell…….

Mother’s Day
All you folks with mother’s still alive, let your mama know you love her.
As for Joe and I, our fondest memories of mom are pre “rebel without a clue” days.  An early picture of Rose Winniski, before Joe and I met her.  Possibly WWII years or shortly after the war.  Cropped from a picture of the contestants in a beauty contest.  She’s holding a prize she won –
Rose Winniski
The earliest picture of me and mom.  We are so new, our hair is short!  Rose looks happy.  I didn’t have attitude yet…….. just lots of baby fat –
Rose and David J
Thank you for my life mom.  Wish you were here.


Once Again (With Feeling)
Joe and I have waxed philosophic on GMO produce in many rants.  Search and you will see, we are passionate about feeding the people who have survived the womb and need to eat.  For our time investment, nothing beats the opinions of Canada’s own Greenpeace Drop-Out, Patrick Moore, although his segment on genetically modified organisms is only a briefly mentioned subject in the overall presentation.
Joe and I are not great fans of Neal deGrasse Tyson, but this short presentation is terse, direct, and to the point:

The food you buy at the store or grow in your garden is the result of centuries of genetic modification of a type called “artificial selection” (as opposed to “natural selection”).  That is, human intervention in the reproduction of new plants and animals.  As Tyson says, “I don’t have a problem with that, we’ve been doing it for thousands of years.  So chill out!”.  Nice summary, Neil.
Bill Nye the Science Guy has the same take.  He also touches on the areas that freak the freakable: is this safe?  Will God kill us all for transgressing?  Is it a subtle ploy by corporate giants to enslave all eaters to their product?  Here’s what Bill says:

A summary on several topics embraced by well-meaning (really?) people who worry themselves to fascism about “sustainable energy” and GMO foods, is the subject of this short interview with Patrick Moore.  Joe really liked the term “Pop Environmentalism”, because, like all fads, there is somebody(ies) somewhere(s) at the heart of the excitement vying for $$$ or power or fame or any combo or trifecta of these goals:

There is hope that rational minds will prevail before the Chicken Little folks take the controls and drive us to disaster.  Dr. William Happer is one of those rational minds.  His statement to Congressional Committee:

Dr. Happer touches some of Joe’s dearest most cherished concepts, such as: stop frightening the children for political / economic / social engineering objectives, stop misappropriating tax payer funds to make rich the blessed elites the political sun shines upon, the idea that increased CO2 and higher average temperature is a GOOD THING.  Dr. Happer has become a saint in our religion.  This man has spoken his mind without prejudice on the subjects for a number of years.  The following video is a presentation entitled “The Myth of Carbon Pollution“.

The amazing and straight forward information in this video must become part of a curriculum to teach young people (of all ages) about the planet and the plants they live on and among.  From the video –
Earth Energy Budget


Baltimore Redux
What to say?  How much data, how many facts, how much suffering and mayhem will it take?
Milwaukee police chief Edward Flynn told the truth when he responded emotionally to a reporter’s question over a police / black killing in 2014:

If you read the notes and comments below the above video (at YouTube), there are many people telling the truth but being shot down.  The “truth” is not what certain people want to hear.  The media knows that better than anyone.  The media curries the favour of those who idealize, who fantasize how it should be, how they want it to be, instead of how it is.  That is human nature, from all angles.
Lyndon Johnson was a president epitomizing democrat ideology.  His words –
Lyndon Johnson
When will they and who will they be, those truth tellers.  The people who tell the truth about what is happening.  Joe and I like the cartoonists, satirists, and smart asses –
Chris Rock is a black comedian.  I think he’s sharp as a tack, he’s angry, and he’s very vulgar.  Joe says it’s not his type of comedy.  We both agree with Mr. Rock in naming the culprit – niggers!  Here is Mr. Rock from his 2006 HBO comedy special, “Bring the Pain” (“I hate Niggers starts at 29:30).  As he says, niggers gotta go!:

From the response of the audience, it is mostly black and mixed – no “niggers”.  As re-defined by Mr. Rock, niggers are low-life immoral unethical conscious-less bad people, and his definition has no ethical or “racial” boundary.  Mr. Rock doesn’t spare the rod.  As the police chief said above, the majority of violence in his city of Milwaukee is perpetrated by the “African-American” community – way out of proportion to their population percentile.  Same, same, and it’s a shame.
Who Is Freddie Gray
Joe says if the LGBTXOWZL community can commandeer words (such as “gay” and “rainbow” for example), people everywhere can reclaim the word “nigger” to mean what Chris Rock has defined.
That’s right, Joe said it.
I might agree with Joe, but I’m trembling in my motherf**king politically correct panties, and won’t squeak a word about the subject.
No Money to Be Made
Chris Rock thinks about current events and does tell the black community which way is up.  Despite his crass, vulgar, and rude delivery, he broadcasts the message to blacks.  They pay to hear him.  The big difference between Chris Rock and others like TJ Sotomeyer (black), Condelisa Rice (black), Thomas Sowell (black), Larry Elder (black), and a legion of others (referred to as “coons”), Mr. Rock mixes humour with message.  It helps that his politics are leaning left. Quite left.
The last and most powerful Chris Rock presentation was in 1999 – Bigger and Blacker.

Chicago Deaths


Pamela (Warrior) Geller
Pamela Geller
Pam Geller is one of the few Americans who “get it” about Sharia Law, about “jihadists”, about the holy shit! Koran foundational problems.  She gets it.
In Garland, Texas, she held a private event to educate people about the threats and immorality of Islam, especially the so-called “extremist” or “radical” practitioners.
One of the activities during the event was to draw “Mohammed” as a cartoon figure.
Ho-hum you would say.  If this were a “Christian” or “Jewish” event, no news.
Meanwhile, two deranged halfwits (that’s adding them both together), travelled from Phoenix AZ to Garland TX with one thought in their collective consciousness – not a nice thought – they were armed.  By the by, the FBI knew about them, where they were going, and what they (probably) had on their agenda.
They did not inform Ms. Geller.
But she knows what she knows, and was prepared for any consequence.
Pamela Geller is at the center of a real shit-storm, because her armed guards were able to kill the two halfwits (does that total one kill?) BEFORE they could enter the event to carry out mayhem and murder.
The left is staining their panties.  Heavily.  In their rush to condemn Pam Geller……
Media Blackout
I, especially Joe, have no more to say or discuss with the “progressives” on the topic.  Their viewpoint is insignificant.  They suffer a self imposed impotence of crippled thought which paralyses.
For posterity, and for those who are interested, this is the drawing that won the competition –
You Can't Draw Me
If ever there is to be a “reformation” of Islam (good luck with that – the foundation beliefs make that possibility a frog’s hair argument), the catalyst will be the likes of Pamela Geller, Robert Spencer, Geert Wilder, David Horowitz, Mark Steyn, the beautiful Ayaan Hirsi Ali, David Wood, Dr. Bill Warner, and many other warriors for Western Enlightenment®.
Pamela has raised the ire of the “main stream media”.  On those entities and the lefty blogs, it is a Pamela Geller hatefest.  They seem to miss the point – two asshats travelled a thousand miles to kill everyone at the event, and were stopped dead.
Joe and I are in accord.  Bravo Pamela!  As David French states, “Pamela Geller’s Critics Are Proving Her Point”  As he states, “Islam has a serious problem. Silencing Pamela Geller isn’t the solution.”
Like we said above, no time in our day to entertain the fantasy(ies) of the left.  Here are comments from people who know what the hell they are talking about –

The words of David French – an excerpt from his article “I’m More Hateful Than Pamela Geller” –
“But first, a confession. I’m far more hateful than Pamela Geller. In fact, I’d argue there’s no way that she could hate jihad more than I do. I’ve seen jihad up-close, in an Iraqi province where jihadists raped women to shame them into becoming suicide bombers, where they put bombs in little boys’ backpacks then remotely detonated them at family gatherings, where they beheaded innocent civilians while cheering wildly like they were at a soccer match, and where they shot babies in the face to “send a message” to their parents. I’ve seen the despair in the eyes of the innocent victims of jihad, and — believe me — that despair is infinitely greater than the alleged “anguish” caused by a few cartoons.” 
David French is a Harvard educated lawyer who fought in “Operation Iraqi Freedom”, with peerless credentials.  His resume here.

The words of Eric Erickson – an excerpt from his article “Response to Mohammed cartoon contest in Texas shows media’s First Amendment hypocrisy“-
“Though not technically the winner, by wide acclimation the winning drawing was the chalk outlines that stood in for the bodies of the two Islamic terrorists who tried to shoot up the place. ISIS did come to Texas, but they could not take it. A security guard was wounded, but the bad guys died. A side benefit of Pamela Geller’s event is that two would-be jihadists, who no doubt would have tried to kill many more people later, met their deaths without taking a single life last week.
Amazingly, the American media and much of the American left spent vastly more time attacking Pamela Geller than the jihadists who tried to kill her. Echoing Islamic radicals, members of the press whose careers depend on the First Amendment now insist there be restrictions on the First Amendment.”
Eric Erickson is a lawyer, blogger, and editor-in-chief of blog site

The words of Mark Steyn, Canada’s own contribution to sanity and free speech – an excerpt from his article “Stay Quiet and You’ll Be OK” –
“Can Islam be made to live with the norms of free societies in which it now nests? Can Islam learn – or be forced – to suck it up the way Mormons, Catholics, Jews and everyone else do? If not, free societies will no longer be free. Pam Geller understands that, and has come up with her response. By contrast, Ed Miliband, Irwin Cotler, Francine Prose, Garry Trudeau and the trendy hipster social-media But boys who just canceled Mr Fawstin’s Facebook account* are surrendering our civilization. They may be more sophisticated, more urbane, more amusing dinner-party guests …but in the end they are trading our liberties.
A final cartoon from Bosch Fawstin:

“Stay quiet and you’ll be okay:” Those were Mohammed Atta’s words to his passengers on 9/11. And they’re what all the nice respectable types are telling us now.”
Mark Steyn is a Canadian living in the United States, a blogger, a pundit, a world-class intellect – “The One Man Global Content Provider”.  His website is here.

An important video (posted on Droveria previously) by Dr. Bill Warner “Why We Are Afraid, A 1400 Year Secret”, wherein Dr. Warner explains how the classical civilization or Greeks and Romans was destroyed by Islam:

Dr. Warner’s web page, Political Islam, is here.

Another fighter with data is William J. Federer, telling us “What the West Needs to Know About Islam”.  Watch and learn about “RPM” (Religion, Politics, Militarism), why Islam is not just a religion.  If you’ve watched all or none of these videos, prepare yourself for this one:




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Thomas Jefferson - Democracy



Celebrate Diversity



When it walks like a duck, quacks like a duck, and lays green eggs like a duck, what have you got?
The “religion of peace” certainly hides it well –
Jihad Against USA



Today’s sermon is delivered by Timothy Ball.  It is a long presentation in 6 parts, 3 parts this rant, the next, next.  In this series, he helps separate the emotional opinions from scientific fact.  Here is Dr. Tim Ball on “The Climate, Science Based on Evidence”, parts 1 – 3:



Last rant was supposed to show pictures of the flora in the yard.  Except taking pictures at midnight just isn’t very satisfactory.  The weather this week has been sunny, warming (still cool at night), a bit cloudy, but mostly sunny.  I took the following pictures during the week of various blossoms and flowers in the yard.  Not sure who some of them are……. any expert comment?
Don’t know what this is –

The first growth of dandelions has done the Onan bit –

Somehow I got some Nigerian threelips.  Very stark contrast with the pistils and stamens –OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA


Little blue flowers –

No idea on this one.  Kinda think it’s a “weed”, but looks very symmetrical and purple – OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA


Snowball bush –

Managed the first 3 hours of lawn mowing, first cut.  Got a tan.
Life is good in the Okanagan…..

Joe (Browner) Mekanic
p.s.  Ramirez is always browner (ethnic joke!!!) from Investor’s Business Daily


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