Sunday Rant – 1823


Joe’s Comment – It has been a very busy week.
The weather has finally let me do my thing without me being conscious of the weather doing its thing.
Projects new, projects old, projects uncompleted.  Projects yet to be projects!
Saturday Gary M. and I traveled to Langley to pick up his Model A Ford Fordor.
Today I replaced the front brakes on my Taurus.
All week I’ve been busy doing things outdoors.
Consequently, not much time for Internet dilly-dally.
Taking a clue from the above memes, here’s a deceptively titled collection of songs from the 70s that are definitely NOT one hit wonders.  Plus a great picture of Stevie Nicks.  I was in my 20s in the 70s as the meme suggests.  But being in my 70s in the ’20s ain’t bad either.  Take a listen to this collection of soft rock.  Not my favorites, but almost all fondly remembered.  The non-cosmic background noise of my youth:

Another collection.  The music of the ’70s was unique.  I didn’t notice just how fantastic the music was while living through the time.  More of not the same, or not.  Repetition ain’t avoidable sometimes:

Hell, rinse and repeat.  Gotta love that Ub2b, despite the assholes who run the joint:

And again.  With real feeling!:

There must be a lot of incentive to build collections and post them.
I betcha there is filthy lucre in it for someone(s).
Listening to music while working is a real pleasure for me.
My personal playlists have much more musical span – opera, classical, some vocal jazz, blues, rock, and oldies from the ’30s to ’60s, ’70s, and some more recent concoctions that caught my ear and interest.

Back to this weeks Sunday Rant theme.
There is so much wrong with America.  Canada is not a paragon of virtue, but in terms of sheer lunacy, gross indecency, and hysterical overreaction, our good friends south of the border are verily riding the tiger.
Hence, only a few mentions of a few American personalities that came to my attention that weren’t gobsmackingly bizarre.
Otherwise, when cruising the digital world this week I only viewed, mouth agape, simply astounded, and did not record.
Or comment…..
We’re all better for it, believe me.  And remember –


Tucker Carlson
Joe and I have been a Tucker fan for over 20 years.
Way back when he was co-host on a show called “Crossfire” on CNN.
Yes, that’s right, we used to watch CNN.
The time frame was around 2001 – 2005.
After CNN he hosted a show, “Tucker”, on MSNBC until 2008.
He moved to Fox News in 2009.
There is an upheaval happening in the Main Stream Media, in the cable news market, in the traditional arena that feeds the plebeians their daily pablum.
Mr. Carlson was the leading pundit on all of cable news up until the 21st of April, a week ago Friday.  By a large margin, whether “left”, “right”, or “center”, his audience, especially the “core demographic” of young persons the advertisers wish to romance, outnumbered, on average, all of the other pundits combined.
The Fox News brass gave Tucker his walking papers on that weekend – to his surprise, for he had signed off on Friday night telling his watchers he’d be back on Monday.
The facts of the changes at Fox, specifically the detail of Mr. Carlson’s dismissal, are unknown.
That hasn’t stopped the speculation and polemic diarrhea: all the pundits and many folks who know Tucker Carlson have an opinion they are eager to share.
Joe and I are interested because we have watched the shift of real actual unbiased “News®” (if there ever was such a beast) from main stream to alternate media.
Our personal news gathering isn’t MSM – we haven’t watched cable TV, broadcast TV, or government issued propaganda for many years.

Bill Maher
In this brief video, Elon Musk sits down with host Bill Maher.
Joe and I are not fans of Mr. Maher.
But we think he might be taking small doses of Red Pill.
Joe and I find ourselves agreeing with his commentary, not shouting at the monitor.
We are fans of Elon Musk.
We did enjoy the conversation.
Mr. Musk is a fascinating interview:

Harry Belafonte
Even the most odious progressive might have a redeeming quality.
Or two…..
R.I.P. Mr. Belafonte.
Joe and I hope Heaven is up to your standards:


Joe’s Garage

NASA Wheels
Some cultures never dreamed to invent the wheel.
Other cultures never stopped inventing the wheel.
An interesting documentary of designing wheels for non-terrestrial use:

Metal Shaping (by Hand)
What ho!
Is it really possible to shape metal without English Wheels, specialized tooling, miracle machines?
Some folks can, and do.
One such folk is Karl Fisher of the Ub2b channel “Make it Kustom”.
In this video he uses only rudimentary hand tools to make compound shapes in metal.
Joe is envious:



It is about time to review once again the basic tenants of the ground-breaking data revealed in the book “The Bell Curve: Intelligence and Class Structure in American Life”.
This weeks sermon features a Lex Fridman interview with Richard Haier, about what can be argued as “the most controversial book ever”.
Richard Haier is an American psychologist who studies the foundation of intelligence and its origin.
Lex Fridman is a Russian-American computer scientist, host of the “Lex Fridman Podcast“.
Joe and I believe that intelligence is the spearhead of human evolution.
To have an IQ higher than average does not guarantee success in life, but it does weigh heavily in your favor.
The discussion is about an almost taboo subject due to the unequivocal data presented vs the cultural impact such facts might precipitate.
The fact remains that IQ as measured by current testing methods is a bona fide method of predicting successful outcomes.
Our Sunday Rant has discussed the sad facts many times in the past – there are many people with low IQ who have, through no fault of their own (they “inherited” their intelligence from their parents), very little opportunity in modern life.  About 16% of the population has an IQ lower than 85.  This is slow territory…..
This talk is a broad conversation about the data, the cultural and political impact, and the reluctance of the scientific community to publish the facts, the government’s reluctance to act on the facts, and the progressive Left’s desire to burn the facts to the ground:



The weather in Vernon BC during the last week has not impressed Joe one bit.
Today, Sunday, and yesterday, Saturday, temperature got close enough to 30° C to call it a wash.
Joe broke a sweat on both days.
It is hard to make this man happy about the weather.
Both of us were happy, but two days out of seven of acceptable temperatures is not a good average.
I expect five days out of seven like Saturday and Sunday would make us very happy.
But we’d find something to bitch about.
The fact remains that perfect weather is a pipe dream.

Joe (tanning) Mekanic
p.s. Ramirez hits the spot –

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