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Aposiopesisnouna sudden breaking off in the midst of a sentence, as if from inability or unwillingness to proceed.
Joe’s Comment – In self defense, most times our aposiopesis is a quantum leap to another…..

Joe’s Soapbox

Joe spends an inordinate amount of time on the Internet, doing the three “types of reading” possible.  That is, vicarious reading, technical reading, and instructional reading.  Let’s face it, you read for enjoyment, for data, or to learn.  You don’t read because it makes your eyes happy.
Joe also looks at the pictures…..
While researching some technical information for a particular Ford electrical component on a Ford product dedicated enthusiast website (not Ford sponsored, but built by and comprised of a community of interested private citizens), Joe was pleased though not too surprised, to read an opinion from a contributor that was quite political.  Right there in the land of poor grammar, terrible spelling, and worse syntax.
The Ford subject was original vs after market coil on plug technology: a warning about poor quality after-market parts produced off-shore (specifically China), how the cheap cost is offset by early failure and increased maintenance work.  The resultant penalty is time and money – often resulting in a total cost greater than buying Ford OEM parts initially.  Additional penalties are frequently more time lost, and may be  accompanied by frustration, anger, inconvenience, and safety concerns.  Here is a quote from the long screed documenting the perils of unwise choices based on cost alone.  It becomes political; astutely and coherently political –
But seriously, we need to stop this crap. We cannot accept becoming some country of arts and culture, we need to keep making stuff, good stuff. If our stupid country decides to give up it’s entire manufacturing base, we become very far from self-sustaining and that is a dangerous place to be. We need a government responsible enough to take “protectionist measures” like high tariffs against countries like China that are basically cheating. That’s getting a little off-topic though.”
Joe says there is some truth and relevance in this man’s ranting.  The degree of “Self Sufficiency©” is a key to success in the “health of a Nation” measure.  As is creativity, Practical Intelligence™, trade reality vs “free trade” (a rare beastie unseen outside the proletariat for over a century), and a number of categories describing the unfair distribution of natural resources, human capital, fiscal capital, and sanity (see NORK below in this Rant).  Not to mention Joe’s favorites – IQ and a “level playing field” (no two are the same!)
In a strange juxtaposition of philosophies, this fellow is touching on the sentiment of John Adams –

Joe’s comment is “The Arts” are an integral part of the human psych.  The occupation with or pastime of “Art” has always coexisted with the strife of daily living, with the struggle for survival.  The “best” art is not the idyllic plonking of sated Nirvanic souls exploring the Garden of Eden, but the produce of  sturm und drang reality.
As always, Joe sees and Joe says.  Joe be it (so help me doG).

Yom Hashoah Ve-Hagevurah
The above Hebrew translates as “Day of (remembrance of) the Holocaust and the Heroism”.
This year it is late Sunday evening, April 23rd to late Monday evening, April 24th.
In the collective “man’s inhumanity to man” category Oscars, there are too many events in history that qualify for this dark dishonor: Mao’s purge (Chinese Genocide), Stalin’s paranoia (Genocide a la Carte), Pol Pot’s “cleansing” (Cambodian Genocide), Turkey’s “we didn’t do it!” slaughter of the Armenians (Armenian Genocide), and many, many others (a timeline of 20th Century genocides here).
Joe and I list these few not to diminish the attempted genocide of Jews the Nazis were so Teutonically accomplishing, but to make a point: the Holocaust was the only one of these atrocities which happened in a purportedly Judaeo-Christian culture.
The Jewish expression is “Never Again”.
D. D. Eisenhower, when appraised of the reality, forced German citizens to tour the camps near their cities.  He recorded the horror, for he knew the passage of time would allow some to deny that such inhumanity ever occurred.  Watch it if you can:

There were some lights in the darkness of World War II.  Sir Nicholas Winton kept his secret for many years, until his wife found his diary/record of mercy.  The following video is astounding:

Human Smuggling, Canada Style
Faith Goldy of Rebel Media has interviews and video footage of human trafficking into Canada.  The RCMP apparently knows but hasn’t done one damn thing.
Is this at the direction of the Prime Minister’s cabinet?
Here is Ms. Goldy putting the challenge out there: who is going to do something about human trafficking in Canada, and why are the RCMP keeping their mouth shut about what they used to know but don’t anymore?:


Shocking News
Joe is adamant – there will be no mass produced electric cars until battery science can invent, then battery technology can manufacture, a cheap, easily constructed, safe battery with a favorable power to weight ratio that is cheap, easy, safe, and quick to charge.
This isn’t great intuition on Joe’s part.  The battery that meets all mentioned criteria is not yet here.  Following are two examples of battery discovery which are addressing some of the concerns:
Solid State Battery – John B. Goodenough is the inventor of the Lithium-Ion battery.
At 92 years of age, he is still teaching and researching at the University of Texas.
Guess what?
Dr. Goodenough and his team (including Maria Helena Braga who invented the “glass electrolyte”) have invented a “solid state” battery.  That is a battery that has no liquid or gaseous electrolyte between the anode and cathode.  The Lithium ion battery has a liquid electrolyte which is unpredictable (dendrites).  The glass electrolyte is a cure:

Metallic Sodium Battery – David Brown is CEO of BroadBit Batteries, a metallic sodium technology which is proffered to be cheap, 10 X more powerful than a similarly sized Lithium ion battery, recharges in 5 minutes.
Q:  What else could you want?
A:  Safety:

Why you say crazy fat man must go?
Why you not like him shoot Japonese?
Why American so angry?

But wait!
Maybe the fat crazy man has a story.
Seems the answer lies rotting in the shifting, unsettled blood-stained sand of Asian history.
According to Michael Malice, the Korean Peninsula was a “spoil of war” following Japan’s loss in the Pacific Theater.  Korea was “Balkanized” to appease then allied powers, until fat boy’s Grandpa came along with fantastic rhetoric and super hero capabilities to save the NORK’s from a fate worse than life (invasion by the the Imperialist lackey Amurikans) or some such hysteria.  Mr. small eyebrows is not without a form of logic to support his semi-coherent flailings.  As explored by Mr. Malice and Stefan Molyneaux in “The Horrible Truth About North Korea”, there is much to be learned, much to understand, and much to say before we nuke the place:

Joe is all for multicultural and diverse society provided it is restricted to food and music, art and architecture, smiling contests, and other non-combative competitions.  After watching the interview above, what else is there to know?  How about some NORK impressions from real, live, defectors, escapees from the “open air prison”?
Here are three videos of Asian Boss talking to some North Korean defectors now living in South Korea about what they left behind, what they appreciate now, and a final video about food!:

Following the self appraisal, what do these same people think of South Korea where they now live?  Same people, subject South Korea:

To hammer home Joe’s opinion, take a few minutes to watch these and other NORKs eat American BBQ:

Intellectual Froglegs
Joe Dan Gorman excellence:

From the Mail
A couple of good-uns sent along by friends.
From Ron D. –

From cousin Delsie D. –




If you like your political humor somewhat nasty and more than a bit conservative/Libertarian, Joe suggests the wonderful folks at WorldNewsBureau.  The commentary is thought provoking.  The graphics and memes are snortingly laugh out loud.  What follows are four we found timely, pertinent, and downright nasty exact.  If you like, click the link above –

Another of Joe’s “go to” for refreshing conservative/Libertarian opeds and graphic/cartoon commentary is PatriotPost.  The following four caught Joe’s eye –


Pat Buchanan has been a thorn in many paws, a burr in many blankets, and a stone in many shoes during his political career.  Joe says he is one of the least politically correct politicians ever.  He was part of the Nixon, Ford, and Regan administrations as a senior advisor.  He failed to attain the nomination as Republican presidential candidate in ’92 and ’96.  He ran for President in 2000 on the “Reform Party” ticket.  The Left/Progressive bunch froth at the mouth screaming ad hominems at him.  Joe says that makes him a mensch.  With his candid un-muffled politically blunt views and observations, Mr. Buchanan asks a very pertinent question –
Where is the white man’s homeland?
If Mr. Buchanan is correct, it is gone, never to return:


Another week of weather in Vernon.
More specifically, rain.
Some monsoon, some drizzle, some spitting, some wind and wet.
The adage is Eskimos have 22 words to describe snow.
Snow is a solid form of rain.
Joe has one word to describe rain, and it ain’t….
(Appropriate time for aposiopesis).
The number of outdoor projects to get going or complete is mounting, but the ability to drive onto the back forty is a week of dry weather away.
A literal bog, it is.
One section of the driveway has had so much steady run-off that there is moss growing under the water!
We gonna plant rice……

Joe (bogman) Mekanic
p.s.  Ramirez had a good one –


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