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Shit! gMail and I had a disagreement. I lost. Typing in the dark last Sunday, I found a secret key (haven’t found it since) that sent the 17th rant of the year a week early. gMail doesn’t have a “retrieve” function as far as I know. Hence this rant is 17a, in honor of my terrific typing prowess….. (I would have called it A+, but my ego isn’t that large). Will my keyboarding skills ever be good enough? Apparently not yet…… What a doo-doo head. Here I go again, painting my thoughts for the week without the help of a brain………………………………………………………………..

I think the problem is a combination of this –

……………and this (novice but enthusiastic) –
Keyboard Dog

It ain’t illegal yet –



Kathy Shaidle vets “the Shiny Pony” for Taki’s magazine, and spares no sarcasm, irony, or scornful lash:

She makes an excellent point about the acts of terrorists, lone wolf or “legitimate” (whatever that might mean) – what is SHE allowed to blow up?

A few Just In T(ime) cartoons:


Meanwhile, back in the real world –

Some questions for the Canadian Health Care Commission. Rita MacNeil may have died due to the kind and caring ablutions, and general administration of government health care, down East style. Statistics, statistics:

Finally, from cousin Delsie, an article about Ontario courts accepting suits against wind farms et al. Perhaps common sense is not dead, just slow acting:


The aftermath of the Boston Marathon terror bombing is bringing out the best in some Americans. Here’s a brief article about fundraising for some of the victims:

It also comes to light that Russia warned the U.S. two years ago about the elder brother. The FBI apparently didn’t get the message even though they interviewed the man. Bad juju…… and bad spelling??? was the culprit. Right….

Of course, the politicians will come up with a solution. They always do………..-
Res Ipsa Loquitor

How could any entity on earth think they had a chance against the might of the West? Here’s an easy to look at video response from some of the troops in reply to the Miami Dolphins cheerleader video, sung to the tune of “Call Me Maybe”:


If nothing else, the West will out beauty anyone anywhere…..

George Jones died at 81 this week. Many songs over many years…..:

A legendary country singer, he was never my cup of tea. Except for this one melancholy haunting broken heart love song:

And another heart wrenching song about getting old, “Old Violin”:

Both are on my shop playlist………… R.I.P. Mr. Jones


Note the misspelling. Always a fly in the oink-ment.

The Netherlands are in trouble. Another EU member is heading for the economic cliff. However, they do not want to take the advice they so freely give the rest of the (failed) EU states:

Pat Condell gives his analysis of Hamas, and the impossibility of peace while Hamas exists as a viable political force in the Middle East:


Gotta love those Muslim men. This one, a bus driver in Dubai, picked the wrong woman to rape:

I think I’ll name them “tentinpants” boys. What an amazing religion, that religion of peace…….

Probably Nothing Department: Switzerland is reducing immigration from the EU. Rats abandoning ship, or ??? 80,000 people per year seems very large for such a small country…… The rest of the story at the link:


The $$$ is starting to speak louder. The clamor of governments to fund “wind and solar” solutions is diminishing. GE is a giant in the industry. Not looking good for the bottom line:


Cousin Delsie sent along this little gem. The brilliant fearless mindless politicians in the UK have made it an official proposal. They have tabled a motion (43 to 0) to make “Islamophobia” a “hate crime” against Muslims. God damn, I’ll be happy when this politically correct but treacherous idiotic demeaning assault on common sense thought and free expression is over. If only to stop myself from using “””quotation” marks”””. The idiocy will pass, won’t it? After all, people have enough common sense to……..!!! Aaaarrrrrrgh!:

Pat Condell to the rescue. Ha ha Islamophobia he says:

A young attractive Romanian woman speaks her mind on the subject very eloquently, using (God and faith forbid!) LOGIC. She speaks very good English:

Her name is Criss. Very brave young lady who thinks her own thoughts. Another of her videos is here:

In this video she puts me to shame. She knows about the Canadian Human Rights Commission case against Mark Steyn, MacLeans Magazine, Ezra Levant and it’s lack of credibility. What do I know about Romania?:


Joe Mekanic says all cultures are not equal. If you believe so, you are (at least) ill informed, and (at most) a delusional retard. A healthy fear and a phobia may have clear demarcations in a theoreticians mind, (doubly so in a fearless politicians “mind”) but how will you prove it in a court of law? How can you stop someone from “phobic” thought by law? Does perspective and voice have a place in the decision? An example: statistics are that 1 in 4 women will be raped in her lifetime in Sweden – the vast majority of said rapes provided by the virile young (and not so young) Muslim males who are but a single digit percentile of the population. If you were a Swedish female, would you have a healthy fear, or would you be “Islamophobic”? What a sham. What a perversion of logic and language. George Orwell would muse…… And, as an afterthought, WHERE ARE THE “FEMINISTS” IN THIS DISCUSSION? The sound of crickets is deafening. Keep speaking loud and clear young Criss…………


Daniel J. sent along this poignant reminder that the most hostile force against humanity in history has been……. government. A defense of the second amendment (as if one were necessary):

The Obambi administration’s gun bill did not pass. Here is the POTUS in his mean street thug persona, calling a large portion of the American people liars:

The man has no class. He is a bum. Maleducated, delusional, narcissistic, progressive. Impeach the bastard (he is literally, da?)

An interesting article – “If Sandy Hook was about gun control, the Boston Marathon bombing should be about immigration reform”:

Of course, the politicians and representatives of government will be in a frenzy to do something, anything. !000 pages of B.S. and a congressional hearing. Reminds me of an Ernest Hemingway quote –

“Don’t confuse motion with action”



I am used to using the term “master bedroom”. To my twisted, racist, misogynistic, old, white, male mind, it means the biggest and / or most lavish bedroom. The domain of the Master (Mistress implied) of the realm. Just like the term “man kind”, when used to describe all of humanity. by default includes both genders (that would be man and woman, exclusive of hermaphrodites, transgenders, and other jokes of nature). Of course, I’m “old school” and a gear head. The Industrial Age required the use of existing words, terms, and expressions to describe new arrangements, ideas, and real things, or the invention of new words, terms, and expressions. This is and always has been true since the birth of aural communication. So obvious it should NOT need to be stated. An example – a radial engine has a “master” rod – all the others are “ganged” or “slaved” to the master. Without the master rod, there is no connection for the slave rods. It is a fact of history and reality, and totally acceptable. What possible positive advantage in demonizing a word? However, the insidious twisting of existing language to meet a political / social agenda continues. What next? The construction industry is what’s next! The modern blueprint terminology is now”owner’s bedroom”, because “master” bedroom is racist, misogynistic, blah, blah, blah. What happens if you’re renting? Is it the renter’s bedroom? What if you let one or more of the kids have the large bedroom? Is it then the “children of the owner’s or renter’s bedroom”? It is “racist” to use the word master, how? Wouldn’t dare use terms like “best”, “better”, “good”, or “OK”………….. that would imply there is a hierarchy that would disadvantage someone “at the expense” of someone else, for we all know ALL OF LIFE IS A ZERO SUM GAME! What gigantic horse radish excrement. Here’s the article. Written by some light in the loafers Starbucks sipping son of a real live feminist bitch. There, I said it. I feel better now. Read and question:

Joe Mekanic says: let the truckers stop driving for three days. The silly shits in the cities will soon understand which way the river is running. People who produce the products, food, and consumables know how to do something other than argue which words are adequate and which words are scorned. You know it’s true – most if not all of the wack-job fruitcakes live in large urban / metro areas where they are much removed from the daily chores of growing / harvesting food or producing the goods / services which enrich life. Go ahead, drill more holes in yourself, and tattoo you – that will make YOU feel better I’m sure.


Einstein is a wonderful African grey parrot with a large vocabulary and an impressive comprehension. Here she interacts with her handler:


Smarter than some people in politics I’d reckon…..



uncle sam oil corn bedroom

obama tax cartoon


Res Ipsa Loquitor


This one is priceless. Ahmadinejad and Kim Jong-un are world class alright –




I watched the first episode of a British production called “Prime Suspect” this evening. No idea how old the series is, but it was quite enjoyable. I did get watery eyes after a while, because every scene in the movie had one to 30 people smoking cigarettes furiously. It was 3 1/2 hours in duration, but the time flew by. Helen Mirren is the lead character. Very enjoyable! On to episode 2 when I’ve got a few spare moments. I’ll stack a few that I found on YouTube for later viewing:

Prime Suspect 1:

Prime Suspect 2:

Prime Suspect 3, Part 1:
Prime Suspect 3, Part 2:

Prime Suspect 4:


Cartoon re synonyms for the word Atheist


The story of the “brave” cartoonist –
The Brave Cartoonist


The wintery cool rainy windy days of April are drawing to a close. Here’s what I see out the door – the magnolia is blooming quite nicely –

The daffydildos are pooched, but the threelip is doing it’s thing –

Of course, this year’s crop of fauna has arrived. This young quail was in the magnolia bush and didn’t quite manage to get away before I captured his image –

Joe (home at last) Mekanic
p.s. Ramirez applies the lash –

Political Cartoons by Michael Ramirez

Political Cartoons by Michael Ramirez

Political Cartoons by Michael Ramirez

Political Cartoons by Michael Ramirez

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